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May 15, 2015 7:24 AM ET

Archived: Yorkshire Used Vehicles (YUV.Club): Used car and repair dealership focusing on efficient, cost effective and reliable vehicles

iCrowdNewswire - May 15, 2015

Yorkshire Used Vehicles (YUV.Club)

Yorkshire Used Vehicles (YUV.Club)

Project aim

Used car and repair dealership focusing on efficient, cost effective and reliable vehicles, we set up insurance, tax, MOT, services for you.

About the project

The founders behind YUV.Club are passionate and enthusiastic about second hand cars. Too many people are working too hard on their car maintanance, not only do we sell cars at YUV.Club but we consolidate all of your fixed car costs into one monthly payment. We do the hard work of finding the cheapest insurance year on year, usually the biggest annual required cost related to the vehicle.


What we will organise for your car:

  1. Insurance
    Searching all the comparison websites and direct vendors. Ensuring all details are correct and the price is the best possible.
  2. Tax
    Ensuring your car is legally compliant with all vehicle excise duty laws.
  3. MOT
    Reminding you close to the re-test date, organising the test close to you for the best price and negotiating any simple repairs.
  4. Servicing
    Looking at keeping your car in top shape with local garages or specific dealers close to you.
  5. Warranty
    Organising an annual warranty if requested to avoid any unnecessary bills or repair costs. If this is selected we will search and organise for the best deal including any warranty repairs.
  6. Repairs
    If your car has damage we will organise for the damage to be assessed then shop around for the best and cost effective repairs close to you.
  7. Valeting
    We will come to you to valet the inside and/or outside of your vehicle at any time of the day, anytime of the year Yorkshire-wide.
  8. Annual renewals
    The Tax, MOT, service, insurance and warranty will all be renewed on an annual basis at no additional cost to the first package. This will be done at a requested level, if cost is the most important then we will aim to bring the cost down year on year, if extras are required then we will make sure these are the kept for the best price.


What YUV.Club offers additionally:

  • Adventure days, race car track days at reduced/fixed cost
  • Reduced advanced entry to race tracks Nationwide
  • Exclusive articles on the most exciting news in the automotive world
  • Discounts at participating garages across Yorkshire
  • Discounts on a range of stores automotive related across Yorkshire
  • Chances to meet racing drivers and attend BTCC and associated championships race dates


YUV.Club is a hard working organisation for passionate drivers. We will be selling a range of second hand vehicles that are all checked to our internal standards and come with a free year of YUV.Club membership allowing piece of mind with an additional car purchase. We want to reduce the stress involved in purchasing and running a new car, or an additional car.

The founders behind YUV.Club have a wealth of technical knowledge for both negotiating the best deals on insurance and technical vehicle specifications. Our focus is on reducing the costs of running a vehicle and the required tax yet giving the most power and efficiency possible.

We hope that you will be able to donate towards YUV.Club as we want to see the second hand car industry shaken up and woken up. There is much innovation and progression that can be made but we need the backing to start setting the new standard. Please consider the time and effort involved in our rewards, we have worked hard to ensure these are cost effective for all that donate.

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