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May 19, 2015 4:16 PM ET

Archived: ReVault: World’s First Wearable Private Cloud – securely access and sync all your files across all your devices without an internet connection

iCrowdNewswire - May 19, 2015

ReVault: World’s First Wearable Private Cloud

Auto-backup your files on-the-go and always securely access them at high speed and zero cost.
Elia Mörling

This is ReVault

ReVault is the world’s first wearable private cloud that allows you to securely access and sync all your files across all your devices without an internet connection. It’s time to reclaim your data!

This is how it works

ReVault is a new type of storage that gives you the smartness and convenience of the public cloud, and the security of local storage. Store your files locally on ReVault and always access them at the speed of a local network. 

ReVault connects to your devices using WiFi and Bluetooth. You can setup your ReVault to auto-backup and auto-synchronize your files across your devices. ReVault is wearable so that you can easily carry your files wherever you go at all times.

ReVault comes in the sizes of 32GB and 128GB.


Key Features

With a ReVault you can always access your files from anywhere, fast without a glitch, even without an Internet connection.

Backup your files at home or on-the-go, when you need it the most. ReVault can automatically backup freshly created files on your smartphones, tablets, or computers.

The ReVault has been designed to be private, secure and protected. It functions entirely offline far out of the reach of crackers, governments and big corporations.

Only trusted devices can connect to ReVault. The data stored on ReVault is encrypted using AES-256. On top of that you can also choose to password protect your app using single, or 2-factor authentication.

Do you ever run low on memory space? With a Revault you can offload files from your devices to ReVault, and access them later. 

Benefits at a glance

Wear it your way

Revault can be worn in a variety of different ways, depending on the occasion. Revault ships with a converter that makes it possible to wear as a neck, wrist or pocket item. 

All backers get the strap of their choice

You can use a standard watch band with your Revault allowing for a large variety of options. Choose between a tapered or mesh stainless steel band, or a black leather skin when you order your Revault.

Customizable face

We provide a number of screen faces, that you can choose between. You can either select a face for your private cloud data, or a digital or analogue clock. There are also hybrid faces, displaying both. Developers will also be able to create their own custom faces using the ReVault API.

Take it for a spin

Designed for durability


ReVault has been designed with the intent to be extremely strong and durable. The case is stainless steel and water resistant. The display is in color, and protected with Gorilla Glass 3. The battery lasts for around 3 days with regular usage. ReVault is charged using a standard Qi Wireless Charger (sold separately, if you don’t already own one). Charging a ReVault to 80% battery life takes 1 hour, and 100% takes 1.5 hours. 


Connect to Revault with an app

Revault is designed for simple setup and use. All the while making it possible to configure for power users. Our app runs on Android, iOS, Windows, Mac OS X and Linux. 


Technical details

  • 32GB / 128 GB
  • Bluetooth 4.0 LTE
  • WiFi b/g/n
  • Wireless (Conductive) charging Qi-standard
  • 1.54 inch, 240 × 240 pixel color display
  • Gorilla Glass 3
  • 3D accelerometer
  • Watch case: Stainless steel grade 316L

By backers for backers

We are really happy to bring this product to you. However, it would not have been possible without our 2K+ member Build Group. They have supported and guided us in every step of the way. This has helped us create a truly unique product – for backers by backers.


All ReVault include the strap of your choice, a chain converter used to wear ReVault as a necklace or keychain, and a tool for quickly swapping bands. ReVault does not include a charger, but it is compatible with any Qi wireless charger found at a general electronics store. We will add a perk for a ReVault charging stand soon.

ReVault ships world-wide. Shipping to the US is free, within the EU costs $15, and to the rest of the world $20.


We have worked really hard to minimize risk, and overcome major challenges before launching this campaign.

  • We have assembled a senior development team with long industry experience
  • We have worked close with our 2K+ Build Group community to collect as much user feedback as possible
  • All our setup costs are already covered
  • We have already reached major milestones in our hardware and software development
  • We have only selected well known components from established manufacturers

The team

We are a highly experienced team of 16 from Sweden and our members have experience building Sony smartwatches, unmanned helicopters, fighter aircraft, and automated cars with some of the world’s leading engineers and advanced technology. We have seasoned engineers, designers and entrepreneurs on board. 


Who is ReVault designed for?

ReVault has been designed for casual users, as well as techies. Running it with default settings will work just fine. For the more technically inclined, there will be plenty of under-the-hood settings to tweak, based on personal preferences.

How does ReVault secure your data? 

ReVault is designed to securely strap to your body. It works securely offline. Only trusted devices can connect to ReVault. The data stored on ReVault is encrypted using AES-256. On top of that you can also choose to password protect your app using single, or 2-factor authentication.

Is the data sent to and from ReVault encrypted?


What happens if my ReVault is lost or stolen?

The data on your ReVault will be very difficult to steal, because it is always encrypted and password protected. You can auto-backup ReVault itself to another device, for example a NAS, to store changed files from last time.

How does ReVault utilize WiFi?

ReVault can create its own WiFi network as well as join an existing one. 

Can devices completely sync as soon as they are within range of ReVault?

Trusted devices, that have enabled auto-sync, can completely sync when they share a network with ReVault.

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