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May 21, 2015 9:55 AM ET

Archived: OoberDocs – Automatically deposit files from email & texts to your cloud storage

iCrowdNewswire - May 21, 2015




Automatically deposit files from email & texts to your cloud storage.


Bridging The Gap Via a Simple Cloud Storage Solution

Mail servers, PC’s, Laptops, and Smartphones around the world receive and store an estimated 6 billion NEW file attachments each and every day.  Further, individuals and companies continue to utilize their email systems as one of their primary sources for file storage, and more people are sending file attachments via their smartphones and tablets. While “the Cloud” or Cloud Sharing services have made a big name for themselves and have been all the buzz for the past 12 months or so, the fact is that email and texting are still the most prolific and common means of sharing and storing files. The number of files shared via email eclipses all share links by the top cloud storage players combined.

That is why we designed OoberDocs as a “direct deposit” service that links one’s email and texting file attachments with “THE CLOUD”.  We built OoberDocs with two goals in mind.  First, to give the end-user full control and flexibility enabling them to “deposit” their email / text file attachments into any cloud service they like and second to be operating system agnostic.

Ooberdocs is that perfect world solution. We have created a platform that sits on top of cloud storage (Dropbox, Box, Skydrive, Google Drive and others) thus allowing users to leverage their existing email as the link to one or more of their favorite cloud accounts. Our platform allows us to capitalize on users who both currently use Cloud Storage and those who have yet to adopt cloud storage.  OoberDocs is the perfect solution for those looking to manage their inbox file attachments and their cloud storage accounts.


How OoberDocs Works

For right now every user is assigned an Ooberdocs email address.  In the future that address can be modified to sync with ones personal or corporate email address. So, anytime a user has an important document they wish to receive, they simply have the sender address it to their OoberDocs address  – which we have tied to their phone # (i.e. 2125551212@ooberdocs.com) or they can setup rules in their mail system to forward emails with attachments to their OoberDocs account.  At that point OoberDocs will upload the attached files directly into their pre-designated personal cloud provider.

Once this is done, Ooberdocs sends the user a text notification to let them know they just received a file in their Cloud account.Future Development Focus

Our initial launch, V1.0, will be basic in features and functionality.  Future development will include Ooberdocs Mobile Apps, desktop software and enterprise tools to allow for the transfer of large sets of files from a user’s Dropbox account to their Box account or even to a colleague’s Google Drive account with one simple request. Much like gone are the days when travel agents made every plane reservation and bank tellers made every account transfer, Ooberdocs will automate the workflow of transfering files between cloud storage services.

Private Cloud Solution. In addition to offering a public cloud solution, we offer an enterprise private edition for businesses. The enterprise version can even be customized with the business’ name 2125551212@wellsfargo.com.


How We’re Different

OoberDocs leverages the best of class cloud storage technology designed and operated by its affiliate company SnapCrowd, Inc. It bridges the gap between two technologies that no one else has done and it does it in a simple and seamless manner. Our platform is operating system and Cloud Storage provider agnostic, meaning you can use any device and any cloud service, including a private cloud if one chooses.  No one else offers this service. In addition to being first to market with this type of service, we believe because of our underlying platform design and workflow, we have at least a one year head start on any potential competition.


Traction and Accomplishments

Although OoberDocs is a brand new startup, we have already achieved subtantial traction and made headway into developing our platform. Here’s what we have achieved so far:


Meet The Team

John McBride, Founder and CEO
Mr. McBride has over 25 years of experience in starting and buying companies.  His entrepreneurial spirit and vision has allowed him to create several successful businesses. John’s previously owned and operated a chain of 7 video game/movie rental stores under the name of Player’s Choice (1990’s). John franchised these and had 20 stores by 2001.

Francis Perez, Chief Information Officer
Francis attended Wake Forest University and has 11 years of experience architecting and developing enterprise systems. He has developed Point of Sale, medical transcription, media rich websites, and interfacing applications. He has recently developed patient management systems for a large hospital system and has been the lead architect and developer for the OoberCloud platform.

Jeffrey A. Downs, CPA, Chief Finance Officer
Jeff has started or helped start 6 other companies. Those companies include both services, retail and manufacturing industries. As CFO of Spectrum Labs, Jeff helped grow the company by $100 Million over 4 years, maintained 20% EBITDA margins and sold the company in 2005 for $185 Million. Total transaction value of deals/financings Jeff has participated in exceeds $500 Million.


Contact Information:

John McBride
Francis Perez
Jeffrey A. Downs

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