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May 22, 2015 5:23 PM ET

KIJINI: Unlock the Secrets of your Voice – A mobile app that is a revolution in understanding how to achieve optimal health and vitality

iCrowdNewswire - May 22, 2015

KIJINI: Unlock the Secrets of your Voice

A mobile app that is a revolution in understanding how to achieve optimal health and vitality.
Matthew Sanderson

The main KIJINI program will contain six unique voice analysis health apps: Personality, Nutrition, Muscles, Energy, Neurodiet, and Detox. Your support will allow us to finish transitioning the clinical technology and software databases into the main KIJINI program and to release the first of these applications: Personality and Nutrition.

We’re nearly half-way finished with the first Apps, and anticipate completion by August, 2015. Your support will allow us to finish the most cutting-edge health and fitness app there has ever been! 

 Here is the KIJINI app structure and what 2015 holds in store:

Here is a little information about each of the initial apps that we anticipate delivering in 2015. KIJINI is a revolution in supporting and understanding human potential. 

What if you could optimize your potential using only your mobile device? 
The KIJINI Bio-Acoustic technology has been used in a clinical setting on thousands of people. Now we have the ability to transform this revolutionary technology into apps for mobile devices, but we need your help. 


KIJINI does something that no one has ever done before: it is a mobile health app that reveals important aspects of your physiology and wellbeing, instantly, helping you achieve your optimal potential and get the most out of life. 

KIJINI is on the leading edge of health and wellness technology. KIJINI’s bioacoustic technology analyzes the frequencies in your voice and shows your body’s overall energy potential and current status. KIJINI then reveals supportive tools and areas of possible improvement in muscles, vertebra, physiology, nutrients, neurotransmitters, and much more.

The advancements in mobile device microphones now allow the KIJINI technology to get out to the world and start a transformation in human wellness.  With your help, we can bring this technology to your mobile device.

Proven by world renowned physicist Nassim Haramein of The Resonance Project, all of the matter in the known universe resonates and vibrates at different frequencies, which includes all of the matter that makes up your body. These frequencies are measurable, as was proven nearly 20 years ago when physicists from Cornell learned how to measure the frequency at which atoms resonate with each other.


The body creates biochemical interactions in an effort to maintain optimal energy and health. Those biochemical interactions resonate at varying frequencies.  Using the science of human bioacoustics, which is the study of the vibrational interactions within the body, KIJINI can read those frequencies in your vocal patterns, turn them into data points, and then translate them into easy-to-read, actionable reports that everyone can understand and use to improve their health.

With a simple voice recording, KIJINI identifies areas of strength and weakness across a vast spectrum of frequencies related to many levels of health. KIJINI does not diagnose or treat illness, but is a powerful tool for personal research and understanding. While the technology behind KIJINI has been used and developed for decades, on thousands of people, the advancements in the microphones on mobile devices are now allowing us to bring the KIJINI technology to your phone and tablet, to start a revolution in human wellness. And that’s where you come in!

This technology reveals, with incredible accuracy, the inner world of frequencies that determine the function, vitality, energy, health, and longevity of the body. Everything in existence emits a vibrational signature. KIJINI decodes this signature through information embedded in the human voice.

Using a microphone, a short sample of the voice is captured (~30 seconds). A mathematical algorithm converts the recorded vocal sounds into numeric data using the properties of frequency (Hertz/cycles per second) and amplitude (decibel). This information is used to create a digital graph that represents the vocal frequencies and the corresponding architectures using a range of 0-1000 cycles per second. 

The information uses computationally efficient algorithms commonly used to convert analog vocal data to digital numeric data for rapid spectral analysis. Such transformation from time to frequency use mathematical functions to depict the relative magnitudes and phase relationships of frequencies in a time varying signal.

Watch this video for the entire animation of how the KIJINI technology is possible

This is the Full Interview with Dr. Clyde Porter

When KIJINI launches in August 2015, the Personality, Nutrition, and Muscle apps will be available for use. Depending on your contribution, you may also have access to other apps as well. Each app provides a detailed report, giving you instant access to a wealth of actionable information about you and your body.


KIJINI will be free to download and use for basic reports and an overview of your state of wellness. Apps within the main program will be unlocked as they are developed and released. The fees associated with using KIJINI are based on how much report data is requested. Basic reports are free, and expanded reports will be fee-based.

KIJINI can be used before and after meals, workouts, stressful events, before making health decisions, or anything that will affect your wellness. After you speak into your mobile device, an instant report will appear related to the topic you have chosen: muscles and vertebra, nutrition, energy, detox, emotions and personality, and more!

Everyone! Professional athletes and weekend warriors; chiropractors and physicians, parents, children, teachers, trainers, and wellness practitioners, and anyone who wants more understanding of their own wellbeing. We ALL need what KIJINI has to offer, because it is a direct analysis of YOU, in the moment you are speaking. KIJINI tells you where you are on the scale of your Optimal Potential, and then allows you to look deeper into the frequencies that are not harmonic within your system. See which frequency equivalents are high or low, and what you can do to support your body’s ability to maintain coherence and harmony. 

KIJINI will transition the current databases for future apps that will focus on a specific health need, metabolic, immune, or degenerative issue. Bioacoustics  research has discovered the hidden keys and codes for dozens of conditions. Some examples of what we have in databases now are:


We are excited to finally get this powerful technology out to the world with your help. Learn more about the KIJINI apps here at our website…

KIJINI represents the opportunity to begin a needed shift in health and wellness. The ability to gain accurate, non-biased, data-driven insight into what is happening within your body is critical to transforming your health.  Moving the technology onto mobile devices will revolutionize how you access and use information about your body in your own personal pursuit of wellness.

The funds received from this campaign will help convert the bioacoustic databases into the KIJINI apps. Further, we will be updating our databases to be able to create more databases that understand predominant health issues and conditions. Such as Diabetes and Blood sugar, Adrenal Exhaustion, Allergies, Digestion, Arthritis, Cancer, Inflammation, Immunity, and more.

The funds received from this campaign will be spent converting the Bio-Acoustic databases that have been developed, into the KIJINI apps. The process has already begun and the first apps will be available in August of 2015. We will also be using the money to further develop the information that comes back from our databases to be as relevant and user-friendly as possible. Further, we will be updating the research facility where the clinical work is being done to be able to create more and better databases to support predominant health issues and conditions.

KIJINI is a group of passionate people that are dedicated to bringing the extraordinary science of bioacoustics to the public. KIJINI consists of health professionals, researchers / scientists, and entrepreneurs that are committed to bringing forth technologies and information that can empower people on their path to health.

The KIJINI group has dedicated many years to researching, developing and introducing information and technology – technology that can change our understanding of what is possible.

Q: How can KIJINI actually work? 

A: Your vocal cords are hardwired to the brain. The brain has been determined scientifically to be a holographic biological frequency modulator. The recurrent laryngeal nerve is a branch of the vagus nerve that supplies all the intrinsic muscles of the larynx. The brain operates as a holographic interpreter and carrier of information both within the body and in the environment. The sound waves coming from the vocal cords are therefore directly connected to this holographic input.

Q: What is the science behind KIJINI

A: Importantly, KIJINI has been in development for more than 25 years. KIJINI is based on the science of bio-acoustics (the relationship between the body and frequency),  and quantum physics. All of the matter in the known universe is resonating at different frequencies. All of the material that makes up the body is also vibrating at certain known frequencies. These resonant vibrations are processed by the nervous system and the brain holds a holographic representation of all of them at all times. This information is expressed upon the voice. Databases of the Frequency Equivalents FE’s(™) of tens of thousands of compounds, substances, and body parts have been created over the past 25 years, and proven over and over again to be accurate.

Q: Can KIJINI tell me what is wrong with me?

A: KIJINI does not diagnose illness, but can identify the bioacoustic frequency equivalents that can be related to many common issues you might be experiencing, including nutrient deficiencies, muscle stress, toxic overload, pathogens, neurotransmitter and hormone imbalances, and more!

Q: How does KIJINI analyze the voice?

A: KIJINI uses an algorithm that has been developed over the last 25 years to unearth the frequencies in the voice that tell a story. When looking at these tones from a mathematical perspective, the voice has a whole body of information that can be analyzed. KIJINI’S technology and database development allows us to decipher and make sense of this information. This complex algorithm is at the heart of the KIJINI technology.

Q: Is KIJINI safe?

A: Yes, it only records your voice, analyzes it, and produces a report on the frequency equivalents represented in your voice. Nothing negative can happen.

Q: What happens to my data once KIJINI analyzes it?

A: Your voiceprint is converted to numerical data on your mobile device and analyzed on our servers.  A report is then sent to your phone with the specific information you are seeking (for example, data about your body’s nutrients). You can save this report in your secure account to keep track of your progress over time, or you can delete the data and process the next recording.

Why don’t we just say: Your voice is analyzed using KIJINI’s unique algorithms and you have the option to save the data to your account. The data in the voice is only decipherable through the KIJINI program, and only data you wish to keep will be saved to your account. All other data will be deleted.

Q: Do I need to speak in a certain way?

A : KIJINI will provide the most accuracy when you speak in a normal speaking tone and inflection. You can speak in any language you wish.  The most accurate readings will be from recordings with no background noise, other voices,  or interruptions.

For more FAQs please visit

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