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May 21, 2015 12:58 EST

Equities.com, Inc.: Co-Invest with Founders and NASDAQ Executives Who’ve Built Multi-Billion Dollar Businesses

iCrowdNewswire - May 21, 2015

Equities.com, Inc.

Equities.com, Inc.

Co-Invest with Founders and NASDAQ Executives Who’ve Built Multi-Billion Dollar Businesses


Why We Started This Company

There are over 10,000 public companies trading on major exchanges today. Self-directed investors have no easy was to interact with CEOs, analysts, Wall Street luminaries, and anyone else that has an investment idea. Our goal is to be the leading financial media company delivering news, content and investment ideas on companies that are under $1B market capitalization. When you consider that there are social networks for your personal life, your career, but there isn’t one for your investing life. That’s where Equities.com comes in.

What Sets Us Apart

We are focused on the over 10,000 public companies in the US and Canada. We combine a network of contributors with news, commentary and investment ideas coupled with a unique social network that allows the companies to interact with investors, journalists, analysts and the market at-large. No one else does it with the integrity of a news organization combined with access and social capabilities that allow all market participants to communicate.

Our Keys To Success

Traffic generated by our Contributors, Journalists, Members, Public Companies, Private Companies (under the JOBS act) combined with a Social Engagement network and Investment Tools that are Wall Street grade free to all members.




83,000 subscribers, Over 300,000 Uniques Visitors per month


$2,000,000 In Revenue in 2014 (Audited)

MARCH, 2015

Acquired VantageWire who has over 68,000 subscribers


Hired Enzo Villani as new Chief Executive Officer. Founder of Nasdaq Corporate Solutions. Built 3 firms in The Americas, Europe, and Asia.

JULY, 2014

Hired Michael MacDonald as CTO: Michael spent 15 years at Nasdaq and was CTO of Nasdaq Corporate Solutions. Founder of Weather Underground


Completed Small Cap Stars Conference: Over 200+ institutional investors, 16 companies, speeches by Ken Fisher and Gene Simmons.


Completed approximately $230,000 in Sales in December


Alfred Berkeley III joins Board of Directors: Former President and Vice Chairman of Nasdaq. Former Chairman of the World Economic Forum US.


Launch Equities.com Canada at Vancouver Resource Conference.


Completion of Equities.com News Market Center, located in downtown Vancouver. Our new retail level space in Vancouver provides office space.


Signed strategic partnership with Crowdfunder.com to cover Crowdfunder trending companies.


Enzo Villani, CEO of Equities.com to Be Interviewed Live on Clear Channel’s “The Trader’s Network Show”, Live Interview to air Febr


Board Member Al Berkeley on Fox Business News discussing Cybersecurity firms

MARCH, 2015

Ken Fisher, David Bernard, and Enzo Villani will be live on March 26th on with Cybertrading University’s Webinar Series.

MARCH, 2015

430,000 Monthly Uniques in March, up 5x in a year

MARCH, 2015

Largest Demographic are 25 to 36 years olds. Second is 45 to 56 years old according to Google Analytics.

MARCH, 2015

Equities.com reaches $500,000 in sales in First Quarter 2015

APRIL, 2015

Equities.com Appoints Ari Zoldan as Strategic Advisor to Extend Political and Business News Coverage

APRIL, 2015

Equities.com Announces $2 Million Equity Raise with OfferBoard Securities

MAY, 2015


If you go to the stock market, why would you only invest in one thing? Approach life like a mutual fund. Equities.com is a great source for investment information.
Gene SimmonsRock & Roll Hall of Famer at Kiss
Gene Simmons
I’ve built three companies globally through the execution of a buy and build strategy. I’m looking to replicate that at Equities.com where I’ve assembled a stellar team of executives from Wall Street technology, media and Internet.
Enzo VillaniCEO at Equities.com
Enzo Villani
I’m really intrigued by the idea of creating a community of interest around investing, and particularly around growth and small-cap companies. I think what Equities.com is doing is brave, bold and important.
Alfred Berkeley IIIFormer President & Vice Chairman at NASDAQ
Alfred Berkeley III
“I’ve been a friend of the Equities.com team for many years, and I’ve always appreciated their mission of building a community for market experts and thought leaders to create meaningful discussions. They’ve created a great resource for investors with compelling content, social networking, proprietary research tools, and more. I’m excited to see what else they have coming down the pipeline.”
John MauldinChairman of Mauldin Economics
John Mauldin
“Rather than sensational, surface-level sound bites, equities.com offers in-depth discussions with investment professionals that dive deeper in relevant topics.”
Sam StovallManaging Director – S&P Capital IQ
Sam Stovall
“Prior conferences from the equities.com management team were great. Now the same folks will bring small-cap investors a great learning and investing opportunity–and in a truly appropriate and enjoyable venue. I’m thrilled to be asked and able to help.”
Ken FisherCEO and Founder of Fisher Investments
Ken Fisher
“I think equities.com does a great job of clearing the fog of confusion away and helping readers make right choices. As an industry analyst for nearly thirty-years I have written for and been quoted in tens of thousands of news stories. With all that experience, I give equities.com a thumbs-up. I think equities.com hit’s the nail right on the head. It helps so many trying to understand this constantly changing tech industry.”
Jeff KaganTechnology Industry Analyst
Jeff Kagan
“In this world of overwhelming information that bombards us every moment of every day, it’s reassuring to turn to equities.com, and find financial news and market education presented in a clear, reader-friendly format. The content is compelling and actionable—offering real value to traders and investors. As well, I really enjoy working with the highly professional equities.com team, and I look forward to contributing content to this growing site for a long time to come.”
Toni TurnerPresident of TrendStar Trading Group
Toni Turner
“It is hard these days for investors to stay current without getting bombarded with too much noise. equities.com provides investors a real sense of community in a well-organized and responsible way. It is a great resource to stay connected to a vast team of professional investors and contributors in almost all the asset classes. equities.com continues to evolve and push the boundaries to provide investors with current information previously only available to the largest institutions.”
Jordan KimmelChief Investment Officer of Investview, Inc.
Jordan Kimmel
“It’s been great contributing to equities.com over the years; their editorial and management team is very professional. Working with equities.com has been a very successful experience and it’s been a pleasure working with them to contribute article content to their site to help the active trading community.”
Ken CalhounPresident of DaytradingUniversity.com
Ken Calhoun
When I see what equities.com is trying to do for small-cap investors, I recall my content-king days at CBS MarketWatch and MarketWatch.com. Content is always king. Equities.com is making headway.
Thom CalandraCo-Founder of MarketWatch
Thom Calandra


Enzo Villani

Enzo Villani

Chief Executive Officer

Mr. Enzo Villani has been Chief Executive Officer and Board Member of Equities.com, Inc. since August 2014. From 2012 to 2014, Villani taught as a full-time lecturer, adjunct and speaker on marketing, entrepreneurship, strategy and finance at universities including: Clarkson University, SUNY Plattsburgh, and Cornell University. From 2010 to 2012, Villani served as President of MZ North America and board member where he completed two acquisitions for the Brazilian IR company. During this time, Villani was President and Chief Executive Officer of his personal strategic advisory and investment company, Villani Advisors (a/k/a Sustain360) since 2009. Villani was a Founding Member, Executive Vice President & Chief Strategy Officer of DF King Worldwide LLC (formerly SAGE Holdings) from 2006 to 2009. DF King Worldwide was created as a consolidation and complimentary services M&A strategy in the corporate communications and proxy industry. Villani reviewed over 300 companies and led acquisitions of DF King and Taylor Rafferty. Assisted on five acquisitions and lead integration over three continents and five time zones. He also managed marketing, technology integration, and developed internal programs and technologies to facilitate bundle services. Prior to Sage Holdings, he served as the Managing Director of Products and Strategy at The NASDAQ Stock Market, Inc. Villani developed the strategy, alliances, and co-founded NASDAQ Global Corporate Solutions. He led the acquisitions of Shareholder.com and Prime Zone Media Network, establishing the NASDAQ Corporate Services beach head that included the development of nasdaq.net/nasdaq-online.com and the Market Intelligence Desk. NASDAQ Global Corporate Solutions now contributes 40% to NASDAQ’s total revenue. In At 28, Mr. Villani co-founded award-wining agency Rivet Integrated Marketing and served as its Chief Executive Officer. Prior to Rivet, Mr. Villani served as the Director of Internet Development at Integrated Office Solutions. Mr. Villani pioneered early web design and development for Modem Media, Byron Preiss Multimedia, Citigroup, MSNBC, and Intel. Villani holds a Masters in Business Administration from The Johnson School at Cornell University and completed a Bachelor of Arts in Communications from Iona College while working on the block equities desk at Lehman Brothers. Villani now lives in Los Angeles with his family.
David Bernard

David Bernard

Founder / Chairman / President

David Bernard is a co-founder and Chairman of equities.com. He is responsible for setting the strategic direction of the Company. Previously, David was the CEO of EQUITIES Magazine, a financial news magazine focused on small and middle market public companies and financial markets. – See more at: http://www.equities.com/community/24769-david-bernard/profile#sthash.eBu6Ywmx.dpuf
Jonathan Bernard

Jonathan Bernard

Founder / Chief Operating Officer / Exec. VP

Jonathan is a Founder of equities.com, Inc., and has served as Chief Operating Officer and Director since our inception in March 2011. Mr. Bernard is responsible for the day-to-day administration operations including business development, corporate conferences, platform development, and marketing. From February of 2005 to December of 2010, Mr. Bernard was also a co-owner and served as President and Chief Operating Officer of EQUITIES Magazine, a 62-year-old financial news magazine focused on small and middle market public companies and financial markets.
Kyle Johnston

Kyle Johnston

Chief Revenue Officer

Kyle Johnston has been a leader and innovator in building online companies to profitability with a strong technical and marketing background. In 2006, Mr. Johnston founded VantageWire, which became the first of its kind to offer free real-time stock quotes across North America. Mr. Johnston would later go on to acquire a New York based media PR company, Financial Press, in 2010. With over 12 years of experience in the public markets and building investor related media, Kyle brings a wealth of expertise an a valuable addition to the Equities.com team.”
Michael MacDonald

Michael MacDonald

Chief Technology Officer

Michael MacDonald is Chief Technology Officer of Equities.com, where he oversees technology strategy, development, and operations. Michael has over 19 years of web development and executive technology experience, most recently as CTO of NASDAQ OMX’s Global Corporate Solutions business, NASDAQ’s fastest growing division, which served over 10K of the world’s largest companies with market leading mobile, web, and SaaS solutions. Michael is also a co-founder of Weather Underground (wunderground.com), the internet’s first weather service, which provides real time weather data, forecasts, and graphics to over 25M global users per month, and which was sold to The Weather Channel and Comcast in 2012.
Matthew Fleming

Matthew Fleming

President, Canada Division

Matt entered the capital markets 20 years ago through a venture capital firm which raised over 50 million for a number of small cap companies ‎in various sectors listed in the US and Canada. After the dot com era of the late nineties, he joined Stockhouse.comin 2000 for 9 years to further his career in becoming a revenue leader in product development and online marketing. In 2010 he moved onto Vantagewire.comand settled into a presidential role where he quadrupled revenues over the next 4 years with industry leading products and corporate development. Matt is also a director and founder of Capital Event Management Ltd. which holds conferences in the US, Canada and the Bahamas connecting capital with small cap issuers.
Christian Carnell

Christian Carnell

Chief Financial Officer

Mr. Carnell has served as the Chief Financial Officer of Equities.com since November of 2012. Mr. Carnell also serves as a financial analyst at Control4 Corporation, a provider of automation and control solutions for the connected home, since May of 2009 where he prepares financial models, budgets, conducts financial analysis, reconciliations and participates in financial reporting as part of a public company. Mr. Carnell is a Certified Public Accountant and served as an auditor at Child, Van Wagoner & Bradshaw from January 2007 to August 2008 where he planned, supervised, and conducted audit testing procedures related to public and private companies’ annual audits and quarterly reviews and educated clients on accounting functions and procedures in accordance with US GAAP. Mr. Carnell received his Bachelor of Science in Accounting from the University of Utah in May of 2009.


  • Recruited new CEO and CTO from NASDAQ and acquired Vantagewire.com
  • 400% Revenue growth and 1800% subscriber growth to 72,000 subscribers
  • 1000% Traffic Growth since January 2014


Equities.com is the only global financial community that focuses on companies under $1B in market capitalization. We combine financial news and online engagement for our investors & corporate clients.

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