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May 22, 2015 2:20 PM ET

Archived: Campus Auto Fair .Com generates revenue from high value commercial real estate which is offered to it rent free

iCrowdNewswire - May 22, 2015

Campus Auto Fair .Com

San Jose, CA 95128, US
Consumer Services

Campus Auto Fair .Com is an easy-to-understand business requiring minimal capitalization, low fixed costs, low recurring costs and negligible variable costs. Margins are high.

How it works: Campus Auto Fair .Com generates revenue from high value commercial real estate which is offered to it rent free. Campus Auto Fair .Com provides a venue for peer to peer (P2P) vehicle sales on idle pubic property. Rent from display parking is collected from vehicle sellers. Net Revenue is then shared with the property owner after Campus Auto Fair .Com costs are covered.

The domestic used car market is 30 million units per year. Dealers handle 72% of transactions at a cost of $3000 each. P2P has the potential of saving consumers $90 billion yet only a tiny fraction use display services.

Our formula combines free real estate with free advertising (e.g. Craigslist) to overcome P2P challenges such as convenience and security.

The plan is simple, proven and low risk.

The investment is offered as revenue royalty with an intended return of 100% or more during a term of 24 months, or less.

Products / Services

Display parking for P2P vehicle sales

Campus Auto Fair .Com empowers P2P vehicle sales by solving the problems of convenience and security.

The concept is a logical evolution in the growth of free or inexpensive online classified advertising. Through popular web sites such as Craigslist, Auto Trader.Com and eBay buyers and sellers can easily find each other. Still, there will always be a need for the buyer and seller to actually meet for vehicle inspections, test drive and transaction paperwork. Campus Auto Fair .Com gives Sellers the convenience of parking their vehicles in an easily accessible public location with security for prospective buyers to view them.

There are 42,000,000 used vehicle sales per year. Dealers control 72% of the market at an average cost of $3000 per vehicle. That’s $90 billion consumers could save through P2P sales. Campus Auto Fair .Com makes that possible.

Campus Auto Fair .Com unlocks the power of eCommerce. Campus Auto Fair .Com is leading the paradigm shift toward P2P auto sales.


Chief Executive Officer
Darrell Leamon

Leamon is a veteran real estate developer. He has purchased, planned, entitled and built residential and commercial properties both with private equity and with major public homebuilders. His total development experience exceeds 8500 residential lots. His relevant experience includes entity formation, market research and analysis, financial proforma, site acquisition, capital formation, government relations and small business administration. Leamon holds a BS in Business Administration from Golden Gate University.

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