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May 16, 2015 7:22 AM ET

Bryt Socks – Engineered to Make You Happy: The ultimate statement socks crafted from the finest Combed Cotton

iCrowdNewswire - May 16, 2015

Bryt Socks – Engineered to Make You Happy

by Bryt

The ultimate statement socks crafted from the finest Combed Cotton. A smile guaranteed with every pair. For Him and Her.


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About this project

Bryt has one aim. Craft bright colourful socks that make you smile. Thats right, bright colourful socks only. We want to create a brand that stands for happiness, self confidence and give you the wearer a lift – not just with your sock drawer.

Have you ever caught yourself wearing dull colours? Greys and blacks. Colours that make you blend into the background? Have you ever felt one of many? Blending into the crowd? We did, and we know we weren’t alone.

We thought about an item that most of us wear everyday. An item that can be used to stand out or just hint a little va va voom. We instantly knew the solution was socks. What if you pull on a Bryt sock and you felt alive, like an individual, in control, causing more confidence and a happier life? We landed on the Bryt sock.

Whichever socks you choose, you are guaranteed to have the brightest socks and the biggest smile!

We are not restricting your choice of design like some other campaigns. No fixed packs. We are giving you the choice you deserve. Choose from any design in any size.

The choice is yours
The choice is yours

We surveyed 568 people and these 9 designs represent the best. The brightest socks with the most sole!

 This is what it feels like to wear Bryt socks…

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Bryt’s starting off super simple 9 designs and 9 designs only – to make your choice easy!

We found a special Combed Cotton that permits a super fine yarn that not only feels great, but keeps hold of colour better than any other. So your socks stay super bright.

Our in house scientist discovered this tech, you can see how he got to this discovery below (he’s a bit of a character).

#{project_title}'s video poster

Our socks use the best combed cotton. Long narrow fibres from the Turkish Aegean region offer the best thread count and a super soft yarn.

Bryt is making all its designs in two sizes. A small and large size. So, girl or guy, whatever your taste, you are covered. Don’t worry about ordering the correct size when you pledge. We will send a survey once the campaign is finished to collect your size and design choice(s). Remember you can mix between both sizes! I hear gift.

We have chosen a small family owned business in Great Britain to oversee our production. Production in the UK is more costly compared to imported products from Asia. However, British garment makers receive some of the highest working conditions in the world and we feel you deserve the best and true British craftsmanship in your sock drawer. Something we are really proud of.

Even our packaging is made in Great Britain
Even our packaging is made in Great Britain


Bryt is aiming to be a global campaign. We are supporting shipments across the globe and invite everyone to grab a pair of socks.

Bryt socks are ready and waiting to go into production. With your help we can make our first production run. Join us on our colourful quest to create a happier, brighter world, feet first. Please back our Kickstarter project and in return we will send you our incredible socks.

Backing our campaign is super simple:

  • Find your reward at the top right of the page.
  • Hover over the reward and click ‘select this reward’. 
  • When you are happy with your choice click ‘continue to next step’. 
  • Fill out your payment details – sit back and smile.

It really is that simple. Please help Bryt create a happier world, two footsteps at a time.



Risks and challenges

Bryt has made a series of strategical shipping partners and our relationship with these partners is built on trust, experience and reliability. We are confident these partners will succeed in fulfilling every order on time and with our high standards for quality.

We do not expect any delays. However, it would be naive to think we can control every aspect of the production and delivery procedure. It is a possibility deliveries could take longer than anticipated. Nevertheless, we have taken rigorous precautionary measures to mitigate these risks.

We shall be in contact with you throughout the campaign keeping you updated at every opportunity.

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