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Archived: Mystery Postcards: Changing the Way We Look at Postcards

iCrowdNewswire - May 19, 2015

The Mystery Postcards project is changing the way we look at postcards. These postcards are a unique combination of trivia, history, photography and travel. Using photos she has taken of landmarks and otherwise unique locations Jill Kroll will then combine them with clues as to the photo’s location. The project creates a unique game for backers to play.

These unique postcards will be mailed out July through October 2015. One postcard will be mailed each week for a total of sixteen postcards. The postmark will not give away the location of the photo, as the postcards will be professionally printed and mailed from the printer’s location. They are currently available on Kickstarter. The deadline to pledge is May 28, 2015, when the already successful campaign will be funded.

A Sample Mystery Postcard:

The answer to this postcard and six more sample Postcards can be found on the projects Kickstarter page:



If you would like more information about the Mystery Postcards Project, visit the Kickstarter page: and


You can also email Jill Kroll at [email protected] or send her a Tweet @MysteryPostcard.

Contact Information:

Jill Kroll
[email protected]
@MysteryPostcard (Twitter)

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