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Archived: Link a chance campaign on kickstarter

iCrowdNewswire - May 15, 2015

It’s quick, innovative, easy to use, and is extremely useful for both private individuals, as well as companies and organisations… it’s called “Link a chance”: an innovative system that’s capable of extending our knowledge or ourselves and our own personal skills like never before, with just a few simple questions.

The algorithm upon which this tool is based provides for an end result that allows us to mathematically measure our own characteristics, thus helping us make better choices.

But the developers of the Link a chance system have decided to take their invention beyond the cutting edge, and to surpass themselves by focusing upon an even more ambitious objective: to come up with a system that’s capable of providing an accurate response regarding one’s own “future”!

What does this mean?

The team that’s been developing this extraordinary application has basically designed a complex yet easy-to-use system that’s capable of furnishing reliable data regarding the repercussions of one’s own choices. The temporal effects of the decisions in question, in fact, still remain unknown. But in order to succeed in their difficult mission to predict the outcome of a given personal decision, the project’s developers have decided to engage the “online community”, in pursuit of a concrete support that will allow this important service to be furnished to every web user in search of answers, insights, clarifications, and certainties regarding their own personal and professional pathways.

Thanks to the crowdfunding platform, Link a chance has made an active appeal to all those interested in progress and technology, in order to obtain the support necessary to bring this incredible project to life: a project that arose from over thirty years of expertise in the human resources sector (numerous years in the head hunting industry), with the skills and potential of a youthful team that makes use of the latest computing, graphics and communication technologies.

Venture capitalists, entrepreneurs looking to seize upon the best opportunities of the Digital Age, and individuals in pursuit of useful and easy-to-use products can therefore find out more and make a contribution by visiting:; those who wish to support this amazing project with a youthful, professional and innovative feel will enjoy considerable rewards.

Link a chance is a company that’s dedicated to protecting people’s futures by promoting awareness and by helping everyone truly understand which directions they want to take in life. Combined with the driving force of progress and the raw power of the internet, this unique idea and important goal certainly have the potential to improve the lives of everyone.

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