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May 19, 2015 6:46 AM ET

Archived: Lightning Bolt Corporation – American Optics Innovating the Future

iCrowdNewswire - May 19, 2015



Lightning Bolt Corporation

American Optics Innovating the Future

Quick Pitch

 “American Innovation Lighting the Future.” We are building on 5 years experience of product design on a mission to patent, license, and distribute custom products better than any others.


Product and Service Details

Lightning Bolt Corporation develops, tests and designs products for new niches in the marketplace. We have distributed thousands of products to over 100 retails stores from Colorado, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Florida, Alabama, Virginia, Tennessee, California, and Washington states. We have provided enough local sales data and merchant recommendations of our products successes that we now are able to work with national retail chains.  


Products of Traction

We have extensive product design experience, have created attractive retail packaging, completed International Logistics, cleared Customs for international importing, testing overseas companies sample qualities, established a domestic distribution network, handled support for consumers, retailers, warranty returns, improved inventory, and  infrastructure security, and established the best pricing points for our hundreds of niche products.

We also will work with Duke Energy on custom commercial retro-fit projects with rebates. Lightning Bolt patent pending products designs include: Wifi SmartPhone Streaming HD Sunglasses, Wifi and Bluetooth Streaming technology products, Focusable Hardhat Headlamps, Rechargeable Flashlights, Consumer, Commercial, and Industrial LED lightning products. Our playbook also includes adding outsourcing and domestic manufactured licensing.


The Lightning Bolt Innovation Side

Lightning Bolts’ products are very unique because of our knowledge of technical data, current designs offered by competitors and manufacturers, and most importantly, that we design most of our own products which have a much higher quality than those of related competitors. A good example of this is when Lightning Bolt sent in samples of our products to a national retail chain only to find out that this same retail chain ended up launching one of our unpatented flashlight models. The only problem that came up with their undercutting strategy, was that the markings on the side of the flashlight said “200W” when they ment to say 200 lumens. A 200 Watt flashlight would be currently impossible to manufacture.  What ended up happening was the competitor confused their consumers by having them expect too much out of something that was in no way as powerful as a 200 Watt device. In conclusion, we have the technical knowledge and trademark branded products, customer support and production capabilities and can do it better than anyone else. In order to fulfill our demand for expectations of excellence, we will be launching several keystone products to put on retailer’s shelves and plans to expand into the international markets by exporting our licensed domestic manufactured products. 

New product pictures above include LED Headlamps with High, Low, Strobe, and SOS focusable zoomable beams with high quality CREE Chips. We will be launching the only patent pending in the US widely used explosion proof focusable LED Hardhat/Helmet Headlamp with 1000 Lumens, smart memory controlled settings, high quality drivers, and have an IP-68 waterproofing. We have been upgrading a prototype Quadcopter build with all design concepts implied to fullfil different roles such as Amazon’s package delivery system. Our product lines will include different models for typical consumers and professionals with a range of price points.

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