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May 14, 2015 12:35 PM ET

Archived: Star Trek: Captain Pike: a 45-Minute Proposed Pilot that is the prequel to a feature length film entitled, “ENCOUNTER AT RIGEL”

iCrowdNewswire - May 14, 2015

Star Trek: Captain Pike

by Rigel 7 Productions

“STAR TREK: CAPTAIN PIKE” is a 45-Minute Proposed Pilot that is the prequel to a feature length film entitled, “ENCOUNTER AT RIGEL”

Rigel 7 Productions

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About this project

This is the story of Captain Pike when he first takes command of the Enterprise and his first mission aboard her.   And with your help, we will be submitting our Proposed Pilot to CBS for consideration as an ongoing cable or Web Series.

Christopher Pike is the Captain seen in the original Star Trek Pilot “The Cage”, played by Jeffrey Hunter. He was Captain of the Enterprise before Captain Kirk. And his story has never been told, until now. 

In the original Star Trek Pilot, “The Cage”, set in the year 2254. Captain Pike and his crew are returning from Rigel VII, where several members of the landing party were killed by the inhabitants. 

The incident filled Pike with so much guilt that he is considering resigning his commission. But that’s all we know about Captain Pike, and we want to know so much more. Don’t you? 

This is an independent film project that will be helmed by professionals who all work in the entertainment industry. From cast and crew to writers, director, producers and actors. 

 In our film, we will answer these questions about Captain Pike: 

1. What happened on Pike’s first mission with his female first officer, and his science officer, Mr. Spock? 

2. Did Pike ever go into battle? 

3. Which alien race did he encounter before any other Starfleet Captains? We know Captain Pike’s father is Admiral Josh Pike, but we never learned about the Admiral and which starship he commanded. 

We never learned about many of the federation Captains that we saw in Star Trek TOS or their descendants. 

In this film, we’ll answer all the questions you’ve always wondered about. And you’ll see many famous Starfleet officers at the beginning of their illustrious careers. 

We would like to show you STAR TREK: CAPTAIN PIKE first, to prove ourselves to you. Then, if we have enough fan-support, we will make the full-length feature film – “STAR TREK: ENCOUNTER AT RIGEL” 

In Encounter at Rigel, you will see Captain Pike’s story. It will also establish our universe. 


Features these well known actors:

RAY WISE (Reaper, Twin Peaks, Star Trek: Next Generation & Voyager) AS ADMIRAL JOSH PIKE (USS CONSTITUTION)

BRUCE DAVISON (X-Men, Star Trek: Voyager & Enterprise, Lost, Legend of Korra) AS CAPTAIN ROBERT APRIL (USS ENTERPRISE)



LINDA PARK  (Star Trek: Enterprise, Legends TV series) AS CAPTAIN JULIE DECKER (USS REPUBLIC)




JORGE PALLO (Insidious 2, The Secret Life of the American Teenager, 24, Sons of Anarchy) AS CAPTAIN DAMIAN SANDOVAL (USS LEXINGTON)

SEAN KENNEY (Star Trek TOS: Captain Pike & Lt. DePaul) 

Are all these incredible actors really in this film? YES! And we’re very happy to have them on board.

STAR TREK SETS (for our film and L.A. Filmmakers

This Kickstarter will not only pay for the costs of Captain Pike, but it will help us construct the sets needed for the series. If order to make this film a reality, we’d need to construct the films sets. 

We’d like to rent a facility and construct Star Trek and many other Sci-Fi Sets, which filmmaker’s can shoot on, based in Los Angeles. Starting this film myself, I realized there is only 1 Spaceship set in LA (not a Trek type set) and it’s very expensive to rent for independent filmmakers. We’d like to build a facility that will accommodate these filmmaker’s needs without hurting them financially. This will also benefit you by giving you new Sci-Fi projects that will have a home. 

Once sets are built, the facility will continuously donate 10% of set rental fees to the 3 charities listed here: ELIZABETH GLASER PEDIATRIC AIDS FOUNDATION, EPILEPSY FOUNDATION OF GREATER LOS ANGELES, POINT FOUNDATION.


1- Rent a facility to construct Star Trek/Sci-Fi Sets which filmmaker’s can shoot on, based in Los Angeles. (The Trek type sets will be refit with a modified and updated new look). This is a refit of the Pilot episode bridge, not the new film. 

2- Shoot our Pilot Star Trek: Captain Pike at this facility. 

3- Give you an end product that will blow you away, and be able to continue with more, as well as give Sci-Fi filmmakers a place to shoot. We will be using the highest quality camera, lighting and visual effects available. The finished product will look like something you’d see in a theatre or on television. 


Captain Pike has the one of the best visual effects artists in the world! Tobias Richter. Our video shows you how talented this man is. (VFX Clips from Star Trek: New Voyages in our teaser & The Light Works Video & photos below). 

 Example of Tobias Richter’s work below –

#{project_title}'s video poster

“Tobias has helped with the Star Trek The Next Generation BluRay as well and worked on many other Star Trek and Sci-fi projects”. He will be creating all our ships and visual effects. 


If we are fortunate enough to exceed our goal, additional funds will go towards expanding our celebrity cast members. There are several actors that read our script and wanted to be involved with our film, but we simply couldn’t afford to expand our cast costs any further. 

The Kickstarter for Star Trek: Captain Pike will pay for the actors, make-up, visual effects, locations, studio rentals and actual filming costs. The resulting film will be about 45 minutes. 

If this kickstarter is successful, this will then allow us to launch into Star Trek: Encounter at Rigel. 

The Captain Pike team is excited to show you what we’re capable of, and to give you a great independent feature length Star Trek: Captain Pike film. 


Kickstarter’s get about 70% of the total money raised. 10% goes to Kickstarter and Amazon payment processing fees. Another 10% we have budgeted for Perks (the gifts you receive at different donor levels). And there is a basic 10% drop out rate (which we hope is much less!). So we’re left with 70% to spend on Star Trek: Captain Pike. The film budget for “Star Trek: Captain Pike” is about $112,000. That’s without the cost of set construction or renting a facility to shoot. 

Film Costs – $112,000 + Set build $200,000 + Studio rental $102,000 = $414,000 TOTAL COST FOR FILM, SETS AND STUDIO RENTAL. We have set our goal at $112,000 because we know $414,000 is a big amount to ask for. So for this kickstarter we would like to be able to pay for the basic costs of doing the film and then post another kickstarter at a later date to pay for the cost of building our sets and renting the studio.

If we are fortunate enough to be able to reach the $414,000 goal now, we can start to build the sets and rent the facility we have already toured in LA. We will rent the studio within a month of the end date of this kickstarter.


A close friend of mine is a professional studio set designer and he has agreed to reduce his companies rate to construct our sets. His company would create 8 sets for our film. And these are sets that can be used by other productions after we shoot. 

CONSTRUCTING 8 SETS –  $200,000 is a rough estimate. If we’re able to go above that, we can increase the motion displays, electronic devices on the sets and use better textured materials to build with. 

LEASING A STUDIO FACILITY – We’d need the first and last months rent for 10,000 sq ft facility, which would be around $102,000 for a 12 month rental. Listed below are the sets that would be built when the kickstarter ends, if we reach the $414,000 goal – We have already looked at warehouses for lease and are ready to proceed if we reach our goals. 1- Bridge 2- Transporter room 3- Captain’s quarters 4- Corridors 5- Briefing room 6- Starfleet HQ 7- Engine room 8- Alien ship interiors. There are other sets in the film that will be shot on location. 


ACTORS – We need about $22,000 to pay the actors and their expenses. Food, travel etc. We have a huge all star cast and want to show you an incredible film. 

CAMERA, LIGHTING, INSURANCE – $20,000 for Camera, lighting, and Equipment rentals. 

FOOD – $4,000 

SUPPORTING ACTORS – $4,000 we’d like to pay them at least scale for their time if we can. We want this experience to be great for everyone involved. 

WARDROBE & MAKE-UP EFFECTS – Starfleet Tunics, Alien costumes, $13,000 allows us to fund the Starfleet costumes for Captain Pike and pay for make-up effects and prosthetics. We have retained the services of the company that produces the TOS tunic replicas, so you know these tunics will be top quality. 

VFX – $ 27,000-$29,000 goes to start paying Tobias Richter and his team for the work they will be doing on Captain Pike. Tobias will be giving our film a specific look with his 3D ship models and designs. Why so much for effects? Because there are a lot of visual effects battles, ships & backgrounds in this 45 minute film. This is the actual prequel to our “Encounter at Rigel”. 

Prop Production and Replication – $4,000 we want to give you something incredible! So we have to hire the best to design it then replicate it. 

Composer/Post Production costs – $4,000 

Sound Engineer – $5,000 Sound Designer (Post) – $4,000 

Monthly utilities costs for studio – This includes basic charges such as lighting, heat, waste disposal etc. – $500-$750/Month. We’d also have to soundproof the facility for filming –  $112,000 is without a cushion. There are always unexpected costs, so we’d like to have a cushion for that. Plus, we’d get less than that amount after all the companies take their percentages and fees. That is where your money is going. 

Whatever money we raise will go towards bringing you the Star Trek you all want to see. We love this and want to bring you everything you’ve never gotten a chance to see before! 

PIKE PERKS – We want to give you some great perks for joining our team. 

USS Constitution Perk patch
USS Constitution Perk patch
Captain Pike DVD or Blu-Ray
Captain Pike DVD or Blu-Ray
"I Like Pike" T-Shirt Perk
“I Like Pike” T-Shirt Perk
Starfleet Command T-Shirt
Starfleet Command T-Shirt
Starfleet Command (back)
Starfleet Command (back)
Starship Insignia Patches
Starship Insignia Patches






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Risks and challenges

There are always risks and challenges when making a film – Even with a set budget there are always unforeseen circumstances and costs. However, the Captain Pike crew has proven themselves on many other films and projects, and is looking forward to making this adventure our best yet with your support.

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