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May 14, 2015 7:17 AM ET

Archived: Wekey – World’s Thinnest, Lightest Tablet Keyboard: Unmatched flexibility & durability with an added touchpad/wheel for convenience

iCrowdNewswire - May 14, 2015

Wekey – World’s Thinnest, Lightest Tablet Keyboard

Unmatched flexibility & durability with an added touchpad/wheel for convenience
Woorin Coperation


What is Wekey? 

While there are existing wireless keyboards out there that are less than 3mm thick, these generally relied on electrostatic touch technology for tactile responses. Wekey’s super slim touch keyboard overcame those circuit and mechanical technological barriers by using constant pressure type film technology and hi-tech components and materials.

About Wekey


Why use Wekey?

Unlike laptops, tablet PC’s were developed with the focus of being extremely portable. However, tablets are not as comfortable to type on as laptops. With that said, we don’t want to carry around thick or heavy keyboards just to use with our tablets. Wekey was designed to be extremely portable and to fit into your tablet case like a bookmark, allowing you to use it wherever you are.

Because of its thickness (2.5mm) and weight (160g), a lot of people may be concerned that the keyboard will easily break. But as you can see from our video, even if a car drives over it, or it’s dropped from 5 meters, the keyboard is highly durable and does not easily break. 

Using your tablet to give presentations while attached to a projector can be inconvenient, but connecting Wekey to an Android powered tablet allows remote control of the touchpad and wheel (up to 10 meters)

When using your tablet at a cafe, a traditional wireless keyboard is prone to breaking from accidental coffee spills. But not with Wekey. Simply wipe off the coffee and keep on typing.

In addition, from a user’s perspective, having to constantly worry about battery life is something no wants to deal with. With its large Li-Po batteries that triples the capacity of other competitors’ keyboards, Wekey can be charged fully in an hour and a half and can be used for 3 months (avg. 4 hours a day). This means you only need to charge it 4 times a year! 

Multi-pairing support allows up to 3 devices to be paired with Wekey and Wekey will remember which device and OS it’s connected to match the OS’s keyboard layout. If multi- pairing is just basic, then Wekey brings the next level of convenience by automatically configuring to match the OS of the currently connected device for maximum consumer comfort. 

Unlike cell phones, taking selfies with a tablet is uncomfortable. Because of their weight and size, using one hand to open the camera app, getting the right pose, and using the other hand to press the capture button takes some effort. Wekey can launch the camera app (Fn + F4) and even take the photo for you allowing you take more natural photos of whatever situation you may be in.









Why did we choose Indiegogo?

We believe that crowdfunding is necessary part of the development stage for a development company. Before releasing our products on the market, we want to test out the market and receive honest feedback from all of you. All of you can help pinpoint areas where we need improving or to find something we’re missing to help us raise the quality of our products. We want to show our thanks to those that back us by giving them the opportunity to be the first to receive our products through our crowdfunding campaign. Crowdfunding allows us to create something together. Wekey isn’t just our product, but something that’s created with the help of all of you. 


The funds we collect through Indiegogo are necessary for mass production. We spent the past year developing our product receiving support from the federal government to develop Wekey and now we need feedback from all of you. Please support our product if you believe it’s something worthwhile. Your donations will be used for production of Wekey and in turn Wekey will be given to you. 




Delivery of perks are subject to best efforts and not guaranteed.


Risks & Challenges

While slim keyboards have been around for quite some time. Those that were generally under 3mm in thickness were composed using electrostatic touch technology. Wekey overcame the circuit and mechanical technological barriers by using constant pressure type film and hi-tech materials and components.

1) Over-sensing

– Slim keyboards only adopt electrostatic mechanisms that receive key input simply by placing your hands on the keyboard. But our product adopts the piezoelectric method that can control sensitivity of keys step by step.

2) Multi-Key Input

– Combined keys should be available. Electrostatic types partially provides combined keys with its mutual type but this product is designed to make combined keys with 3 keys and more available.

3) Response Time

– Electrostatic type keyboards sometimes incur delays due to Noise, but this product adopts a High-Core Keyboard Controller that works faster and without delay. 

Frequently Asked Questions

1.  Can Wekey be used for iPhones as well as iPads?

Yes, Wekey is compatible with both the iPhone and iPad. However the touchpad and wheel are only compatible Android and Windows devices. iOS does not support these features unfortunately and only the keyboard will function with iOS devices.

2.  How long can I use the batteries for?

Compared to other comparable keyboards out there, Wekey’s batteries have 3 times the capacity with built-in 600mA Li-Po batteries. After fully charging the battery (1.5 hours charge time), Wekey can be used for about 3 months without recharging based on an average daily use for about 4 hours. The batteries can be recharged between 400~500 times which means you only need to charge the keyboard 10 times in one year (potentially a 40 year lifespan).

3.  How far does Wekey transmit?

Without any obstruction (walls, furniture, etc.), Wekey can go up to 10 meters. There may be standard interference due to other electronic devices in the vicinity and decrease the transmit distance, which is standard for all wireless devices.

4.  The keyboard touch is awkward

Wekey is light, thin, and built to be extremely portable. Unlike desktop or laptop keyboards, Wekey is built for tablet use for convenience when writing up simple text or meeting notes. Getting acclimated to the keyboard can take anywhere from 10 minutes to a day according to our test users. We ask that you give it some time to become adjusted to using Wekey’s keyboard.

5.  Is it completely waterproof? Can I put it in water?

Wekey is not completely waterprrof. Wekey is protected from accidental spills like soda, water, or coffee. The keys are highly protected from liquid damage, but the micro-USB port and power switch are not.

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