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May 15, 2015 2:00 PM ET

Archived: Hues of my Vision: My Buddy Spirit and I, Ara, camping full time camera on hand for a bit over nine years – “Hue of my Vision” is our Photo Book

iCrowdNewswire - May 15, 2015

Hues of my Vision

by Ara Gureghian

My Buddy Spirit and I, Ara, camping full time camera on hand for a bit over nine years. “Hue of my Vision” is our Photo Book.

Ara Gureghian

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About this project

An important update…

I have realized that our goal of 1000 pre-orders is not going to happen. Many lessons learned, one as being a Book, 30 days is not enough time. Our written Book from last winter is still selling, it has been one year! A book even at a volume discount as we have [had] it is not an impulse buy! So I have lost the volume discount and “Hues of my Vision” is now available onBlurb. The upside is, and I know it is not the same feel, it is published in electronic formats such as e Book, i Book and PDF, all which I must say looks really nice on a tablet or PC. I apologize for the inconvenience, my naive thoughts that this campaign would happen and hope to see you instead on Blurb. More information is also available on our Journal.

Blurb’s link
Our Journal

Our Kickstarter is designed to help “you” purchase our Photo Coffee Table Book “Hues of my Vision” for less than half the price it would be if ordered individually as a single print on demand.

"Hues of my Vision" Photo Coffee Table Book
“Hues of my Vision” Photo Coffee Table Book


Right here by pre-selling 1000 books or more, meaning a bulk order. It is that simple. The Book is done, uploaded, and ready to be printed as I have received and approved a sample. This is not to raise money for fuel, food, cameras, travel, etc. It is to create more than a 50% saving for you on the normal print on demand cost of the Book.

"Day of the Dead" Celebration in Terlingua, Texas
“Day of the Dead” Celebration in Terlingua, Texas

I struggled heavily trying to find a solution for no one having to pay $90 plus Tax and Shipping as a print on demand Photo Coffee Table Book. I do not have the funds to pre-order 1000 copies or more (1000 being the minimum bulk order) but, by pre-selling them here, the Book can be sold for less than half the price, $40, and this will include Tax and Shipping to your door. Of course I do feel the Book is worth $90! Nine years of Photography. Life on the road daily on our motorcycle and sidecar for my buddy Spirit, my faithful Pit-bull, with camera on hand as you can read all about it on “TheOasisOfMySoul.com”. But… looking at it as an often requested item, it is a lot of money, and I do want to make it affordable unlike many other Photo Coffee Table Books.

My Buddy "Spirit"...
My Buddy “Spirit”…

Its size is a large 10 x 13 with sixty-one Photos on Premier Luster Premium paper, sixty-one maps highlighting where the photo was taken, and sixty-one quotes that are close to my Heart. If one counts the covers, there are actually sixty-three photos.

The Storm of all Storms! Ennis, MT
The Storm of all Storms! Ennis, MT
In contrast, a beautiful Sunrise in Toroweap, AZ.
In contrast, a beautiful Sunrise in Toroweap, AZ.

This was my winter project, a project meant to complement our Book written last year “Freedom on Both Ends of the Leash”. I can honestly say that I am impressed with the quality and service that Blurb is providing. The company will offset print it (giving it a more beautiful finish than digital printing), store it and directly mail it to you wrapped in cellophane paper and a cardboard box. It will not be available on Amazon as they tag 15% and $1.35 on such an item. Unlike most other Kickstarter campaigns, ours has only one pledge level and one “reward”: a $40 pledge which will reward you with our Photo Coffee Table Book [including Tax and Shipping] and save you more than 50% from the regular price. Of course you can order more than one as gifts for your Family and Friends.

My Buddy "Spirit" always enjoying the ride...
My Buddy “Spirit” always enjoying the ride…

This campaign will last 30 days and upon its completion if successful, will take three months for the printing and shipping to you.

Thank You Always and Stay well.
Ara and Spirit

Risks and challenges

There are no risks or challenges throughout this project as it is done! It is only a matter of cost trying to save the buyers about $70 by pre-selling 1000 copies or more.

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