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May 14, 2015 10:50 AM ET

Archived: BANKSTERS -THE PLAY: raise funds for a four week performance of Banksters at a prestigious London theatre venue

iCrowdNewswire - May 14, 2015


Project aim

Our objective is to raise funds for a four week performance of Banksters at a prestigious London theatre venue.

About the project

Banksters is what Paul Mason, the economics correspondent of Channel 4 news called “a brilliant and painful” play, about the credit crunch. The play was written by Bill Jefferies and myself in Manchester and adapted to stage by theatre director Jeremy Stockwell. In March this year Banksters had an industry showing at the White Bear Theatre in London. Around 200 people attended and they loved its fast moving energy, political drama, thought-provoking plot and comedy. The theatre bubble website said the play “was a breath of fresh air” that changed the reviewers mind about the “possibilities of political theatre.”

The story struck a chord with many types of people; the managing director of a City Bank praised it’s ethics, city traders were stunned by its accurate depiction of their world, while the audience were in turn amused, bemused and shocked by its passionate message. Our play evokes the themes of Jacobean tragedy in the modern City; corrupt MP’s hide their bonuses, meglomaniac bankers distain the ordinary people, dealers chase their bonuses and the financial oligarchy desperately struggle to rescue their system. While the politicians, financial regulators and bankers squabble over the best means for saving their system, there is no doubt who has the real power, and who benefits from their system and who will suffer. We all suffer! If you’re interested in this play you could personally help us realise our dream with your kind donation and see if we can get the reaction this new writing maybe deserves?

Thank you for reading and any kind support you can give us and please let your friends know about Banksters the play and this campaign.

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