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May 14, 2015 6:18 AM ET

Archived: Comictopia tamworth: expand our existing range aswell as get items in store to entertain our customers

iCrowdNewswire - May 14, 2015

Comictopia tamworth

Comictopia tamworth

We have recently opened up a comic book store in Tamworth, after a succesful first week we are looking at options of expanding and growing our store, we currently stock a variety of comics including DC’S Convergence and Marvels latest issues. We also stock comic and gaming based clothing from assassins creed jackets to superman T-shirts, we have a variety that anyone can find something they like but alot of people want to see more in store and we wish to achieve that.

We also wish to use our store to help others and the local community, we wish to encourage people of all ages to read more and find ways of working with people to improve their reading skills aswell as larger charities, we already have plans to hold an event for easter 2016 in support of the childrens charity and hopefully with your support we can not just acheive our goals of expanding but also helping others.

With your support we can expand our existing range aswell as get items in store to entertain our customers, you can help us to help others by building us up towards our charity event and also provide us with facilities to encourage and help people read more in a fun and exciting environment while also helping our independant store grow and develop in new and exciting ways not just for our benefit but for our customers benfit aswell

The possibilities are endless and with you support we have the potential to do great things with our store, we would really appreciate your help and the satisfaction and rewards you would recieve from helping our store are vast, Thank you 

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