Tableau: Automatic House Plant Watering Tray - It waters herbs and house plants in a wet-dry cycle using zero electricity, just like nature intended - iCrowdNewswire

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May 22, 2015 12:26 PM ET

Tableau: Automatic House Plant Watering Tray – It waters herbs and house plants in a wet-dry cycle using zero electricity, just like nature intended

iCrowdNewswire - May 22, 2015

Tableau : Automatic House Plant Watering Tray

by Pikaplant

Tableau is a work of art. It waters herbs and house plants in a wet-dry cycle using zero electricity, just like nature intended.


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About this project

Three ceramic pots, a glass reservoir, and a steel base make Tableau, the latest piece by the award winning Dutch designers at Pikaplant.     


We want to make plantkeeping so easy that anyone can do it. We believe greener living is better living, and we think everyone should be growing herbs, crops, and beautiful plants everywhere. That’s why we started Pikaplant, and that’s why we created Tableau.

Are you away from home a lot for work and travels? Are you forgetful when it comes to watering your plants? Do you know anyone who is? Tableau is an automatic house plant watering tray. It waters your plants so you don’t have to.

It’s hard to keep house plants healthy and happy. Over-watering and under-watering are two of the biggest problems faced by aspiring home gardeners. That’s because most plants like to be watered in a steady rhythm. 

When we designed Tableau’s irrigation system, we looked to an obvious source for inspiration, nature. In nature a plant gets its water in a wet-dry cycle. The wet allows roots to absorb water. The dry lets them air out and breathe. This is good for a plant’s roots, making it grow strong and healthy. 

Tableau mimics this natural cycle to automatically water your plants. Tableau makes growing leafy greens, bright florals, and tasty herbs super easy. Grow plants for food. Grow plants that clean the air. Grow plants for fun. They’ll brighten up any room.

Designed in the Netherlands, its simple minimalist aesthetic brings out the best in your plants. We’ve used basic materials like glass, steel, and ceramics because we believe in making quality products. Tableau’s sleek design brings a simple tranquility into your home or work space.      

Watering your plants with Tableau is easy. Just make sure there’s water in the reservoir and Tableau does the rest. The reservoir is easy to lift off of the base for refilling, so you can place your plants away from a water source. By watering your plants from below, your plants decide how much to drink. The reservoir contains enough to water three plants for around a month.  

Our unique ebb-and-flow technology mimics one of the key water cycles found in nature: ground water. Rather than slow-releasing water from the reservoir, Tableau provides water in a wet-dry cycle for strong roots and healthy plants. Once your plants have absorbed all of the water in the base, it stays dry for a few days before refilling with water.    

Staying true to nature, we’ve designed Tableau to work using zero electricity. The bi-valve system that controls the water flow from the reservoir to the base is sensitive to humidity and pressure. Zero electricity also means zero wires, meaning you can place your plants and Tableau wherever you want. 

Scientific studies have shown that a plant-rich environment boosts creativity and productivity. Plants reduce stress and clean the air. Use Tableau in your kitchen, living room, or work space. Grow crops, grow herbs, grow beautiful plants. It’s easy. 

Joost is a lifelong inventor and tech head. He built a gaming console at age six using parts salvaged from a tape deck and a dot matrix printer. He makes Tableau work and he’s the caring owner of a multitude of healthy house plants.

Danny comes from a horticultural background. His great aunt and uncle have run an award winning orchid nursery in Java for over 60 years. After a recent visit he imported 100 orchid seedlings to the Netherlands, only to see them all die within a year.

Nynke is the ultimate multi-tasker. She represents the larger team dedicated to making Tableau a reality: the Pikapeeps. Every day she reaches out to others and shares our story because she knows this unique product needs to get made.

Make sure the reservoir contains water and Tableau will automatically water your plants. It’s easy to lift the reservoir off of the base, so you can fill it at any watering station. Then simply place it on the base to connect. Water will flow down into the base. The top of the base is covered in a capillary fabric that acts as a wick. The bottoms of the pots have holes through which the soil makes contact with the fabric, so your house plants can drink. After they’ve finished the water, the base stays dry for a few days before fresh water flows down from the reservoir and the cycle continues.

Risks and challenges

Product Development
The Tableau design is finished, but there are some technical details to tweak. We always do this in collaboration with production partners and suppliers. We’ve kept the design of Tableau as simple as possible, and we’re speaking with multiple production partners. With a product of this complexity this phase shouldn’t take more than a month.

We’ve spoken to our production partners and production between August and November is both feasible and realistic. From our previous experience in designing and product managing new consumer products, we’re confident we’ll get Tableau produced in these numbers within three months. We’ve planned with contingencies but there is always a chance that multiple unexpected setbacks will stack. By keeping channels open with multiple partners, we’re keeping this risk to a minimum.

We’ve been warned that this might become a significant challenge. Tableau works using zero electricity, so getting certifications and clearing import regulations shouldn’t pose any extra problems. At any rate EU pledgers, you’re all clear. We’re also in touch with distributors in the US, Australia, and Asia. If you’re pledging from outside these regions, we’d like to invite you to help us make sure we hit our delivery dates.

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