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May 20, 2015 9:19 AM ET

Archived: Fertility Focus Limited: The only product on the market that detects ovulation with 99% accuracy

iCrowdNewswire - May 20, 2015


The only product on the market that detects ovulation with 99% accuracy


One Liner

“In less than two months OvuSense has told me more than doctors have in a year! So far I know I’m ovulating, I know I ovulate later than thought, and I know I have a 10 day Luteal Phase.”

OvuSense Facebook user- March 2015

Investment Summary

Infertility is a big problem for many women. 50% of women are unable to conceive within 12 months; and 30% have ovulatory problems that current testing methods can’t detect.

Fertility Focus’ key product OvuSense is a real-time ovulation monitor that is able to predict the onset of ovulation a day in advance with 89% accuracy; and confirm the exact date of ovulation with 99% accuracy. It is also able to detect the absence of ovulation. Other current testing methods cannot do this.




Fertility Focus was set up as a traditional medical device business, to address this problem. It has now morphed into a direct to consumer digital Health business.

OvuSense has been proven in clinical trials and since July 2014 when sales started to take off is providing genuine value to the current user-base by helping them get pregnant, and get properly diagnosed and treated more rapidly.


OvuSense is the only fertility product on the market that can reliably tell women when they are about to ovulate; and, with certainty whether or not they have. This information is crucial for those who are trying to conceive and opens up much bigger markets than current products can address – with a potential of more than £2bn a year.

Fertility Focus has achieved 600 sales of OvuSense with monthly sales now past the 100 mark. OvuSense has full approvals for sale around the world and a portfolio of 6 patents granted or in process.

OvuSense is supported by very strong medical credibility based on clinical trials and 5 peer-reviewed publications, with more trials in progress and publications due this year. OvuSense also has received notable praise and promotion from customers, charities and support groups, particularly in the Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS) community, which is one of Fertility Focus’ key target segments.

Next Generation Product

Fertility Focus is now working on the next generation OvuSense product, which will reduce the product cost by 75%, enabling Fertility Focus to reduce consumers’ entry cost from £250 to £35, which Fertility Focus forecasts will hugely increase volumes.

Steve Godber, Chairman of Fertility Focus said:

“ We’ve proved the product delivers results for our customers; completed the multi-language, multi-currency e-commerce platform to enable us to go to market worldwide; done most of the work needed for the Next Generation OvuSense; and got real sales traction in our initial market segments.”

“What we are looking for now is up to £500K to bring that Next Generation product to market by the end of 2015; and continue building sales traction through to 2016.  We hope you’ll join us.“

Robert Milnes, CEO, added about the team’s motivation:

“Helping couples that have sometimes struggled with infertility for years to become pregnant and making that opportunity available to an even wider audience through our next generation product. We wish to establish a profitable business capable of continuously improving women’s health through empowering information and have plans for expansion of the product line into Obstetric management too.”

Fertility Focus’ believes their business strategy will lead to an exit value in excess of >£60m from a current valuation of £4m.

All references for this pitch can be found here. This document can also be downloaded from the documents tab of the profile. 

Closing on or before

Fertility Focus will close on or before midnight Sunday 5th July.


Company Details

Fertility Focus Limited

Unit 19D Innovation Centre
Warwick Technology Park CV34 6UW


Management Team

Robert Milnes – CEO   

BA Hons (Business) DipM. With a background in sales and marketing, Robert has over 25 years experience in financing, developing and bringing medical products and services to the global market, with over 15 years in women’s health. He has worked for Roche, Oxford Instruments, and was a member of the Operations Board of Huntleigh Healthcare prior to joining Fertility Focus in 2007. Robert was global leader of the Sonicaid fetal monitoring business for a number of years, has carried numerous licensing deals in the healthcare sector, as well as a number of divestments and acquisitions.

Dr James Pardey – CTO 

BSc PhD. James is an expert developer of medical devices, with over 20 years experience in software and algorithms. After 10 years in academia he left Oxford University to join Oxford Instruments where he was responsible for developing ground breaking sleep apnoea, fetal monitoring and cardiology algorithms that made those products leaders in their field. He has worked for Oxford Instruments, Huntleigh Healthcare and Schiller.

Laura Underwood – Commercial Manager

BA. Laura brings over 20 years’ experience in international consumer sales and marketing to Fertility Focus. She runs the OvuSense commercial presence on the internet. Combining both service and product understanding, she has worked in a broad variety of industries, most recently heading the Recycle Now campaign at WRAP. Prior to that she worked for several of blue-chip manufacturers including Brita and Hasbro.

Lucinda Yau – Quality & Customer Support Manager

BSc Hons. With a background in Chemistry, Lucinda brings experience in quality systems, process validation, regulatory affairs and customer support in the medical device and food sectors. She has worked for Abbott Diabetes Care and Thatchers Cider prior to joining Fertility Focus in 2013.

The Management is supported by the following key part time consultants:

Rosie Thomas – Commercial Strategy Consultant (part time)

BSc (Pharmacy), BA. Rosie has over 27 years experience in mHealth, medtech and women’s health, and is advising the company on its roll out strategy for the next generation product. She most recently ran ToHealth, and prior to that was involved in a number of companies including IVF and Women’s Health with Wallace/ Smiths Medical, as well as Galil, Convatec, and CR Bard.

Kate Davies – Fertility Nurse Advisor (part time)

RN, BSc(Hons), FP Cert. Kate is a registered Nurse specialist and has over 20 years’ experience in fertility and women’s health. Having completed a degree in Sexual Health at Greenwich University in the UK in 2008, Kate is now a qualified Fertility Coach. As well as advising women on the benefits of OvuSense, Kate runs her own private practice in the UK consulting women on natural fertility.

Craig Citron – US Business Development (part time)

BSc, MBA. Craig has over 30 years experience in medical device sales and marketing, with over 15 years in women’s health. He has worked for Novametrix, Wallach Surgical and most recently Cooper Surgical before setting up in consultancy practice in 2013. Based in Connecticut, he is helping develop all aspects of the US marketing presence for the FFL portfolio, with particular emphasis on the OvuSense web development.

Board of Directors

The board of directors provides direct management support through their comprehensive industry experience:

Steve Godber – Chairman

Steve was became Chairman of Fertility Focus at the start of 2013 after closing a successful funding round in late 2012.  Steve has over 25 years experience as a Chairman and CEO, mainly in healthcare companies, and was the lead investor for Fertility Focus in the last round.

Robert Milnes – CEO

See Management Team above

Christine Soden – CFO.

Christine was appointed non-executive CFO to the company in early 2013 having helped lead the Angel Co-Fund participation in the company’s 2012 round. She brings extensive experience in strategic, financial and operational development of businesses in the healthcare sector having been CFO of several listed companies. Christine is lead investor for the Syndicate Room in the 2015 round.

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