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Archived: Personalized Magnetic Children’s Books: A unique line of personalized magnetic children’s books that come with your own photo-magnets to place in the story!

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Personalized Magnetic Children’s Books

by MagneTree Books

A unique line of personalized magnetic children’s books that come with your own photo-magnets to place in the story!

About this project

Crafty Self-Publishing

MagneTree Books started as a “Do It Yourself” crafts project to give to our nephews overseas. We put together a magnetic book with spaces along the story to place photo-magnets of our family. We didn’t want them to grow up without knowing us! When we saw their reaction to the book we were amazed! (one of us even got teary eyed… okay fine, we both did). They asked to read the book every night, and they started remembering all of our names. Another thing we noticed was that they treated the book like a game that they were directly participating in! Then one day, our nephew said to his dad: “You know what I’m doing this weekend? I’m going for a picnic with Auntie Josie”. That was it for us… We quickly realized that this should be in everyone’s home! 

How You Fit in the Story

It turns out that writing a children’s book, finding an amazing illustrator, and getting magnetic books printed is not as easy as it sounds! 🙂 So we’re asking for your help to get this project off the ground. Your funding will help us make our first minimum order from the printer, set up our interactive website, help us get cool machines that will make your magnets look amazing, and most importantly it will bring our characters to life. 

From Prologue to our Current Chapter

The first thing we wanted to do is create an amazing prototype! We both had experience making photo magnets from a previous business, so we were able to really focus on the content of the book. We spent endless nights writing, editing, erasing, then writing some more… going to bed while rhyming in our head (that one was a fluke!). 

Finding the perfect illustrator wasn’t easy either. We had some amazing submissions and decided to open it up to a vote with our trusted focus group. That’s how we finally decided on our amazing illustrator Sandra Rojas. We worked with her over the past couple of months to make sure that our text and magnet spaces flow perfectly with her art. We are now happy to say that the first book is done, and a beautiful sample is sitting on our kitchen table as we type! 

Sneak Preview of the Book

Our first book, “Meet Me In Zzzz…” is an imaginative journey through your child’s very own dream world. We worked with the talented and creative Sandra Rojas to create both a girl and a boy version so that the reader can identify closely with their own character in the book:

page 12 (boy version)
page 12 (boy version)
page 13 (girl version)
page 13 (girl version)
page 14 (girl version)
page 14 (girl version)

How does it all work??

That’s the fun part 🙂 all you have to do is pick a story, upload 9 photos (you will be able to preview them before ordering), and you’re done! You can order more photo magnets anytime. 

If you’re getting the book as a gift, you can always choose to get a coupon code instead that will let the recipient upload their own photos later. 

Your Rewards for Investing in MagneTree Books

If you choose the growth chart from the rewards, here’s what we’ll send you along with the book!

Risks and challenges

We’ve been working very hard to make sure everything goes smoothly with the project, even if we become world famous! We managed to find a great printing company that has already sent us a sample of our finished book and they’re just waiting for the word to ship us our inventory. All we have to do is create your unique photo-magnets (luckily that’s something that we both have experience in doing from selling them on Etsy).

We believe in community and we’ll be putting a lot of effort into keeping everyone up to date on the project, and answering any questions you might have.

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