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May 22, 2015 7:29 EST

PingTank enhances conventional content creation by providing the opportunity to add interactive animations over photos

iCrowdNewswire - May 22, 2015



The Ultimate Expression Engine


PingTank enhances conventional content creation by providing the opportunity to add interactive animations over photos. The inclusion of animation allows users to express emotion through their posts.

The company monetizes the platform via branded content experiences and revenue share with brands and artists.

PingTank, Inc. is dedicated to redefining the way people communicate. The app has integrated its groundbreaking animated messaging app with Facebook’s new Messenger Platform.


Over 75,000 Installs of PingTank for Messenger App in April

APRIL, 2015

Launched PingTank for Messenger with Facebook’s new Messenger Platform

MARCH, 2015

Massive influencer network with superstar influencers attached including Tyga and notable users including Mel B, Akon and Kylie Jenner

MARCH, 2015

App featured in new Chris Brown x TYGA video “Ayo” (20+ million views in 30 days)

MARCH, 2015

Approved by the App Store, soft launch in Denmark, Sweden, Germany & UK with over 10,000 downloads in 24 hours

MARCH, 2015

Strategic partnership with Deep Silver

MARCH, 2015

App store approval granted



PingTank is going to redefine the way we creatively express ourselves to the world.
Tim DraperAmerican Venture Capitalist
Tim Draper
PingTank is a big idea that is defining the future of social communication.
Liz HellerProducer and Entrepreneur
Liz Heller
PingTank’s delightful animations make self expression playful and fun.
Anne ReadyMedia Strategist and Communications Expert
Anne Ready
Social media users are craving a dynamic, interactive platform that will give them total freedom of self-expression. PingTank is the ultimate expression engine.
Jeremy GreeneCEO, PingTank
Jeremy Greene


Jeremy Greene

Jeremy Greene

Founder & CEO

Jeremy is a Singer, Songwriter and Producer. He is a former top artist on MySpace music, with over 165 Million plays and 8.9 million friends.
Lars Halvor Jensen
Lars is a former sergeant and has a background as the CEO and co-founder of a publishing company with thousands of copyrights and several #1 records around the world. He is also a multi-platinum, award-winning songwriter and music producer in his own right, with sales in excess of 40 million records worldwide.
Jens-Otto Paludan
Jens-Otto has a background in the music industry as the CEO for Universal Music DK. He personally signed pop sensation Aqua that sold 30 million records.
Derek Myska

Derek Myska

Co-Founder & CTO

Derek is a former Software Engineer for NIC, Inc. & Tyler Techonologies. He graduated Magna Cum Laude from the University of Maine.


  • More than 75,000 installs in the first month
  • More than 175,000 PingTank videos created in the first month
  • More than 1,300,000 animation previews played


PingTank is the evolution of social self expression.

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