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May 21, 2015 10:46 AM ET

Archived: Happy Vitamin: providing you with smart and innovative supplements, designed to improve health and everyday mental performance

iCrowdNewswire - May 21, 2015

Happy Vitamin

Smart supplements for adults and kids

Happy Vitamin is providing you with smart and innovative supplements, designed to improve health and everyday mental performance.

The happiest vitamin brand in the world

Happy Vitamin was born out of a vision that it’s the simple choices in life that make all the difference. Joy and health will come automatically as you break negative habits, test new things and push your limits.

At Happy Vitamin, we have a deep-rooted commitment towards fitness and health. Our background as entrepreneurs in the wellness and healthcare industry has shaped the values and ideas we want to convey through our products. We offer products that fit everyday life requirements for physical health and mental performance. Our packing plays a key role and is innovative, fun and user friendly.

In 2015 we launched our first product, Be.Happy, an innovative packaging concept in the form of a capsule that you screw onto your pet bottle.

– Contains essential vitamins and minerals. – Energizing and satisfying. – Easy to distribute as the water we use comes from your tap. – Environmentally friendly as we don’t transport large amounts of liquids. – Attractive and recognizable packaging a´ la Nespresso.

We are now entering the next phase and are expanding our product portfolio with the following products.

Stay.Happy, an Innovative product concepts in the form of a chewing toffee.

  • Contains vitamins and minerals you need to keep you going. – Energizing and satisfying – Contains ingredients that increases your metabolism. – Simple and tasty. – An excellent alternative as vitamins are best absorbed in the throat. –
  • Sugar-free with only 8 kcal

Kids.Happy. Easy and tasty for children between 4-12 years old.

  • Contains the 13 most essential vitamins and minerals. – Comes in bags containing 30 toffees in individual portion packs.
  • An excellent alternative as vitamins are best absorbed in the throat.
  • Sugar-free with only 8 kcal.
Our innovative vitamin capsule.
Our innovative vitamin capsule.

What make us different?

Happy Vitamin targets a broader audience with premium products, rather than focusing on a narrower group of “health-freaks.” We bring clear lifestyle offerings for adults as well as for children. Our strength compared to a brand like VitaePro, is that we don’t deliver our content by “pills in a can”, but through our innovative pods and chewing toffees. We know you’ll think our toffees are candy, but don’t make any mistakes, they are through and through good for you!

Coming product. Vitamin toffee for kids.
Coming product. Vitamin toffee for kids.

You’ll believe it’s candy

Our products BeHappy®, StayHappy® and KidsHappy® are providing clear, demonstrated and compelling benefits that addresses unmet consumer needs. Sensory characteristics such as taste, texture, colour and smell are key elements as are the stories we´re building about and around our brand and products.

No need to buy vitamin water. Use tap water!
No need to buy vitamin water. Use tap water!

What a potential this market gives us!

The supplement sales reach annual sales of 3 million SEK and are steadily growing at 6% per year. Vitamins, minerals and energy products constitutes 33% of total sales. Significant producers within the supplements market in Sweden are Meda, Midsona, Bringwell and VitaeLabs. VitaeLabs is the competitor most comparable with Happy. The company’s product VitaePro has in four years managed to bring in about 150 million SEK in revenues on an annual basis. The other companies have broader product portfolios. Competition within retail is fierce, but we believe our main-stream lifestyle approach, combined with a massive TV advertising budget, gives us a great competitive edge.

You'll believe it's candy. Vitamins for adults.
You’ll believe it’s candy. Vitamins for adults.


The idea with Happy Vitamin is to aggressively market an innovative product range to a wide audience. We strive to become a market leader in Scandinavia when it comes to supplements focusing on lifestyle and health.

Our message is this. It should be fun to feel good. Through innovative designs, functional and attractive products, we turn to a broad audience within the range 15-49 years. We also have products for children aged 4-12 years.

Our business idea became a business the same second we sat down with the Swedish broadcaster TV3. Through an agreement with TV3 we´re ensured to run TV Advertising in Sweden equivalent to 30 MSEK in 2015.

How will we be using the funds?

  • Boost the sales capabilities, primarily through recruitment of sales staff but also through brand building and advertising.

  • Building our structural capital by refining processes, procedures and business systems to equip the company for further growth.

  • Expand our product portfolio

  • To invest in stock of existing products.


Erik Menckel avatar small

Erik Menckel


Erik is our boss. Dynamic and motivated, he’s in the drivers seat pushing our startup forward and upward, but always grounded and secured. Being creative, flexible, communicative and tentative, Erik’s leadership is inclusive, decisive and efficient.

Johan Wahlbäck avatar small

Johan Wahlbäck

Sales and Product Director

What this guy can’t sell is not worth selling. Johan is a serial entrepreneur and a true power house. He’s behind several consumer products, brands available on market today such as – Kronan bicycle and prams and Urbanista headphones among several other products. Johan’s starting point is that he loves selling products that he likes and want to use himself. The link between Johan and Happy Vitamin is that he has always been a keen health and fitness guy. Johan is also our Product Director and head of product development.

Pelle Wallgren avatar small

Pelle Wallgren

Marketing Manager & Business Developer

Highly experienced business developer who also rocks when it comes to marketing and sales. Pelle has a broad background and his knowledge spans over the whole Marketing and Sales spectrum. Great communication skills in combination with a highly analytical mind is a rarity. Pelle possesses both traits, which makes him a great asset when it comes to building our business from scratch. He started with communication and went on to a 15 year run selling advanced it and telecom solutions to the world’s largest companies. Where most people strive forward and upward, Pelle went 180 degrees and started working for start-ups, thriving on being able to be creative all day, every day.

Johan Österström avatar small

Johan Österström

Art Director and Digital Designer

Johan is a real pro when it comes to identity programmes, web projects, packaging, print, ads, illustrations – and everything in between. He has been working with established brands, global brands and with small upcoming startups. Johan is the one managing our e-commerce platform and is also responsible of the technical aspects of our supply chain.

Carl Henrik Ahlin avatar small

Carl Henrik Ahlin

Sales and Project Management

Carl Henrik keeps things on track and in line. Being a former army officer, the rest of us understand when it’s time to pay attention. With solid experience in sales, sales development, buisness development and leadership, Carl Henrik’s 10 + years of leading companies are vital to our business. As is his dog, the Basset hound Britta who keeps us company on most days.

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