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May 18, 2015 10:22 AM ET

Archived: Go Guarded…….and give yourself a fighting chance: a self-defense product for active women (runners, hikers, walkers)

iCrowdNewswire - May 18, 2015

Go Guarded…….and give yourself a fighting chance



Hi, I’m Jodi.  I am creating a RocketHub campaign for the development of “Go Guarded”, a self-defense product for active women (runners, hikers, walkers).  “Go Guarded” is worn on any finger and is a convenient, comfortable, effective way for women to defend themselves if the unthinkable should happen when they are out running, hiking, or walking.            

  • Slip Go Guarded on your finger and go   ·         
  • Go Guarded is always ready to use if needed   ·         
  • Go Guarded overcomes the shortfalls of pepper spray/mace –       
      •  it is always ready   
      •  it does not need to be retrieved from a belt or fannypack   
      •  it will not spray back on you   
      • it will not be knocked out of your hand

I started running approximately one year ago, and I was troubled by the lack of effective self-defense options for runners.  During a run or two I found myself in less than ideal situations where I was vulnerable and defenseless if something were to happen.  I have a background in criminal justice and have always taken my personal safety very seriously.  As such, I developed “Go Guarded”.       

While mace and pepper spray offer some protection to exercisers, their limitations render them ineffective.  Attacks are likely to come from behind and will not allow the “victim” time to access the spray.  Think about the number of steps involved in getting mace out of a fanny pack or off of a belt, into your hand, and pointed in the right direction.  And then the likelihood that it will be knocked out of your hand, or that the wind is blowing the spray into your own eyes needs to be considered.  “Go Guarded” overcomes these shortfalls.  It is worn on your finger, it is always ready, and it won’t be knocked out of your hand.  I believe it will give the “victim” the surprise factor that will allow enough time to get away.   

It is not my intent to incite a culture of fear for women, but the sad truth is horrible things DO happen, and I truly believe we need to take whatever steps possible to keep ourselves safe.   

I have been able to design, develop, and prototype “Go Guarded” with personal funds, but I now need help manufacturing it.   Funds raised will be used for tooling and manufacturing of the product.  

Project Leaders

  • Jodi Fisher

    Jodi Fisher

    Member since: March 6, 2015


    My name is Jodi Fisher and I live in sunny Tucson, AZ.  I am a proud mom of an Eagle Scout, a fledgling runner, and a novice baker.  

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