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May 15, 2015 5:39 PM ET

OBN, Inc: Presents G2i TV – a turn key vSTB Cloud Based Solution for Satellite

iCrowdNewswire - May 15, 2015




As the evolution to Internet TV continues to expand, Pay TV Service Providers throughout the world need additional features for their viewers.

The G2i TV concept represents the new generation of interactive digital broadcast that provides new innovations through the introduction of new apps that will enhance existing Streaming TV, both live and on-demand services by allowing access to many features not currently available.


Product/Service Details

The company has developed a unique proprietary digital platform that allows consumers to connect with content, merchandisers and people everywhere, anytime on whatever viewing device they choose simultaneously. There are plenty of products on the market that can provide content, social networking and merchandising services independently but OBN, Inc. can deliver all enhanced digital services through one platform.

Current success status: OBN, Inc. has an established international distribution partner, SinTel Satellite Services, Inc. that will deploy the platform and application in over 138 countries internationally through a network of TV providers utilizing their satellite services and established infrastructure.

OBN will use distribution channels that are already well established in the market place. Cable, Satellite and Internet providers can white label OBN’s products and services to enhance their existing consumer products

The company has a patent on their unique platform and application which includes a system, method and apparatus. Multiple revenue streams will be established through product licensing opportunities


Traction & Accomplishments

1. OBN is engaged with a Global Direct To Home Satellite, WiFi, VSAT and Telcom Service Provider to install G2i TV into their customer’s existing networks for content delivery worldwide for viewers to watch, listen and play on one “Shared Network“.

2. Working with a National TV News Broadcaster to produce a proof of concept and prototype product for duplication and delivery worldwide in local markets. The G2i TV Everywhere/Second Screen functionality will be featured that provides in stream purchasing and contribution capibilities evaluated for immediate deployment. (end 2014)

3. OBN has partnered with a Global Eletronic Program Guide (EPG ) Data Systems Operator to engage the audience for on-demand purchasing during live stream broadcasts.

4.  Partnered with a global closed internet service provider to enable PayTV Service Providers the ability to provide their subscribers additional features on television, PC, tablets and phones at a low cost.




How We’re Different

Currently, the Pay TV Service Providers have at most a limited ability to provide a fully scalable content delivery platform for unlimited membership for Broadcasters, Merchants and End Users within the USA and around the world.  As a result of this limitation, cable TV and other internet providers are losing subscribers to the likes of Netflix, Hulu, Amazon, and Roku etc.

Thus, OBN, Inc. has created a TV/Radio Everywhere Companion Tool for the “End User” or “Audience” to access One Universal Common Social Broadcast Network for mass media consumption on demand at a low cost.

OBN has the unique ability to reach and engage millions of current subscriber’s globally at one time due to working in partnership with established telecoms, Satellite, Wireless, Fiber and VSAT Networks worldwide drives sales and solutions.

The new OBN G2iTV concept represents an opportunity for Pay TV Service Providers to consolidate publishing and entertainment onto one scalable platform. The use of the OBN G2iTV concept will allow Pay TV Service Providers the opportunity to expand the scope of their services which will both result in more effective advertising for their clients and new revenue streams based on demand purchasing from interactive viewers.

Also, it will give the Pay TV Service Providers additional capabilities, including the ability to support a large number of niche channels, easier use of video on demand service, an online internet shopping experience and allowing users to establish and use social networks.


Advisory Board


Alan Rude – President – CEO- R. W. Wentworth & Co., Inc. Director – Worldwide Internet, Inc.



President of R. W. Wentworth & Co. which provides solutions for the municipal finance and corporate finance community. He has over 35 years in securities trading, corporate finance and investment banking. Senior Vice President – Fixed Income at PaineWebber Inc. Honors in economics Cornell University and an MBA in finance from the Harvard Business School.


Sanjay Singhal – Sintel Satellite Services, Inc.



Satellite Communication, Telecom/ ICT: President of SinTelSat Inc., an industry expert and international provider of satellite solutions with partnerships in more than 138 countries worldwide. 26 years of experience in business development, technology solutions provision, critical problem solving, negotiations, strategy, consulting.


Jim O’Brien – Broadcast-Cable Technology



Broadcast-Cable Technology: Global SVP Sales at Aveco, a provider of solutions to broadcast facilities around the world. 45 years of broadcast-cable and streaming pioneering. Design and build for several hundred broadcast facilities in 40 countries, including major projects for CNN, Time Warner, Comcast, The Weather Channel, CBS, NBC, Turner, NFL, Reuters, Hot, Sun TV, Star, PCCW, Cisneros, and ATV.


Jesse Fickinger – Broadcast Media / Programming



Broadcast Media / Programming: President and Owner of Program Board Company, Boutique Television scheduling products and services. Customers include CBS, Warner Brothers, CW, ABC, BBC. 30 years of experience in media and entertainment.




Marlo Stivers – Founder & CEO



Ms. Stivers has 4 published patents and has been a key advisor for global manufacturers and distributors for over 24 years. She has streamlined multi-million dollar infrastructures for companies like KW Griffen and Advanced Formulations who continue to utilize Ms Stivers turnkey solutions, designed to simplify the manufacturing and assembly process for brands i.e. Johnson and Johnson, 3M, Biomed, NOE Cosmetics, Syence Skin Care, Laura Mercier, Trish McEvoy and Borghese to name a few. Keeping in the belief as a formulator and designer to directly connect to the End User, the “Audience” and the “Buyer”, Ms. Stivers developed and patented a multi-platform broadcast grid to initiate demand simultaneously creating awareness for companies large and small. Designing a product based on need for customized delivery, she began working directly with an EPG Data TV Guide Company, Content Providers, Satellite Networks, Developers and Broadcasters to design a system which allows sustainable growth through customizing a personal companion tool for ease of use. The ability to connect Pay TV Providers globally will enable them to monetize advertising, target relevant people, enjoy new revenue streams and track existing individual household members which has been previously prohibited.. Our on demand purchasing application enables a struggling industry to maintain their “End User”, the “Audience” and the “Buyer” and for the viewer to call the shots! – Marlo Stivers


Walter Majowicz – CPA Financial Advisor

Consults on Administration, Finance and Legal Services issues 


Financial Services: 36 years of experience in Corporate Mergers & Acquisitions, Financial Reporting, Accounting and Auditing. Past: Siemens Corporation and Cadence Industries Corporation


Richard Smith – Vice President of Operations

Manages Client Services, Technology Partners and technical Outsourcing, Service Desk (Internal Staff and Consultants 


SAAS, Cloud Application Delivery, Enterprise Software and Solutions: 28 years of IT Management Experience. Past: Service-now, Enterprise Software Solutions, MetLife


Lance Serating – Vice President of Product Development

Manages Developers, Technology Partners (Internal Staff and Consultants 


Director IT, Showtime Applications at CBS Focused on delivering competitive differentiation through innovative IT solutions. Strong understanding of the business of IT, managing IT as a portfolio of investments, balancing risks and returns aligned with business strategies.


Kyle Van Kirk – Director of IT

Manages Client Services, Technology Partners and technical Outsourcing, Service Desk (Internal Staff and Consultants) 


4 years experience with production software: Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, Premier Familiar with Microsoft word, excel and PowerPoint, articulate storyline for making eLearning. Skilled in troubleshooting and fixing consumer based computers and websites. Also experience with setting up user accounts in multiple operating systems such as Windows, Mac OS and Linux. Familiar coding in Java, C++ and visual basic.

Contact Information:

Marlo Stivers
Walter Majowicz
Richard Smith
Lance Serating
Kyle Van Kirk

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