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May 21, 2015 4:15 PM ET

ABC en español…Bilingual children’s books and música

iCrowdNewswire - May 21, 2015

Lauren Bruzonic, Creator of ABC en español, a thematic and extremely fun collection of bilingual books and songs is helping to make children and adults alike learn Spanish. The books and music can be enjoyed at home but are also great tools in the classroom.

Lauren is a dedicated Spanish teacher who has spent countless hours working to create a fun and educational system of teaching Spanish to young learners. She has experience at the High School and pre-school levels. She will soon begin her newest challenge, the Fles (Foreign Language in Elementary School) program in Arlington County, Virginia.

Children who have studied with Lauren have shown enthusiasm for her teaching style. They sing, dance and play their way to learning Spanish! Parents and children can access Lauren’s art, music and videos on-line at

“Lauren Bruzonic came to Bailey’s Elementary School to share her books and songs with our Preschool-2nd grade classes in March 2011. The kids really enjoyed her books and songs and were totally engaged in the presentation. She is flexible and delightful, and her books provide a fun way to learn Spanish.”

Linda Lindgren

Bailey’s Elementary School librarian

Falls Church, VA

Lauren is a fun loving, singing and dancing Spanish teacher. Her love for the Spanish language and cultures was quickly realized on a month long language and cultural study in Cuernavaca, Mexico before beginning her freshman year of college. During her four years at James Madison University, she continued to participate in study abroad programs in Costa Rica, Guatemala and Spain.

After many adventures, Lauren moved back to Northern Virginia and met her future husband, Ivan; a Cobija, Bolivia native.


Contact Information:

Lauren P Bruzonic
[email protected]
3901 Brenda Lane
Annandale, VA 22003

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