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May 22, 2015 8:53 AM ET

Archived: Koala Karma drink is unique: tryptophan, magnesium and 4 botanical calming herbs (Passionflower powder, Chamomile powder, Valerian powder, Hops extract)

iCrowdNewswire - May 22, 2015

Karma in a Can

laid back


The story of the project

We have created a unique business called Koala Karma. We spent two years developing a product which is opposite to an energy drink, its a non alcoholic relaxation drink (anti-energy). Not only did we want the drink to have an effect, it was essential that the drink tasted great too, and that it does with it’s pineapple flavour. We are both Aussie mums who have worked in stressful roles. Trying to be a great mum, wife and employee and business owner can be stressful at times. We saw a unique need for this type of product in the market place. We wanted this product to be easily accessible to everyone.  Sometimes we need more energy and sometimes we need to relax. As we know stress does not have any favourites and it effects all of us in different ways. Ideal for that long day, stressful meeting, first date, plane flight or whenever you are feeling overwhelmed and stressed. It allows you to concentrate on the task at hand while not being stressed ultimately achieving being calm.


Our Koala Karma drink is unique in the fact that we offer tryptophan, magnesium and 4 botanical calming herbs (Passionflower powder, Chamomile powder, Valerian powder, Hops extract). We have used herbal extracts, which are 10 times more potent.

How the funds will be used

We really need your help. Our current stock is printed to meet the Australian Food Standards. We have 3 international buyers at final stages.   We will use the funding towards manufacturing the new can run of 80,000 cans which will be in compliance with their countries food and beverage legislation. We have also just adjusted our artwork to align with the feedback from the market. We hope you will love the new design.

With your help to produce this next run you will be helping to make 2 mums dreams of launching “globally possible”. In return for you kind donations we will gladly send stock which truly tastes great. You’ll love the drink, the taste and the benefits of the drink.

We wanted to do our part for the world and give back to the animal that inspired our name, the Koala. The Koala numbers are declining. We want our grandchildren to be able to love and know Australian iconic Koala, so our chosen charity is donating a small percentage of each can back to helping to save the Koala’s. Just imagine if we are exporting containers overseas.


The beverage category is one of the most competitive in the food industry, as it has all big players with multimillion dollar budgets. Let’s just say we have launched business on a shoe string budget. We love our product, we believe in it, we are truly passionate about it and want to help others chill out and relax.

Our dream is to create an Australian drink that sits aside Energy Drinks and is as well known as Red  Bull,but the complete opposite drink.  It is a tough ask,  but we are up for the challenge and your support could help us to achieve this.

For a bit of fun, and to see what Koala Karma can do for you, click here

What is in the Koala Karma a relaxation drink?

It has a unique recipe that tastes great and combines 4 botanical herbs (Passionflower powder, Chamomile powder, Valerian powder, Hops extract) and , tryptophan and magnesium. Different herbs have different pharmacodynamic effects (what the body does with them). We have no caffeine, as our drink in the opposite to an energy drink.

ingredient1 ingredient2 ingredient3

How to help beyond donating money?

iPledg is an “all or nothing” platform. That means if we do not reach our target we get nothing and nothing is taken from your PayPal account or credit card. If you can not support this project financially you can still help by spreading the word using the share button and spreading the word to your friends. Thank You.


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