FUELogistics, Inc. has developed an advanced crude oil upgrading and pre-refining process that is specifically designed to tackle the difficult task of upgrading some of the most problematic crude oils found throughout the world - iCrowdNewswire

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May 18, 2015 6:32 AM ET

FUELogistics, Inc. has developed an advanced crude oil upgrading and pre-refining process that is specifically designed to tackle the difficult task of upgrading some of the most problematic crude oils found throughout the world

iCrowdNewswire - May 18, 2015

FUELogistics, Inc.

Duchesne, UT 84021, US
Oil & Gas Production & Processing

FUELogistics has developed an advanced crude oil upgrading and pre-refining process that is specifically designed to tackle the difficult task of upgrading some of the most problematic crude oils found throughout the world. The Low Profile Fluid Catalytic Cracker, nicknamed the LP-FCC, is a transformational technology that opens a new era of operational flexibility, making crude oil upgrading at or near the well-site an economical and profitable reality.

For over 65 years, large Fluid-bed Catalytic Cracking (FCC) technology has been used in complex refining operations to convert low grade crude oils into more valuable petrochemicals and motor-fuels such as gasoline, diesel and jet fuel. Until now, with only minor improvements, conventional FCC technology has remained relatively unchanged. Our LP-FCC now challenges the status-quo by introducing a new and innovative modular design that cost 60% less to build than a comparable FCC unit. It’s much smaller footprint and multi-reactor process delivers higher operating efficiencies and profit margins, while also providing a clear competitive advantage because of its economical ability to scale down to smaller operations.

From an investment standpoint, what sets this particular opportunity apart is that our supply chain of raw materials (crude oil) is in abundance and contractually secured, our LP-FCC production process will be ready once construction is completed, and every drop of product we produce can be sold at top dollar to downstream refineries. In addition, we have the top petroleum engineers and management team in place, the project has been approved by all state and federal regulatory agencies, ground has already been broken and the initial foundation laid.

What more could you ask for in an investment? We invite you to take part in America’s energy boom and join our team and efforts to help bring this technology to the world and our nation to energy independence.

Products / Services

Advanced Crude Oil Refining Technology

The Low Profile Fluid Catalytic Cracker (LP-FCC) is the newest generation of patented crude oil refining technology specifically designed to tackle the difficult task of pre-processing and upgrading the heaviest and most viscous crude oils found throughout the world. The LP-FCC’s low profile, modular multi-reactor design provides for the operational flexibility and scalability of economical smaller LP-FCC units that can be profitably deployed at or near the well-sites.

The upgraded premium syn-crude also removes the complexities and expense of having to heat the sludgy crude during transport by lowering its liquid pour point to below 15 degrees F. It also delivers a feedstock to downstream refineries that is easier to refine into more valuable products such as gasoline and diesel while maximizing product yields and reducing the feed that is converted to less useful products like coke and heavy cycle oil.


Chief Executive Officer
Glenn Guglietta

Glenn GugliettaResults oriented business manager with expertise in developing, producing, and marketing innovative products for construction, refining, petro-chemical, engineering, and construction businesses. Team and process builder with excellent communication skills. Business expertise in strategic planning, business modeling, financial planning, resource management, cost control, sales management, and technical service. Technical expertise in R&D, process design, optimization, modeling, and plant troubleshooting.

President Executive Officer
Calvin Perkins

Calvin PerkinsAs a seasoned entrepreneur and a lifetime rancher with over 70 years of business experience in the cattle industry, Mr. Perkins brings a unique set of tempered visionary skills, combined with conservative leadership that sets the benchmark for all who are involved in the project. Mr. Perkins formally organized FUELogistics, Inc., and as its primary founder and funder, managed to position FUELogistics as a recognized upcoming player in the refining industry in a matter of less than two short years. As with most ranchers turned oilman, the love of the land and the natural resources it provides follows them throughout their lives. For Mr. Perkins, it has allowed him to continue his stewardship in this sense as he leads the FUELogistics team into a prominent market position. He is well respected by all who serve under him, and is always a source of optimism and assurance when challenges and obstacles present themselves.

President Manufacturing/Production
James R. Vemich

James R. VemichMr. Vemich is one of the co-developers of the LP-FCC, and has a long history in the oil refining industry. Mr. Vemich also brings decades of FCC experience. He has served in leading management positions for industry leaders such as Petro Engineering and Construction, of Brighton, Colorado, W.C. Kind Company of Casper, Wyoming, and as Superintendent of Engineering for Amoco Oil Company’s, Sugar Creek Refinery, Casper Refinery, its Texas City, Texas refinery. He was also the Amoco’s Project Engineer tasked with the design of pressure vessels, and piping systems for FCCU expansions. Mr. Vemich was instrumental in furthering the development and deployment of the LP-FCC technology by negotiating a joint collaborative partnership with the Flying J Refinery to construct a LP-FCC commercial demonstration unit that was built and successfully operated at their North Salt Lake facility.

Executive Vice President Business Development
Allison J. Thacker

Allison J. ThackerAs a sophisticated executive manager in her own right, Allison brings a combined skillset of marketing, business development and consultative sales experience to the FUELogistics team. She possesses an unwavering determination to succeed, but is driven even more by a promise she made to her father, the late Milton B. Thacker, inventor of the LP-FCC technology, that she would see this project and his dream to fruition. Since 1988, Allison has been involved in cutting edge technology throughout her career, specializing in consultative sales of high dollar, non-tangible IT products and network services. She too, is an entrepreneur at heart, co-founding, and co-leading several progressive and successful software and network services companies. Her notable career achievements have been the co-founder of Data Technologies, Data Management Systems in Utah, and joining the national marketing and sales teams of leading IT industry leaders such as Cisco Systems, and Intuit QuickBooks/Quickbase.

Consulting Counsel/Legal Officer
John Bates

John BatesJohn F. Bates, brings to the FUELogistics leadership team a long and distinguished legal career. He currently serves as legal counsel and as a member of the board of directors. Earlier in his career, Mr. Bates served as house counsel at Mountain Fuel Supply Company (now Questar Gas) and then at Northwest Energy Company. His responsibilities included federal regulatory activities, all aspects of hydrocarbon exploration, production, transportation, storage, and wholesale, including title examination and drafting title opinions, drafting and negotiating oil and gas operating agreements, gathering and transmission pipeline agreements, land purchase and leasing, and major pipeline construction and management agreements, as well as advising management and the Boards of Directors on legal, regulatory, and legislative issues.

Consulting Engineering
A. Lamont Tyler, PhD.

A. Lamont Tyler, PhD. Dr. Tyler is the Senior Technical Advisor & Co-Developer of the LP-FCC As the former Chairman of the Chemical Engineering Dept. at the Univ. of Utah, Dr. Tyler spearheaded the development and construction of the first hot pilot LP-FCC unit operated at the Univ. of Utah engineering lab. He also oversaw the construction of the commercial demonstration unit (CDU) built at the Flying J Refinery. Together, he and the late Milton Thacker (inventor of the LP-FCC), built and successfully operated the hot-pilot LP-FCC unit in the mid ’90s and verified the compelling evidence of the original claims stated within the patents of LP-FCC process. He was also instrumental in the design, building and operation of the 1,000 Bpd commercial demonstration unit (CDU) that operated at the Flying J Refinery in No. Salt Lake, Utah, in 2007, and is now the technical support liaison for latest generation of LP-FCC unit currently being constructed at FUELogistics’ Crude Oil Upgrade Facility in Duchesne, Utah.

Consulting Accounting
Ed Bates

Ed BatesEd brings his distinguished career as a financial expert to the FUELogistics team. Ed is Pres. of the accounting firm, Stayner, Bates & Jensen, P.C. His practice emphasizes federal and state tax and financial planning for closely held businesses and bus. owners. He was formerly a partner with the international accounting firm PricewaterhouseCoopers, where he served as Tax Partner-in-Charge of the Salt Lake City office, Partner-in-Charge of Emerging Business Services and a member of the regional management committee of the firm for 10 years. During his 22 years with this firm he provided consulting and planning services for both closely-held and large international clients. ?He has been the chief financial officer and a director of several manufacturing and high tech companies and is currently serving as a director or trustee of several business organizations. Mr. Bates has substantial experience in financial controls and operations in developing companies.

Consulting Sales & Marketing
Brady Platt

Brady PlattMr. Platt brings a unique set of sales and business acumen to the FUELogistics family. As a graduate from the prestigious Brigham Young University, Mr. Platt holds two degrees in Political Science and Business Management, both of which have been the foundation of his career in real estate development. Mr. Platt has had the privilege of associating with some of the most sophisticated and successful Real Estate investors and business people. In cultivating these trusted relationships, he has also had the rare opportunity to be intimately involved in negotiating and resolving some of the most complex contract situations. From extensive funding scenarios to project management oversight, Mr. Platt’s career has provided him with a wealth of first-hand experience that can help FUELogistics accomplish their goals.

Contact Information:

Calvin Perkins - [email protected]

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