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Let’s PROVE Plant-Based Diets for Dogs



by Indogo Canine Health Sciences


Vancouver, BC, CA


Indogo Plant-Powered Dogs is inviting you to be part of a Movement to prove through science-based, unprecedented feeding trials, the life-changing benefits of plant-based (vegan) diets for our dogs, our animals and our planet.





What if we could prove that dogs, long considered to be carnivores, actually THRIVE on plant-based, vegan diets?

What if we could prove that animals are dog’s friends not their food?

For several decades, thousands of people have experienced the amazing health benefits of vegan, plant-powered diets for their dogs. Our team lead Laura Simonson experienced the power of this lifestyle with her own dog, along with dozens of others she has met. And we’ve seen it ourselves through Indogo’s preliminary product testing. Now, we want to prove it.

We can prove it for our dog’s health, our animals and our planet.

Although evidence and studies are abundant proving the positive health benefits and environmental impact of plant based foods for humans, science-based research for canine vegan diets is pretty much non-existent.

It’s time to change that and together we will.

With your contribution, we will create the basis for long-term studies proving plant-based canine nutrition improves health, longevity and disease prevention. The first phase will host 20 (lucky!) dogs (just like Krishna and Kaia above) in Vancouver, B.C. using advanced testing protocols and at-home, science-based feeding trials guided by highly respected veterinarians and the Indogo Team.

Imagine this research and ongoing trials showing plant-based, nutrient-dense foods boast the same health benefits for dogs as it has for humans: optimal energy; prevention of food sensitivities; improved healthy immune systems; healthier skin, hair, ears, and eyes; natural weight management; diabetes prevention; decreased chronic disease.

But wait, why hasn’t this happened before?

Largely because (1) most research comes from regular meat-based dog food companies or institutions largely sponsored by them, and (2) the cost. Holding science-based feeding trials, lab tests and gathering research is quite a large undertaking.

Because Indogo Plant-Powered Dogs is a social venture, the results of our feeding trials and the formulations used will be made available to everyone. Even your dog food company.

Call it open source vegan dog food if you’d like!

Meet a few of the Team Members and Independent Veterinarian Review Panel

The Feeding Trial Plan:

  • Begin ‘at-home’ feeding trials with 20 dogs in Vancouver, BC. Canada area overseen and guided by highly respected veterinarians
  • These unprecedented, science-based trials will apply advanced testing protocols recently developed in collaboration with California Polytechnic State University in Pomona, California, USA. Plus, additional recommendations will be made by members of the Independent Veterinarian Panel.
  • The results will be reviewed by W. Jean Dodds, renowned veterinarian, hematologist and research expert, along with a community of independent veterinarians from Canada, US and UK.
  • ULTIMATE Goal: to demonstrate a 100% plant-based diet achieves the same results (or better) as the original meat-based, animal protein feeding trials previously held in collaboration with Cal Poly State
  • Publish the results, reviews and formulations used in the trials to the public; for the benefit of ALL.

The Next Phase

After the success of initial trials, the development plan is to hold continuous and additional feeding trials in collaboration with respected animal science and research organizations, with a goal to demonstrate the health benefits on conditions such as food sensitivities, skin issues, diabetes, kidney disease, thyroid disease, cardiovascular disease, gastrointestinal diseases, environmental diseases, cancer and more.

During the first two years of development, we will continue to hold feeding trials focusing on breed-specific disease conditions to otherwise demonstrate the possible benefits of a plant-based, vegan diet.

Parallel to the continuous feeding trials and research, Indogo Plant Powered Dogs will begin an in-depth business development plan to produce and market extraordinary plant-based formulations. Distribution will begin in the Vancouver, B.C. metro area (through home delivery) with further development plans to ship throughout North America.

Imagine the possibilities…

To prove scientifically that a carnivore such as a dog, does not require animal-based foods will be a paradigm shift, without question.

Imagine all of us around the world who love and speak for dogs, animals, personal health and a healthy planet, coming together to inspire thousands upon thousands.

What could we achieve if Veterinarian professionals worldwide who are in favor of plant-based nutrition for dogs, joined this science-based demonstration and shared their voice?

What could we achieve if celebrities such as Russell Brand, Beyonce, Russell Simmons, Woody Harrelson, Betty White, Anne Hathaway, Moby, Carrie Underwood and Paul McCartney, joined together with all of us?

Can you imagine the power of like-hearted people world-wide spreading the powerful message of 100% plant-powered dogs for the welfare of animals and for their people guardians? It’s a dream we hold near and dear and we invite you to be a part of it. (And we invite them!)

Together, we’ll create a paradigm shift in the way we view our dog’s nutrition which in turn causes life-changing awareness of plant-based diets for all.

We can literally use the food on our plate (and in our dog’s bowl) to drive meaningful,sustainable, powerful change for our planet, now and for generations to come. What a celebration it will be!

Are YOU in? Awesome.

Join us, contribute to the Indogo 20 Dogs that will launch a new, powerful paradigm for our world.  It’s time.

Now hightail it over to those perks and grab the ones you want the most.

Then share this exciting initiative with all of your plant-powered, animal and planet loving friends.

From all of our team, Laura, Lisa, Gord, Brenda, Daryl and Dr. Jean Dodds…

Thank you. You rock. Woof!

Image credit: Patrick McDonnell – MUTTS!



Perks for your contribution

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$40VEEGMAMA Guide to Going Vegan Webinar & E-Book
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