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May 14, 2015 6:59 AM ET

Archived: The Thirst Windbreaker: USA made performance windbreakers inspired by the nautical 80s; fusing style+modern design to create a classic shell for men and women

iCrowdNewswire - May 14, 2015

The Thirst Windbreaker

by Sam Winslow

USA made performance windbreakers inspired by the nautical 80s. Fusing style+modern design to create a classic shell for men and women.

Sam Winslow

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About this project

We overhauled the classic windbreaker with upgraded construction, a new color palette, and modifications for today’s world, to create the ultimate lifestyle windbreaker.

We have designed a windbreaker that’s built to serve you in your active life. Everything about our design and construction starts and ends with the wearer, resulting in a product that fits your needs whether you’re doing a ski day, hitting the beach, or even just going out with friends.

We have curated a simple design that pulls from the retro-nautical ‘80s to create a modern silhouette, pairing fashion aptitude with great performance.

The Thirst Windbreaker challenges the outdated assumption that unisex clothing has to mean boxy and saggy construction. Instead, we have adjusted the shoulder, armpit, and waistline proportions, allowing for a flattering drape on any gender. We’ve chosen two color schemes that offer something for everyone: pure white for a clean, minimalist look or fruit punch neon green/yellow/pink for something brighter and more lively. Additionally, we have stretch goal color way: navy blue, with white shoulders and a red logo.

Our windbreakers are constructed with care, so that they can serve you for years to come.
We have selected top-of-the-line materials: ·Water-resistant 100% woven polyester (DWR) fabric, YKK #5, aqua-guard edition zippers·Durable, high-grade drawstrings and toggles for both longevity and performance.

For reference, all of the windbreakers seen in the video and photography are size MEDIUM

The Thirst Windbreaker is outfitted with two pockets at the waist. The first is a full-width connected kangaroo pocket for hand warming or carrying large items. The second is a discreet zippered pocket for safely stashing your phone, card case, and other valuables.

We are also very excited to be producing our inaugural run of windbreakers right here in the United States! We have partnered with a reputable manufacturer based in Los Angeles, California. 

Risks and challenges

Building a totally new product can be a difficult process. That’s why we have spent over a year preparing for this Kickstarter campaign, to avoid the common speed bumps of an inaugural apparel launch.

The three major challenges with regards to projects like ours are as follows:
Product construction

Regarding Product Construction:
We’ve had a team of industry veterans design and build the windbreaker, and then provide critiques, refinements, and multiple prototype adjustments. Overall, our item isn’t complicated to produce, and we have the best possible minds helping to execute the process.

Regarding Manufacturing:
This is where relationships set Thirst apart from so many of the other great projects out there. We have identified the best producer for Thirst by working alongside production experts who spend their careers taking major apparel brands through this same exact process.

Regarding Timeline:
While Thirst might be new, our team of apparel industry professionals and our chosen manufacturing company are established. Production has been a major focus of our preparation, and we’ve been very careful to work with a team we trust to position Thirst in a way that removes as much risk from this equation as possible.

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