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May 19, 2015 11:50 AM ET

Archived: Homefield Brewing: is the flavor of the northeast. 100% local malt and hops makes this beer YOUR Homefield. Fresh, local, and delicious

iCrowdNewswire - May 19, 2015

Homefield Brewing

Homefield Brewing is the flavor of the northeast. 100% local malt and hops makes this beer YOUR Homefield. Fresh, local, and delicious.


If you love good beer and you prefer to get your foods from local farmers, Homefield is the beer for you. Working with Rapscallion Brewery in Sturbridge and Wormtown Brewery in Worcester, we’ve made 900 gallons of 100% local malt and hop beers in three batches and by all accounts the result is delicious.

Our malt is provided by Valley Malt in Hadley, the first northeast U.S. craft maltster since before prohibition. They create world class brewing malt with locally grown grains. In fact, they also grow their own barley right behind the malthouse.


Our hops are grown by the wonderful L’Etoile family at Four Star Farms in Northfield. These are not textbook west coast hops. Grown in the east, they have far different profiles, which Homefield drinkers have discovered to their excited delight, are incredibly tasty.




Just look at a few of the comments left on Untapped.com

  • “Best Pale Ale I’ve ever had, hands down.”
  • “Superb ale brewed with local ingredients!”
  • “Smooth and nice aftertaste.”
  • “Great beer.”
  • “Holy shit! Best pale I’ve had.”
  • “I agree, good stuff.”
  • “Tasty, tasty.”
  • “Yummy.”
  • “It’s a great beer.”



In order to keep the tap open, we need to have our own brewery dedicated to the everyday use of these ingredients.

Toward that end we are close to finalizing contractor costs and town approvals to renovate the historic 1880’s Gothic style Blackington Building on Route 20 in Sturbridge, Massachusetts. This beautiful location sees 16,000 cars pass by everyday and is sure to provide a great chance at long term success. Eventually, we hope to fill the whole building with a combination of attractions including a full service restaurant, a retail store for local artists and artisans, a year round farm store, a large concert hall and a function room for special events and private rental.




Why CrowdBrewed?

To make Homefield Brewing a reality, we need to raise money to cover start-up costs. These include:

  • Licensing & Insurance
  • Electrical, plumbing and carpentry work
  • Bottles & kegs
  • Walk-in cooler
  • Brewing equipment: we will be purchasing a 200 liter (2 barrel) system with truly innovative design that saves space and money!

A lot goes into creating a rustic but state-of-the-art nano brewery so we can bring you the flavors of the northeast farms in YOUR Homefield beer!

Cheers always and THANK YOU for the support!!!


Who We Are








Suzanne LePage, Homefield Brewing President and CoFounder: Suzanne, professor of Civil Engineering at WPI University, is the brain trust and moral compass of Homefield. She has brewed at home for almost 20 years and has vast experience guiding projects through town hall and the state house.







Jonathan Cook, Homefield Brewing General Manager: Jon has been brewing at home and professionally since 1998. He’s grown hops in both Maine and Massachusetts, and wrote the book Beer Terrain describing this locally grown beer movement.


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Risks and Challenges

Two typical risks stand between a brewery start up and a successful venture:

Inferior beer, lack of money for the first few months of operating.

At Homefield we have done everything we can to reduce these risks. We have a great beer already pleasing taste buds in the region. In addition, by utilizing cutting edge technology and partnering with established businesses, we have reduced our cost to less than half of the typical start up.

Your Homefield beer is here. Help us make sure it’s here to stay.

If all goes well we could be serving 100% local beer by October 1, 2015. But of course, we need YOUR help.



Beer Terrain: From Field to Glass by Jonathan Cook uncovers the emerging farm-to-glass revolution on the New England and New York craft brewing scene.



Homefield Brewing

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Jonathan Cook is a brewer, gardener and writer. Since 1998, Cook has brewed in his kitchen with homegrown hops and recently with locally grown grains. He worked as a brewer for Portsmouth Brewing Company under Head Brewer Sean Navish. Since October 2014, Cook has been working with local breweries Rapscallion in Sturbridge and Wormtown in Worcester in order to bring Homefield beer into existence.

Contact Information:

Jonathan Cook

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