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Archived: White Man`s Legacy in Africa: A feature film about a new British Human aids organisation embarking on a charity mission in a war torn country in Africa

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White Man`s Legacy in Africa

Project aim

A feature film about a new British Human aids organisation embarking on a charity mission in a war torn country in Africa.

About the project

My perspectives and positive vision for our African people, this is more like my motives and crave for educating the next generation on self-reliance by boosting their self-esteem through workshops.


As an actor and writer, a British African based in Scotland United Kingdom and my objectives of the project is to promote international understanding while building leadership skills among African youths.

This champagne for sponsorship of the production of this feature film written and designed to be shot here in UK and Abidjan Cote D`Ivoire. Your contribution and support will help us to achieve these great international open doors opportunities for the African`s film industry. I`m anxiously looking forward to helping millions of African marginalised by social injustice and through this film which will project the political maltreatment and educate them by rebuilding their self-esteem.


This project will be the first of its kind in West Africa and provides a very reliable and meaningful charity aids in this part of Africa as we intend to build schools and equip it technologically to promote example of charity donation to enhance Education to the less privileges and to increase awareness. This project would also take the lead in this area of film making in West Africa and would go down in history in Hollywood and leave a lasting legacy in the film Industry in West Africa.



In return for your generosity we will be announcing and thanking each individual business that sponsored us as well as including them in our DVD Cover which will be sold and viewed all over the world. Please send us any productvoucher or service directly to your mailing address details. And we could enter into an agreement to cover your interest in the whole operation.


This exercise will push the creative envelope for a multitude of our actors/actress locally, nationally and internationally. It will enable those with varying level of experience and know-how to compete with those of higher experience. In effect the production of this movie in West Africa will play a major rules in developing the indigenous skills and talents and also create a networking opportunities between the western film industries and that of West Africa.


Your sponsorship will help actualise these exceptional experience and provide a great marketing prospect for the African countries. In addition there will be a large contingent of production crew personnel going to West Africa down to Abidjan during the duration of the making of the movie who are also involved with developing the strategic plans for shooting in Abidjan. This is a great chance for our crew and Actors to actually interact with the African population which will offer them a positive association with the Hollywood film makers an exciting and also a great educational experience for novice emerging actors/actresses with the indigenous. This will promote active participation by community members of all ages and walk of life as well as boost their morals in a positive way.

And also provide educational outreach to schools and charitable foundations by opening doors to the local apprenticeship.


Your generous sponsorship would be highlighted in premier of the movie and to the entire world, during the introduction of the movie event itself and in an article of the marketing event which will be published in the newspapers and magazines. You and any other representatives of (name of company) would be most welcome to attend so that we could thank you personally for your support.


A feature film about a new British Human aids organisation embarking on a charity mission in a war torn country in Africa to sympathetic expatriates in Africa in other to obtain a derogatory materials to enable them create a website for a charity donation back in the UK for their personal self-enrichment. Which eventually ended in chaotic where the white principal actor impregnated a local teenage student. Confronted by a British African trained social activities who then challenged the British mission and described the whole operation as extortion.

The Story is intriguing and has elements of politics, action, romance, drama, betrayal and so on.
The Script is presently fully developed. It is registered with Raindance UK based Copyright Commission and the Scriptwriter is the licensed Copyright Owner.

The only way to eradicate poverty in Africa is through liberation of the modern slavery, imperialism and investing in the African soil which will positively engaged a large number of employment and will further reduce a large in flocks of migrants into western countries.

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