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May 18, 2015 4:24 PM ET

Archived: Buckworm: a platform where brick and mortar and online merchants can, through Buckworm or self-service, create and advertise loyalty and customer acquisition based incentive offerings

iCrowdNewswire - May 18, 2015


Deerfield Beach , FL 33442, US
Business Products & Services

Utilizing the latest digital payment solutions as well as traditional credit and debit card payment methods, Buckworm provides a platform where brick and mortar and online merchants can, through Buckworm or self-service, create and advertise loyalty and customer acquisition based incentive offerings. Consumers seamlessly connect to these offers through mobile app and through debit and credit card purchases at the point of sale. Consumers can also create and pitch their own offers direct to merchants and gain access to consumers to join and increase the discount through Buckworm’s crowdsource and social media integration technologies. Buckworm provides customer acquisition based advertising at no cost! Instead of a fee, merchants contribute a few % of each redemption to the consumers favorite school or any nonprofit fundraising entity of choice! Buckworm’s unique consumer and merchant acquisition strategy also provides a scalable business model where merchants and users are easily captured and retained.

Products / Services

Buckworm App

Merchant offers, loyalty programs and multi media advertising. Intuitive merchant search. Push and Pull marketing capability. Social media capability integrated with Buckworm crowdsource technology.

Education Station

A central tenant of Buckworm is to provide an educational platform (branded Education Station) where users receive Buckworm currency called Buckies for the time they spend learning (accessing content through the portal). This currency will allow users to receive free Buckworm merchandise or free/discounted offers from merchants. For users who are students, Education Station will allow them to study/educate themselves on curriculum related subjects via their school’s digital content or third party content. Education Station also provides the opportunity for consumers (non students) who support a nonprofit(s) to learn more about their nonprofit’s cause. Non profit’s content can be accessed through Education Station.


Buckworm also has a donation / shopping platform called Bucknation. Bucknation is launching as a clothing only donation platform and will eventually add items users want to sell directly by uploading pictures through a self service portal. The business purpose for Bucknation is to (1) for those that are not interested in discount offers or earning discounts for learning, Bucknation opens up as another entry point to become a BW user for those who want to donate items to their cause. Bucknation will allow users to donate clothes (via a pre paid donation package sent to their home…(non negotiated FL pricing 25Lb is $11…50lb is $15). BW sorts clothes and places the best condition on line. The rest are sold as scrap. (2) For those in need or simply consumers in general who want to purchase used clothing or accessories discretely, Bucknaton provides a high end shopping experience similar to the best known retail websites and apps. (3) Eventually other user sourced items may be


Eatsearch is a privately branded, Buckworm App (beta has been built) where people will be able to search for places to eat by category, food, or cuisine type. Reviews, pictures, menu’s, cost, the ability to make reservations are all available. What makes Eatsearch more unique is: (1) users will be able to choose a restaurant and seamlessly send invites to their friends (via contacts, social media, text or email) for a certain day and time. Friends can reply, yes. no, or alternative. Once group is set, then that invite goes to the restaurant as a Ping Pon if they are a Buckworm advertiser, or BW Concierge Services will contact the restaurant directly to be introduced to BW and to see if they would like to offer a discount for the business. Offers will go out to the originating party and reminder invites will also follow. (2) Via the App, users can also call restaurants by clicking “Call This Restaurant” button. Technology is set up where this goes through our telecom where the


Are coupons (offers) given by schools or non profits to their students or members for “doing good” (e.g. they volunteered or received prsaise etc). BW will provide these offers from participating merchants. Do-Pons will be another way for BW to be front facing to our potential user population and increase brand exposure.

Offer Gamification

The application of typical elements of game playing (e.g., point scoring, competition with others, rules of play) to other areas of activity, typically as an online marketing technique to encourage engagement with a product or service.>>>>We believe given the nature of the business model which includes a significant focus on marketing and advertising as well as education related activates makes it prime for gamification. The ability to gamify portions of the business will increase stickiness, enhance ability to grow user base and enhance our ability to market through social media channels.

Direct to Card Rebates

Once a user registers their existing credit/debit card(s) through Buckworm, (Buckworm supplies the portal to our PCI Level 1 compliant partner but DOES NOT process or store any financial or sensitive personal data), the user is able to then use that card (s) as a loyalty card and/or to redeem any offer by simply purchasing the offered item or service (online or in store) with that card(s). The purchase is made at the non discounted price and the discount portion is automatically credited to the consumer’s card a couple days later.

Digital Coupon

User taps the offer on the mobile app and it goes to a Ready to Redeem Section. When the user is at the merchant they click on the Ready To Redeem offer and are able to then present it to the merchant for point of sale discount. If these offers are one time or limited use offer BW has the capability to embed technology to manage any restriction even embedding a running clock counting down to a point in time where the offer is no longer valid.

Purchase Offers

Users can buy merchant purchase offers where the merchant requests a certain dollar amount for a certain discount (e.g. pay $20 for $50 certificate 4 or more in party). This purchase is done via our processing partner Stripe (but is seamless to the user).


A consumer can issue a request such as —Want to eat Italian tonight for X # people…Want a Visio flat screen….etc…..you can indicate location to shop/have item delivered….and/or max spend etc.—–the request then goes to merchants who match criteria (e.g. Italian restaurants in the specified area etc)…they can respond back with an offer via notification to BW app or web site, email, text etc. Ping Pons can be an additional way a merchant can secure a customer. Also merchants who do not want to advertise, we can secure as Ping Pon clients as we are bringing them “active” clients.—IMPORTANT: Ping Pons can be directed by the consumer to (1) as described above BW merchants OR (2) BW can also use this data to contact (market to) non BW merchants where there are enticing Ping Pons (eg consumer has a large spend or immediate timing where BW can broker the transaction and earn fees/ new merchant), (2) Consumer can also choose a specific BW merchant or non merchant where BW can init


Where Ping Pons are not reliant on other consumers “joining” the offer, Wishworm offers are. The consumer initiates the “wish” via an Amazon type of pull down menu with lists of categories and associated products (Wishworm is not geared to restaurant purchases but does allow it). The wish is then sent out (I want a Visio XRC flat screen in less than 30 days) merchants who match the item being wished for. The merchant(s) then can respond with offers (via a pull down BW template) where they indicate they can sell this item for X dollars with the commitment of X# people (there can be several offers). The consumer can then go through their social networks to promote the offer with the hope of acquiring the number of people to get the deal.

“Always On” Nonprofit Funding

(1) Through our Direct To Card (DTC) Technology and our approach to market, BW can offer consumers to register their card and then when they do, when a consumer chooses a DTC offer, the consumer simply visits participating merchants and whatever they buy/spend at that merchant with their registered credit and debit card, a percentage of that purchase will go to their nonprofit of choice. “Always On” refers to this ability for users (consumers) toshop where they always shop while supporting their cause. (2) Always On also extends out to ANY offer type (Digital Coupon, Purchase Offer or Loyalty) where a consumer is focusing on the savings not on supporting their cause. With Always On, these two objectives are now aligned.

Loyalty Offers

Through BW’s leveraging of Direct to Card technology, consumers can now choose any merchant loyalty offer where they will simply use their credit or debit card at the point of purchase and DTC technology will automatically track the parameters to comply with the offer terms. Consumers then receive the benefit paid directly to their card. No more needs for merchants to track or issue cards or the consumer to retain multiple merchant cards.


President Executive Officer
Chris Chinni

Chris ChinniChris is a successful entrepreneur and the founder of Buckworm. With this funding, Chris will be leaving any non-Buckworm related work behind and will be dedicating 100% of his awake and sleeping hours to Buckworm!

Executive Vice President Information Technology
Tom Benstein

Tom BensteinTom’s years of C level IT and marketing experience along with his natural genius make him a natural fit! Tom has recently left his employer of many years to fully embrace entrepreneurship!

Executive Vice President Operating Officer
Dr. Brian Chinni

Dr. Brian ChinniDr. Chinni has over 25 years as an educator and as an entrepreneur within the education space! He’s such a good fit we were thinking about putting his face as the face of Bucky the worm!

Contact Information:

Chris Chinni (908) 581-5488 or chris@buckworm.com

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