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May 22, 2015 4:03 PM ET

Archived: LedZed International Inc: an LED light manufacturing company and sells LED lights directly to corporate customers

iCrowdNewswire - May 22, 2015

LedZed International Inc

Electronics & Instrumentation

LedZed International Inc is an LED light manufacturing company and sells LED lights directly to corporate customers. The Research and Development of our products have been done for several years now. We are offering our customers superior energy efficiency that at an economical price. Our products and very unique and backed by are strong selling model focused on doing busines face to face with corporate customers. The electricity savings generated by our products quickly pay for the costs our customers incur to implement them.

LedZed International Inc is raising $ 1,500,000 to expand our operations. We will pay a 12% preferred return quarterly to our investors. LedZed International Inc will use the invesment proceeds to acquire existing operations, fund our aggressive sales strategy, replenish inventory and employ key marketing strategies.

Annualized revenues projected to exceed $3,900,000 in 2014.

Net operating income before department servicing averaging 35-40%.

Opportunity to convert to common shares later.

Helena Lahtinen
Owner and President

Products / Services

LedZed LED light

We have unique LedZed LED lights. Our main product is a retrofittable, installation free LED tube; a simple plug and play solution to old light fixtures. Corporate customer demand for our main product is exponential. The product provides better light power (lumens), high CRI (color reference index), better light quality, and comes in many different colors. Ultimately, our product line will consist of many other LED lights such as LedZed street lights, LedZed exterior and interior LED lights.


President Manager
Helena Lahtinen

Helena LahtinenMs Helena Lahtinen, Owner, President, CEO b. 1970, e MBA, Helena has held several positions earlier with trading business, mobile operator service business and real estate businesses. Helena is an experienced sales leader with thorough knowledge of various sales practices including direct sales and dealer networks. Helena is the Founder, Visionary and Strategy Head behind LedZed.

Managing/Manager Development
Tom Ramiccio

Tom RamiccioMr Thomas Ramiccio, Business Development b. 1958,Thomas has commercial education and he has been served as the Mayor of Lake Worth, Chairman of the Fort Worth Chamber of Commerce and Entrepreneur. An excellent networker and politician who has close ties with thousands of successful entrepreneurs in the US. Thomas also has knowledge within marketing, brand recognition and sales for large enterprises.

Vice President Manufacturing/Production
Veli-Olavi Kataja

Veli-Olavi KatajaMr, Veli-Olavi Kataja, Vice President – Products b. 1961 Veli-Olavi has engineering education and he has long standing experience within global sourcing of electronic components. He’s familiar with quality control processes and holds excellent relationship networks within global sourcing.

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