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May 14, 2015 11:41 AM ET

Archived: Solar PV System for the Theological College of Zimbabwe installed by a team of engineering students from Messiah College, a private Christian college in Pennsylvania

iCrowdNewswire - May 14, 2015

Solar PV System for the Theological College of Zimbabwe


Imagine being a college student in a country where the electricity goes off several times throughout the day, often for up to 2 or 3 hours.That’s life for men and women enrolled at theTheological College of Zimbabwe (TCZ) in Bulawayo. But it doesn’t have to be this way.

We are the Friends of TCZ – USA and our goal is to bring a reliable power source to students at TCZ with the installation of 24 solar panels ($450 each) and 20 batteries ($700 each) on the TCZ campus.

In mid-May, a team of engineering students from Messiah College, a private Christian college in Pennsylvania, will travel to Bulawayo, Zimbabwe, to do the installation. The Messiah students are paying their own way to Zimbabwe and doing the work as volunteers.

When in place, the solar panels will generate enough electricity to power TCZ’s computer lab and library. For details about the solar PV system, watch our video. But the short version of the story is this: with solar panels in place, there will be no more black outs for TCZ students and faculty. We hope you agree that will be a good thing.

This is the third time a team from Messiah College has traveled to TCZ. Back in 2005, Messiah students installed a trial 4-panel solar project. Then in 2011, Messiah engineering students installed solar water heaters in the student residences at TCZ. The 2015 project is the most ambitious — and expensive — to date.

The Friends of TCZ – USA are working hard — including with this RocketHub campaign — to raise $20,000 toward the cost of the solar panels, batteries, and other equipment necessary for the project. Your gift will help flip the switch to reliable power for students enrolled at the Theological College of Zimbabwe.

About TCZ
Founded in 1979, the Theological College of Zimbabwe (TCZ) is an interdenominational, evangelical college in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe, developing Christian leaders for effective leadership and ministry in both the Church and society. Current enrollment in the college’s degree programs stands at 42 students. In addition, TCZ serves several hundred learners annually with seminars, workshops, certificant programs, and the Women’s Ministries Institute.

Although a small school, TCZ’s impact is felt across Zimbabwe and throughout southern Africa through the ministries and careers of alumni. Faith-based and other nongovernmental organizations sing the praises of TCZ graudates and church leaders look to the school for well-trained pastors.

And one more thing: If you know of anyone who has a passion for Zimbabwe, solar energy, or is simply looking for a great cause to which to give, please invite them take a look at this site by passing along the link. 

Project Leaders

  • Rebekah Basinger

    Rebekah Basinger

    Dillsburg, Pa

    Member since: April 13, 2015


    Ten or so years ago, God put the country of Zimbabwe on my heart and ever since, I’ve looked for ways to connect with Zimbabwean Christians and educators. I’m a consultant on fundraising and board education for faith-based nonprofits, so the invitation to serve on the board of the Friends of TCZ was a perfect fit. It’s a delight to be able to put my experience, knowledge, and network to work in helping to develop Christian leaders for Southern Africa. Hang around me for even an hour or so and prepare to hear about the Theological College of Zimbabwe.

  • Glen Pierce

    Glen Pierce

    Member since: April 13, 2015


    Currently I chair the board of directors of “Friends of TCZ – US,” having had the privilege of serving at the College for five years (2002-2007).

    The organization “Friends of TCZ – USA” are Christians who sense that God is calling them to partner with the Theological College of Zimbabwe in developing Christian leaders for Southern Africa.  We have three main purposes:

    • to encourage prayer support for the teachers and students at the College
    • to assist in raising funds to carry on the work of the College
    • to identify persons who have special abilities and are able to assist the College in areas of specific need, including as guest lecturers, specialists in Information Technology and Library Science, and administrative expertise.

    Incorporated in August 2003 in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, “Friends of TCZ – USA” is approved by the Internal Revenue Service as a 501(c)3 non-profit charitable organization, allowing us to issue tax-deductible receipts for contributions toward the work of the College.

  • John Yeatts

    John Yeatts

    Mechanicsburg, PA

    Member since: April 13, 2015

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