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May 22, 2015 12:00 PM ET

Archived: The UFO Hotel: A home for sci-fi fans & adventure seekers.

iCrowdNewswire - May 22, 2015

It’s a legacy that the greatest people all of all time have. To have the burning desire, the absolutely fundamental need to contribute something truly mesmerizing to society — boundless in inception and boundaryless in scope. One such visionary futurist is Luis Ramallo — legend has it that Luis has not only had a close encounter with the third kind but is actually from the future himself

The UFO Hotel has forever been destined to be the first piece of Baker’s alien colony and the first earthly wonder of the universe.

Luis Ramallo Story

The American Dream has given hope to millions — jobless, broke, struggling to feed families all over the world. The faintest glimmer of promise echoes from the Statue of Liberty’s torch — taunting all that dare take that fateful leap; crossing onto the land of the Stars & Stripes with pennies in their pocket and a head full of dreams. On one such fateful occasion, a young Luis Ramallo, an electrical contractor traversing the globe to find work to take care of his family — took one such leap after hearing from a friend that California held promise of work, and so much so that he would be able to bring his whole family here and start a life.

Luis’ friend recommended to him that he start selling beef jerky — an as such, Luis gave it a try. They just so happened to be near Area 51 known for its alien presence.

“He believes in it before seeing it,” says Martin Luis’ son, who, like two of his sisters, works for his father. “That’s the difference between visionaries and spectators. That’s him. He’s the visionary.”

Luis started to see success selling beef jerky and one day a sheriff asked him for his identification and he handed the sheriff an alien green card. “Ah an alien in Area 51 huh?,” said the sheriff. That sparked the idea for the name, Alien Fresh Jerky.

Luis Ramillo is building The UFO Hotel and he needs your help to raise the funds required to advance the project to the next phase. Even though Luis has already purchased the land, obtained site approval and spent years planning every detail, it’s not that easy to get a loan for a project of this type. It takes something more to prove there is a audience for this type of unique attraction and experience. We need you to show the community and prospective investors that we have a dedicated following who have shown their support by giving this project a significant start on funding. Without a clear message, this extraordinary hotel will not be built.



Contact Information:

Lee Decker
818 277 7117

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