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May 15, 2015 11:11 AM ET

Archived: Gaither Design Company, LLC is a design engineering company that has developed Hard Knox Impact Pads which reduce the impact on a football player during a helmet collision

iCrowdNewswire - May 15, 2015

Gaither Design Co.

Louisville, KY 40211, US
Consumer Products

Gaither Design Company, LLC is a design engineering company that has developed and a product, Hard Knox Impact Pads that reduces the impact on a football player during a helmet collision. Hard Knox Impact Pads is low maintenance, low cost and highly effective. Gaither Design Company, LLC also designs high quality safety products for other industries.
After years of playing football in school, and minor-pro leagues, Langston Gaither was dinged up and ready to retire. Gaither had just started a family and he knew his chances of becoming an NFL athlete were slim to none. But that didn’t stop him from wanting to make an impact in football. Gaither had issue that was had been nagging him for years. Whenever he saw an injured player due to a concussion, he wondered if he could improve upon the performance of the equipment. Gaither was far from becoming an expert in brain injuries and had no background in engineering. Eventually he studied helmets and came up with a conclusion that focused on design and performance. From that study, Gaither had idea that could change football forever. He invented Hard Knox Impact Pads.
Langston Gaither knew that Hard Knox Impact Pads were long overdue and needed to be on football field every day. Hard Knox is a major improvement to football helmets as we know them. There has never been a product that has impacted football the way Hard Knox does. But there’s only one problem…..Gaither Design Company needs the capital to get Hard Knox to the market. Funds will be used to produce prototypes and to identify a strategic partner that will manufacture this product along with the helmet that it is made for. We can protect our youth, college and professional athletes better by investing in Hard Knox Impact Pads. They’re made by an athlete, that cares about all athletes.

Products / Services

Hard Knox Impact Pads

Hard Knox is a product thought up by our founder, Langston E. Gaither. It took years of careful studying and testing in order to present a product that does exactly what we say it does. Hard Knox take the shock from an impact when hit. Hard Knox were designed initially for the gridiron, Gaither’s favorite sport in which he played for 15 years. Hard Knox are an important addition to protecting everyone form football players to firefighters.


President Design
Langston Gaither

Langston GaitherGaither is former Minor Professional Athlete, Little League Coach. Gaither is a volunteer firefighter at Lake Dreamland Fire and Rescue. Gaither founded Gaither Design Company in 2013 after he invented Hard Knox Impact Pads, the most innovative product since the discovery of the plastic helmet. Hard Knox helps reduce helmet acceleration and helps reduce impact felt on an athlete during a collision.

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