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May 15, 2015 4:33 PM ET

Archived: Oswald – The Musical: Lee Harvey Oswald story through two sets of eyes

iCrowdNewswire - May 15, 2015

Oswald- The Musical


The date is November 22nd, 1963. John F. Kennedy’s presidential motorcade heads ominously down the streets of Dallas. A shot rings out. Days later, Lee Harvey Oswald is led through the basement of the Dallas Police headquarters, only to meet his doom, at the hands of Jack Ruby. A nation mourns. Not only for the loss of a great leader but for a truth that can never be told. Oswald: The Musical, tells the assassin’s story, simultaneously, through two sets of eyes. Lee’s story, played by one actor, tells of a troubled youth caught up in an impossible situation which ultimately leads to the conspiracy theories that still hold strong today. And Oswald’s story, played by another actor, weaves a tale of a cold blooded killer, driven mad by his unrelenting need to be remembered. We go back in time to 1959 and watch the final years of his life unfold in two very different ways. From his days in Russia, through his scandalous journey, to that fateful morning in Dealey Plaza, where one man makes two very different decisions. Decisions that will live in infamy until this day. Like so many stories, Oswald: The Musical explores the inherent duality that lies within each one of us, and asks… Which side are you on? 

Performance: June 8th, 7pm
Emerging Artists Theatre Festival

Project Leaders

  • Josh Sassanella

    Josh Sassanella

    New York, NY

    Member since: December 10, 2013


    Tony Lepage and Josh Sassanella met nearly 3 years ago backstage at the Broadway musical “ROCK OF AGES”. Tony, having been cast as a swing from the Toronto cast and Josh, joining after the 1st National Tour became fast friends and fellow writers working side by side on their own projects. After successful readings on both sides and on numerous other projects, Tony and Josh, nearly 1 year ago, began their work on “OSWALD-THE MUSICAL”. The first draft was completed a blistering 4 months later. Their partnership has thrived since then and they are both thrilled to be bringing such a groundbreaking, and possibly controversial story to the American musical theatre stage.  

  • Tony LePage

    Tony LePage

    Member since: April 16, 2015



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