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May 21, 2015 12:06 PM ET

Archived: Cubit – Making Electronics Accessible: A platform that brings together plug & play hardware and drag & drop software to allow everyone to create and invent!

iCrowdNewswire - May 21, 2015

Cubit – Making Electronics Accessible

by Qfusion Labs

A platform that brings together plug & play hardware and drag & drop software to allow everyone to create and invent!

Qfusion Labs

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About this project

We believe everyone has creative ideas. Cubit is a programmable platform that allows you to take your ideas and make them a reality. Develop programs visually without writing any code, and snap together smart hardware without any soldering or configuration.

Cubit consists of three integrated hardware and software components: the Cubit Controller, Cubit Smartwares, and our drag-and-drop app, Cubit Workshop.

  • Cubit makes working with software and electronics easy, accessible and fun for everyone!
  • No Soldering
  • No Bread-boarding
  • No Coding
  • Plug & Play hardware with a single universal connector
  • Create programs visually and intuitively with Cubit Workshop
  • Prototype in minutes what used to take hours!

Cubit is easy to learn, but it’s a powerful platform that will grow with you. For more experienced makers, we provide a library that allows you to control hardware directly; you can create custom blocks and even wire in your own electronics.

Cubit Features:

  • WIRELESS – The Cubit Controller comes with bluetooth so you can program Cubit wirelessly or remotely control Cubit from your device!
  • HARDWARE FLEXIBILITY – Use our plug-and-play Smartwares or use your own electronic components!
  • PROGRAM FLEXIBILITY – Create programs quickly using our drag-and-drop visual program, write your own code in Lua, or use a combination of the two!
  • SCALABILITY – Out of the box controller-to-controller wireless and wired communication. Create a network of Cubit Controllers!
  • EXPANDABILITY – Smartports on the Cubit Controller can be expanded to over 30 with the use of Multiplexer Smartwares.
  • MULTI-TASKING – Create multiple independent programs in Workshop, the Cubit Controller will run all of them simultaneously!
  • VIRTUAL INPUTS – Workshop has an assortment of virtual buttons, sliders, and joysticks. You can use these to remotely control Cubit right out of the box. Virtual inputs can be addressed to hotkeys on your keyboard!
  • REAL-TIME-DEBUGGING – Workshop offers real-time visual debugging so you can see exactly where and how your program flows during runtime!
  • DATALOGGING – You can record multiple inputs through Workshop. Useful for science projects and to track value changes over time. Recorded values can then be exported to CSV!
  • GRAPHING – Playback your recorded data on a graph right within Workshop!

Connect the needed Cubit smartwares. Cubit Workshop immediately recognizes the attached smartwares and makes them available for use.

Create the Plan for your project using Cubit Workshop. Just drag and drop the program blocks and connect up the wires.

Hit Launch and watch your project come to life!

Let’s build the Smart Fan from scratch in just around TWO minutes:

Create Quickly – With Cubit, build projects in minutes that would’ve taken hours before.

Grows with You – Cubit’s learning curve was planned out from the start. Start creating in seconds, but as you learn and grow, Cubit has more advanced features that will meet your needs.

Intuitive – Build projects exactly how you think about them. Let Cubit handle the low-level interactions.

Accessibility – Anyone can use Cubit! If you thought using electronics to build something cool was out of reach, Cubit makes it possible.

Versatility – Cubit has a wide variety of Smartwares. Almost any project can be brought to life with Cubit.

In case you’re wondering, included in each kit are the following:

  • One copy of Cubit Workshop, our drag and drop, Plan creating, super tool.
  • Connector Cables for each Smartware in the kit.
  • One USB Power Cable to… power stuff.
  • One USB Bluetooth Dongle so your computer can talk to Cubit
  • One copy of Cubit Project Booklet, outlining some of the awesome projects you can build!

Here’s what people are already making with Cubit…

Let’s build some projects together from scratch using Cubit:

Cubit Hello World!

The Cubit Secret Book


The Cubit Controller is a powerful bluetooth-enabled 32-bit microcontroller. It boasts six universal Smartports which accept any smartware component; you can expand those to over 30 Smartports through the use of Multiplexer Smartwares. A single Cubit Controller can grow to meet the demands of even large projects.

Cubit offers a wide variety of Smartwares. What makes these Smartwares so unique is that they are ready to use with just plugging in a single connector. 

Cubit is not limited to the Smartware we provide. Cubit also allows you to wire your own piece of electronic sensor or hardware to the controller by using Cubit’s custom Smartware. Cubit custom Smartwares come with open wire leads for you to wire into your own custom electronics. You can then create custom commands within Workshop to identify and use your customized piece of Smartware!


Cubit’s development tool, Cubit Workshop, is available on Mac and PC. Cubit connects to your device via Bluetooth, so simply pair your Cubit to your computer and launch the Workshop app!

Workshop is a powerful visual programming environment that allows for complete control over Cubit’s controller and Smartwares. It makes programming interactions between hardware intuitive and easy.

Under the hood, Cubit runs Lua, an open-source scripting language. The visual programs you create are converted into Lua scripts and then uploaded to Cubit’s microcontroller. So if you prefer to work with code, you can still write your own Lua scripts directly. Our custom Lua library allows you to control almost any piece of Smartware with a single line of script. There’s no need to compile your program; the source code (just a plain text file) stays on the chip and can be retrieved at any time. That means you can not only program your Cubit, but you can read the program off your friend’s Cubit, make a change, and deploy the new program

We started as two brothers who grew up hacking and inventing together. One of us had a passion for electronics while the other became an expert in software. We wanted to share those passions with everyone and make it so anyone can build and make with electronics.

After two years of hard work, we believe that we’ve created something with advanced and powerful features while remaining flexible, accessible, and easy to use. This is Cubit.

We believe in a future where electronics and programming becomes as ubiquitous as using smartphones. We believe in a community where everyone can share project ideas and have access to a repository of creative projects. We’ve already started on creating a community site where anyone can upload their own Cubit projects and programs, browse through many others, and collaborate between projects. Like Cubit, we are designing this online community for easy browsing and collaboration.


Risks and challenges

Cubit is currently being Beta tested and our engineers are completely committed to meeting our shipping deadlines. That being said, hardware can be hard. We are doing everything possible to mitigate risk: working with an amazing hardware partner, working with engineers who have been creating products for years, and doing our best to set realistic expectations among our supporters as to when we can get Cubit into their hands.

When it comes to manufacturing, we are working with a manufacturer that is just down the road from our houses. They have manufactured dozens of products before and have an entire pipeline already established. Delays can happen in manufacturing though and our promise is to keep you informed of any changes and to be as transparent as possible.

We’re a team of engineers and designers with decades of experience between us. We’re ready to finish Cubit and get it into your hands!

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