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May 13, 2015 5:03 PM ET

Teraphysics Corporation: participate in the commercialization of the (1) Terahertz (THz) frequency, the last unexploited region of the electromagnetic spectrum and (2) the upper regions of the Millimeter Wave (MMW) frequency

iCrowdNewswire - May 13, 2015

Teraphysics Corporation

Cleveland, OH 44143, US
Electronics & Instrumentation

Teraphysics offers investors an opportunity to participate in the commercialization of the (1) Terahertz (THz) frequency, the last unexploited region of the electromagnetic spectrum and (2) the upper regions of the Millimeter Wave (MMW) frequency. Microwave and infrared, the frequencies that border these frequencies have led to multi-billion dollar industries.

Often referred to as the “Terahertz Gap,” the technology has not been brought to commercialization due to the absence of compact sources and amplifiers capable of generating sufficient power. THz is a platform technology that will open many market opportunities.

Teraphysics recently achieved a revolutionary advancement: The first suite of commercially viable high frequency devices capable of generating and amplifying power levels previously unattainable from solid state and laser enabled sources. Our revolutionary devices are the most powerful hand-held THz and MMW devices in existence. Teraphysics is the sole owner of the critical proprietary technology that bridges the “THz Gap”.

The initial target markets for Teraphysics is food processing and safety and wireless communications. THz’s unique ability to detect micro contaminants or foreign materials in a variety of different foodstuffs has led to a number of customer-driven, high value applications in food safety and processing. Teraphysics’ MMW technology provides the wireless industry with a killer E-band solution for backhaul and the daunting data transmission demands the wireless industry is faced with.

With these technologies, Teraphysics is closely collaborating with global leaders in multiple market verticals in the development and sale of THz and MMW products and applications. With its technology and key commercial relationships, Teraphysics’ goal is to create a vertically integrated entity that will dominate THz and MMW commercialization. There is no visible competition on the horizon.

Products / Services

Food Safety

The addressable market for Food Safety is $1.5B (5,000 production lines X $250K per unit). Teraphysics projects a market penetration rate of 17% (847 units) over a 5 year period. Terahertz’s unique ability to detect concealed contaminants or foreign materials in a variety of different foodstuffs has led to a number of customer-driven, high value applications in the food inspection market, including food safety and food processing. Customer-driven projects in these markets have demonstrated the unique benefits of the Company’s products, not achievable with current inspection technologies such as X-Ray, microwave or optical imaging. We recently entered into a long-term and very profitable relationship with one of the world’s largest food producers. They intend to share our technology with others in the industry which would allow us to penetrate the huge global food safety market.


The addressable world market is $308B (approx. 1M macro cell towers worldwide of which 70% are targets in major metro areas; 700,000 X 8 radios per tower = 5.6M radio units X an average selling price of $55,000 = $308B). We project a penetration rate of less than 1% (8,000 units) over a 5 year period. Wireless data traffic has more than doubled in each of the last 6 years, and it is predicted to expand at an exponential rate for years to come. The International Wireless Consortium predicts wireless data traffic to increase 5000 fold by the year 2030, with expectations of 100B devices being placed into service over the next 10-15 years. Two-thirds of the growth will come from a massive densification of micro cells, and our MMW amplifiers will magnify spectrum reuse dramatically. This opportunity has all of the elements of a creative monopoly as outlined in Peter Thiel’s book Zero to One. Also worth noting, the manufacturing of our devices will be outsourced leading to a minimal capex.


Chief Executive Officer
Louis S. Fisi

Mr. Fisi was a founding member of Advanced Lighting Technologies, Inc. (ADLT), and served as its CFO, EVP, and Director from 1985 until his retirement in 2000. He was instrumental in ADLT’s initial public offering and the raising of $175 million in the public markets from 1995 through 2000. In 2003 Mr. Fisi assumed his present role at Teraphysics. His primary focus has been the promotion and strategic development of Teraphysics Corporation and fundraising to support R&D and business development efforts. From 1976 to 1985 he was a senior executive with an international industrial manufacturer and as a CPA, he practiced at the international accounting firm now known as Ernst and Young. Mr. Fisi has a BSBA from the University of Akron and an Executive MBA from the University of Indiana.

President Science/Scientist
Gerald T. Mearini, Ph.D

Dr. Gerald T. Mearini received a Ph.D. in experimental physics in 1991 from Case Western Reserve University (CWRU). He pioneered chemical vapor deposited (CVD) diamond-based vacuum electronic devices with Jim Dayton at NASA Lewis from 1992-95. In 1995 He founded GENVAC AeroSpace, Inc, the predecessor of Teraphysics, which designs and manufactures electro-optical filters for night-vision and infrared applications in military optics. He is the inventor on 16 patents involving CVD diamond, diamond-based devices and thin film technology. He has numerous publications and is both an Adjunct Professor of Physics and the Chairman of the Engineering-Physics Advisory Committee at CWRU.

Chief Technology/Technologist
James T. Dayton, Jr., Ph.D.

Dr. James A. Dayton, Jr. has been a pioneer in the application of efficiency enhancement, computer aided design, and micro fabrication technology for the development of vacuum electron devices operating at mm and sub mm wavelengths. Dr. Dayton received a Ph.D. in electrical engineering from the University of Illinois in 1965. In 1967 he joined the NASA Lewis Research Center and was assigned to the Microwave Amplifier Section. Until his retirement from NASA in 1998, Dr. Dayton’s work as a researcher and supervisor was primarily in the area of efficiency enhancement of the TWT with particular emphasis on computer modeling. He produced the first computer models of multistage collectors. Dr. Dayton was recruited by Hughes Electron Dynamics of Torrance, CA to serve as Director of Technology and Advanced Development. In 2001 he joined Genvac Aerospace Corporation, Teraphysics’ predecessor, where his interest has been in application of CVD diamond to THz oscillators and amplifiers.

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