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May 17, 2015 7:30 PM ET

Archived: Legend of the Quill- An ancient prophecy is finally fulfilled, throwing the world of Ul-Zaorith into chaos and war. These are the heroes that emerged to shape the future.

iCrowdNewswire - May 17, 2015

Legend of the Quill

An ancient prophecy is finally fulfilled, throwing the world of Ul-Zaorith into chaos and war. These are the heroes that emerged to shape the future.

Adventure, Fantasy, Fiction
Page Length:
250 – 500 Pages
Book Status:
Completed Manuscript

The Prophet’s Tale is a gritty high fantasy trilogy set in the world of Ul-Zaorith, created by Astra Crompton. The first book of that trilogy is Legend of the Quill. This fundraiser aims to launch this ambitious tome into the world, and you are the key to making that happen.

If Ul-Zaorith sounds familiar, that’s because Astra Crompton has been working on developing this world for over 15 years. It is a lush, rich fantasy setting with extensive cultures, alien races, languages, gods, magics and histories all waiting to be told. In her short story The Pit-Battle, we got a glimpse into these characters; in her first novel First Born, we got a look at a small section of that world. Now we go back in time to its ancient history of prophecies, and how the modern state of Ul-Zaorith was shaped by a mighty few.

Legend of the Quill is the foundation on which all of the other Ul-Zaorith books will be built. The second book of the trilogy (Battle of Heroes) is already in its editing phase, and the third book (Making of Legends) begins its first draft this year. Legend of the Quill includes illustrations and maps, glossary and translation notes for those readers wishing to delve deeper into the world. Invest in this project, and you invest in a creative powerhouse who is as driven as she is passionate. To date, she has published 6 printed books, an assortment of eBook short stories, and has illustrated for a wide variety of clients. She is experienced in the self-publishing process and works for FriesenPress Publishing. Your support will help this professional to continue creating high-quality books.

This Fundraiser has modest goals, built on a Stretch Goal model: the more we raise, the fancier the product (and perks!) become.

A great deal of work has been done out of pocket already, including the full layout and design of the book, the illustrations, editing, press kit and advertising budget. Many of the perks were created by the author, or have been donated by generous supporters (including Hetoreyn, the composer who created the Ibalter Symphony to accompany this tale). But there is much more needed to launch the book that requires funds Astra simply doesn’t have.

At its core, the costs raised by its minimum goals will enable the first print run to be made. This includes the eBook version, the soft cover open release, and the limited edition collector’s hard cover copies. At its low target of $2000, 100 copies of the soft cover will be printed, as well as 25 copies of a limited edition hard cover in a standard format.

Basic versus Deluxe

Let’s dream a little bigger, shall we? This book is the foundation upon which the entire Ul-Zaorith series will be based on. To make it strong, to give it gravitas and impact, the stretch goals are the stuff dreams are made of. $10,000 will enable some serious upgrades to the book launch, and will increase the numbers of the limited edition: 500 copies, one-printing only, hard cover limited release. Not only will the number increase, but the quality as well – at no extra cost to you! These limited edition collectors copies will each be numbered and signed, each with a unique illustration in them. They’ll also be cloth-bound instead of casebound, with a custom goldenrod cover, embossed logo, cut-out window dust-jacket, and heavier, environmentally friendly, Canadian-made paper. This Deluxe version will only be possible if the fundraiser reaches the full dream Stretch Goal. If these numbers are reached, all of the people who have pitched in will have their perks upgraded automatically.

So, what do you get for being an amazing human being and helping this book go to print?

There are a wide range of Perks available, to suit your interests and your budget. If the stretch goals are reached, all perks will be automatically upgraded! As we reach certain check point for goals, I’ll be adding some extra bonuses as a thank you to everyone to helped out! Stay tuned as I post more details about the Stretch Goals – and be sure to join in on the ongoing contests and raffles through the Social Media Channels!

And remember, even if you can’t offer financial support – you can do a world of good by sharing this fundraiser, posting to your social media, linking in, doing a blog spot, interviewing Astra for your newspaper or magazine, and telling your friends and family. There are a lot of book lovers out there, and fantasy lovers too, so let’s bring them in to have a look and make this dream a reality. The prophecy is beginning, and only you can give it the glorious beginning it deserves.

Thank you for your support!

Soft Cover Version


Interview with Astra Crompton

What was your inspiration for the book?

The story came at me all at once, in a jumble when a friend gifted me a pot of ink and an owl feather quill from her trip to England. I spent the next 15 years learning about the world – its cultures, races, languages, histories, gods, magics – and breaking up the world into manageable stories.

Why did you write the book?

The Prophet’s Tale trilogy is where the shaping of the world of Ul-Zaorith’s modern history really began. While it is not the first novel (or short story) written in this world, it is chronologically where the series of novels I want to write starts. Legend of the Quill is the foundation upon which everything else will be built.

Who are your favourite authors?

While they may not reflect the kind of books I write, they very much exemplify the imagination, wit and creativity that inspires me: Joe Abercrombie, Guy Gavriel Kay, Michael Moorcock, Neil Gaiman, Douglas Adams, Anne Rice.

What do you plan to do with the funds you raise?

This fundraiser will help me make my first print run of books – both the standard soft cover, and the limited edition collector’s hard cover version. If I exceed these base goals, I will use additional funding to promote the book, including a launch party, advertising and promotion, and additional professional services to the final manuscript (including professional editor’s evaluation, book promotions plan, press kit, and literary review). I have already created many of the perks out of pocket, and have had the last editing copy in the hands of the proofreaders before even beginning this campaign. All I need now is you.

What makes this book special?

There are a lot of fantasy novels out there, but the genre enables such creative freedom, there is still plenty of room for something entirely new. Legend of the Quill offers you an open doorway to an entire other world. Ul-Zaorith is a setting rich in culture and fresh in its fantasy races. It is an act of discovery as much as it is an adventure to follow. It has been described by anthropologists as “discovering a lost civilization” and by critics as “rich, gritty and real”. If you want to journey to a place very distant and different than our own, this is your ticket. Legend of the Quill is where it all begins…


Contact Information:

Astra Crompton

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