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May 20, 2015 5:47 PM ET

Archived: Record360 : Record360 – The New Standard For Documenting Property Condition

iCrowdNewswire - May 20, 2015




Record360 – The New Standard For Documenting Property Condition


Meet Record360: the essential tool for the sharing economy. 

Have you ever: 

  • Rented a vehicle, apartment, or piece of equipment? 
  • Taken a vehicle into a dealership or body shop for service or repairs? 
  • Insured property or submitted a claim to an insurance company? 
  • Sold property through a site like Ebay or Craigslist? 

These are just a few of the situations where property documentation can play an absolutely essential role. 

Record360 is the new standard when it comes to documenting property condition. Whether you are renting, sharing or simply documenting, Record360 offers a simple, streamlined digital solution for creating high-quality, time-stamped, geo-tagged records that give you the visibility and security you need to protect yourself, and your property.  

Just as DocuSign has transformed transaction management, growing into a $1.6 billion company in the process, Record360 is positioned to revolutionize the property condition reporting process and become a go-to resource for property-handling companies across numerous industries in the years to come.


Every day, billions of dollars’ worth of property is rented, shared, loaned, leased, borrowed, or bought. Companies specializing in everything from car rental to equipment rental to property management complete thousands of these transactions each year, meaning thousands of reports documenting the condition of the property at the time it is handed over to or returned by customers.

Up to now, the majority of these companies have relied on outdated, paper-based processes for completing these reports, the inefficiency and unreliability of which cause difficulties and headaches for companies and customers alike:

Companies lose billions of dollars each year as a result of damages missed or overlooked during property exchange transactions

Customers risk being held accountable for damages they didn’t cause, or else mishandle property knowing that they won’t be held accountable.

Countless disputes arise between companies and their clients, damaging relationships, reducing customer satisfaction, and resulting in negative press and loss of business.

At Record360, we think it’s high time companies stepped off the paper trail and into the 21st century. So we set out to build an application that makes it possible, and the result is Record360: the future of property management and asset protection.


Record360 is property condition reporting as it should be done in the digital age. Our video- and photo-based application:

Streamlines the condition documentation process with video and annotated images and web-based storing and sharing capabilities

Increases transparency and accountability between companies and their clients, reducing disputes and encouraging proper care

Improves efficiency and effectiveness by providing “real time” visibility into the asset documentation processes, as well as on-demand reporting of current and historical asset condition.

Enhances documentation quality and ease-if-use by allowing you to easily and quickly record the detailed condition and contents of property utilizing the app’s video-, picture-, and notation-based system.

And that’s not all the Record360 system has going for it. Our platform means: 

Independence and Security
Record360 stores your records in an independent, 3rd-party repository, which is securely maintained by Amazon Web Services. Your records are geotagged with location and time-stamped so there’s no question when and where you created your property record.

Anywhere, Anytime Access
Record360 utilizes Amazon’s cloud based storage solution so you can pull down your files from your cell phone, tablet, or desktop from anywhere in the world. Utilize Record360’s web portal to review and send your Records to colleagues, clients, insurance adjustors, and anyone else who may need to access your file.

Robust Reporting and Custom Workflow Support
 Businesses can use Record360’s unique notation and data mining solution to create reports including real-time product quality insight, employee adherence reports, and various sales templates customized for your business. Record360 can easily integrate into your current systems and processes to improve workflow for claims management, repairs, and accounting.


With the simple, elegant Record360 app, you can create a detailed, dimensional digital account of your assets’ condition in a matter of minutes, with just a few taps of your mobile device:

SCAN any traditional Bar Code, VIN matrix code or QR code, or enter the reference number manually

CAPTURE any and all notable issues with the assetvia photo and/or video

HIGHLIGHT specific areas of concern with a red circle by tapping the section of the screen where theissue appears.


REVIEW all captured media, including video, by swiping or clicking through the items.

ADD text comments, either through the keyboard interface, or using your device’s Speech to Text capability.

SECURE the client’s electronic signature to complete the transaction


Once you’ve completed your Record360 condition report, you can upload it to the Record360 Dashboard, our cloud-based reporting and management platform, for quick, easy access to review and reporting options. Through Record360 Dashboard, you can:

Manage your data anywhere, anytime on one universally accessible platform

Gain real-time visibility into your process with customized reporting

Eliminate wasted time connecting images to communications and reports

Share and distribute property condition reports with interested parties easily and efficiently.


When we say property documentation is a billion-dollar market, we mean a billion-dollar market. Here are just a few of the industries where documenting property condition plays a central role: 

And these markets doesn’t even begin to take into account the rapidly expanding consumer branch of the sharing economy. With sites from eBay to Craigslist, Apartment Finder to Airbnb making it easier than ever before for average consumers to rent, share and sell property directly with each other, it’s only going to become more important for everday consumers to have a simple, effective, easy-to-use way to document property condition at the time of exchange. 


Record360 is already making significant strides toward our goal of becoming the go-to condition reporting option for property rental companies across numerous verticals.

Both our iOS app and website with CMS reporting capabilities are fully built and have been tested in numerous pilots over the past several months.

20 paid customers are already using Record360 for their condition reporting needs, and we have numerous others in the pipeline.

As we’ve already mentioned, Record360 is proud to have been named Best Travel App at the 2015 Elliott Awards. 

Here’s just a glimpse of what people are saying about Record360 and the game-changing potential of our platform: 

“Record360 has made a significant impact on our business. We used to struggle with the financials and customer service problems associated with undocumented or “mystery'” damage. Since implementing Record360 into our operation, disputed with customers over damage are a thing of the past and we are saving thousands of dollars on undocumented damage. Our employees and our customers feel great about our documentation process. We use Record360 at all of our North American locations.”

Jennifer Carlson 
General Manager, Jucy Rentals North America

“Record360 has streamlined our quality inspection process. We initially used Record360 for Quality Control photo documentation, but it has now become an integral part of our workflow and communication with our customers. Implementing Record360 has made us more efficient and improved customer service. It is easy to use and our customers and employees love it.

Peter Dauer
Food Safety and Quality Manager, Able Freight Services Inc.

“We have been using Record360 to document our customer’s vehicles for over five months and been very satisfied with the results. We have virtually eliminated the problem of customers claiming damage while their vehicles are in for repair and we have saved thousand of dollars in damage claims. Record360 has become an integral part of our process that is appreciated by pur staff and our customers.”

Todd Primo
Service Manager, Penske Jaguar Land Rover


For more information about where Record360 goes from here and how you can be a part of it, please request access to the Business Plan 


Record360 is helmed by an all-star leadership team with years of executive experience at some of the industry’s leading organizations. Our co-founders have worked together for many years, and together, they developed and launced the highly successful Exotic car rental division of Enterprise, which now does over $50 million in sales annually.

Damon Haber, Founder, has held VP of Sales positions and previously served as Vice President of Sales, Marketing & Operations for Southern California Enterprise Holdings.

Greg Harrison, Founder & CTO, has held CTO and senior management positions at Ignition, Vidiator, Envision, Loudeye, and Mosaic. Most recently, he was Founder and CTO of AdXpose, acquired by comScore, Inc. for $22 million in 2011.

Shane Skinner, Founder, has held CFO positions and previously served as Enterprise Holdings’ Controller and Business Manager for the Pacific Northwest

Keith Munro, Chief Brand Officer, is a brand marketer and strategy leader with 20 years experience at Electronic Arts and Unilever. He is a demonstrated driver of world-class product development and award-winning marketing campaigns in the technology, entertainment, and packaged goods industries.


Contact Information:

Damon Haber
Greg Harrison
Shane Skinner
Keith Munro

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