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May 15, 2015 8:33 AM ET

Archived: The Candy Truck: convert the mobile fashion businesses into one of the first ever walk-in mobile candy stores!

iCrowdNewswire - May 15, 2015

The candy Truck


“Our greatest weakness lies in giving up. The most certain way to succeed is always to try just one more time.” — Thomas Edison 
The Campaign: I’m Cheryl Freeman, welcome to my campaign.  Two years ago I found a truck, designed it and opened a darling mobile fashion boutique, The Fashion Coach. I love my fashion business but it’s not generating the profit I need to keep it going.  So I’ve come up with the sweetest most enchanting idea! To convert the mobile fashion businesses into one of the first ever walk-in mobile candy stores!!  Now just imagine the whole inside of the truck loaded with your favorite candy. Everybody; young, old and in-between loves candy. That’s why I am here asking for your help to get my new idea some funding. All aboard! Who’s with me? Can’t wait to see you on the mobile candy truck!   The concept: This whimsical and sophisticated mobile candy store will be studded with dispensers full of jelly beans, gummy candies, licorice, taffy, Boston baked beans and old fashion favorites to name a few. You’ll have a blast walking into the candy store to create your own special assortment of delicious delights. The magical atmosphere will no doubt leave you wanting to stop by often.
All the fun places you’ll find the truck: • Food truck events • Carnivals • Kids/Adults Birthday parties • Weddings • Sweet sixteen’s • Fairs • School Sporting events
Why Fund this truck?                                                                                                      
As with any new business, start-ups are not cheap.  Fortunately, your contribution will go directly towards the newest sweetest idea and look. I know without a doubt that I have what it takes to successfully transition from one great concept to an even more amazing concept. With all my experience I will create a grand success and bring fun and excitement to so many. Anytime you see us cruising around town, you’ll be able to say “WOW!! I am a crucial part in the completion of this mobile candy truck.  

All money pledged will specifically be used to pay for the following: • Business permits and licenses • Plan checks • Remodel of the truck • Inventory • Candy Dispensers • A new design • Website • Logo
Thank you for viewing my campaign. Please check out the sweetest goods I have created for your kindness in helping fund the candy truck. I can’t wait to get started! See you soon.

Project Leaders

  • Cheryl Freeman

    Cheryl Freeman

    Member since: April 24, 2015


      I started my career turning natures’ ingredients into amazing dishes at restaurants. I then incorporated that knowledge into my own business of preparing fresh packaged foods and selling them in markets. After 13 years I was offered an opportunity to sell, so I sold it. Since then I have been in outside sales. And over 2 years ago I started my mobile fashion boutique.

    As much as I have a love of fashion, my passion for candy is greater. The way everyones face sparkle when I mention candy, assures me that I have found my new path.  I am a dedicated, highly motivated and creative individual with the kind of persistence that gets results. I don’t just get what I want…I work hard for what I earn. Through out my years of sales experience and customer service, I developed and targeted particular markets, which I maintained and continually grew.   I am from and still enjoy living in Los Angeles, California.

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