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May 13, 2015 10:21 AM ET

Archived: Will & Whit: The Graphic Novel Musical! – The NEW young adult graphic novel MUSICAL “Will & Whit” needs to record an ALBUM to give our project wings!

iCrowdNewswire - May 13, 2015

Will & Whit: The Graphic Novel Musical!

by Laura Lee Gulledge

The NEW young adult graphic novel MUSICAL “Will & Whit” needs to record an ALBUM to give our project wings! #ArtnerLove

Laura Lee Gulledge

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About this project


Based on the graphic novel by Eisner-Award nominated cartoonist Laura Lee Gulledge, this young adult musical features 12 NEW SONGS by Artners Ceci Vaughan, Lauren Larken, and Juliet Trail that are Let It Go catchy!

In order to share this innovative musical with schools and theatres, we need…

  • Finish the sheet music and edit the script!
  • Finish the motion comics for projection!
  • Record an ALBUM! (LP Vinyl with digital download)


Oh yes, they’re cute!

 Donations are accepted thru our fiscal sponsor: Artistic Evolucion, inc!


  • Laura Lee Gulledge – Librettist, Co-Founder
  • Lauren Larken – Lyricist, Co-Founder
  • Ceci Vaughan – Composer
  • Juliet Trail – Dramaturg
  • Nathan Luppino – Motion Comic Animator
  • Cello Joe, John Howell, & Heather Normandale – Musicians


“Trauma and creativity, strength in community, and truth-telling are all thoughtfully examined, and the jokes are good, too. Gulledge’s values are wholesome, and her energy is up-to-the- minute fresh.” 

–Publisher’s Weekly

“This sophomore offering shines as bright as the lamps Will surrounds herself with. Quirky, clever and insightful.” 

–Kirkus, starred Review

Risks and challenges

Over the past 3 years the “Will & Whit” musical has been a labor of love by Artners who have donated their time & talent to create an inventive, accessible, and beautiful show!

To raise it to the professional level, we need a polished recording featuring paid musicians. As well as the other resources that accompany a production, such sheet music and scripts. The completion of this essential step will allow us to be able to share our musical with theatres, connect with directors, and qualify for grant funding.

For as the characters in the story “Will & Whit” discover themselves, it takes a community of Artners to give a show WINGS!

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