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May 13, 2015 2:49 PM ET

Archived: RxGYMsoftware – All-in-One Gym Software Solution

iCrowdNewswire - May 13, 2015




All-in-One Gym Software Solution


RxGYMsoftware is an all-in-one cloud-based software package for gyms and fitness studios, dedicated to giving independent gym owners everywhere the resources they need to run their business successfully.

A strong web presence is the secret to success for any business in the 21st century, but let’s see a show of hands: how many independent gym owners have the time, know-how and budget to build a custom website from scratch?

The RxGYMsoftware platform gives you all the tools you need to build and maintain a professional website, so you can get back to the business of fitness.  The 100% cloud-based solution can be accessed and managed from anywhere, any time.


The RxGYMsoftware platform is designed to provide all the tools a gym owner needs, and all the features that athletes expect:

Search Engine Optimization
Specify search keywords, description and titles to make it easy for new athletes to find your gym website and ultimately find your gym.

Facebook Integration
Automatically post your workouts and other gym updates to Facebook to keep your gym in the social conversation.

Automatic Gym Records as Athletes Post Results
Every time an athlete or trainer posts a result, it is automatically ranked and stored.

Pre-Seeded Benchmark WOD Database
We automatically create several benchmark workouts that you can program along with your own custom workouts.

Blog-style Daily Athlete Comments and Photos
Athletes stay connected with the gym community even after they leave. Checking the day’s results and trash-talk keep the competition going.

Athlete Information Database
Detailed searchable database of your workouts and your athletes.

Group Emailing
Send targeted email blasts to athletes and trainers. Set up email groups based on anything you can dream up, like challenge participants, Olympic lifting enthusiasts, or even hair color.

Integrated Payment Processing
You have the ability to process credit card payments for memberships customized to each athlete, as well as one-off payments like drop-in fees or t-shirt sales.

Class Scheduler with Sign-Up Feature and Substitute-Trainer Workflow
Publish class and trainer schedules with the ability to track attendance. Limit class sizes and allow trainers to switch class assignments.

Mobile Access Version
Athletes love quick mobile access to class signup and trash talk. Trainers can quickly see attendance and publish information about daily gym events.


Don’t take our word for it: here’s what just a few of our more than 250 clients have to say about the RxGYMsoftware experience:


The RxGYMsoftware difference isn’t just about what RxGYMsoftware does — it’s about how it does it! RxGYmsoftware offers more back-end functionality support than any other gym software system available, including:

Website Hosting Included
Unlike other gym software, we host your gym website along with all the workout information, athlete profiles and performance history, comments and photos. You don’t have to pay extra or worry about it — it’s all safe on our own server and gets backed up automatically. With the paid site, you can also point your own gym domain to have a professional web address.

One-on-One Personal Support via Email and Phone
We pride ourselves on our relationships with gym owners and have received very positive feedback about our personal support.

Fully Editable Website: Colors, Content, Navigation
Personalize your site’s look with your own font, colors and background texture, plus upload your own graphics and even add your own pages with custom content. There are no coding skills needed, and you can edit anytime and anywhere from any browser. Upload slideshow images to market your gym to potential athletes.


RxGYMsoftware began when founder Mike Spencer got a membership at a local CrossFit gym from his wife as a 40th birthday present. The gym had a website using TypePad and Mike, a software developer by trade and an architect by degree, created a simple database-backed site to collect workout results for the gym’s athletes. The other athletes at the gym loved it, and that was the birth of RxGYMsoftware.

Since those early days, Mike has been joined by 2 partners, and together they are working to build RxGYMsoftware into the ultimate online resource for gym owners!

Mike has been working in software development since graduating from college in 1996. Mike has been crossfitting since 2008 and has two marathons and several 24 hour team relays under his belt. In his spare time he’s always looking for ways to apply the latest technology to the fitness industry. He has a picture of Bill Gates in his wallet.

Erik is an experienced small-business owner and entrepreneur in a variety of fields. Erik is also self-taught in computer hardware design. He loves outdoor sports and is an avid crossfitter, but has a hard time growing a real beard. He has a picture of Steve Jobs in his wallet.

Erica has a degree in architecture and worked for several years in the corporate sector before returning to school to earn her masters in Elementary Education. Erica enjoys the occasional warrior-themed obstacle race and creating graphic design themes for gym sites. She has a picture of Frank Lloyd Wright in her purse.


RxGYMsoftware got its start in 2008, and we’ve had some great success since then. To date, we’ve helped more than 250 gyms build better, stronger online presences, and that number is growing all the time. Now, the time is right to take RxGYMsoftware to the next level, and that’s where your help comes in!

With this fundraise, we’re hoping to raise at least $5,000 to help us add new custom site templates to the RxGYMsoftware platform and give gym owners even more customization and control over their site’s unique look. If we can stretch that minimum amount to $10,000 we can keep the development train rolling with even more enhancements. 

Choose either a super cool t-shirt or pair of compression socks as a thank you.
Plus, if 5 or more athletes from your gym each pledge $20,
your gym will get 3 MONTHS free of our all-in-one gym software.
Once your gym owners get a taste of what RxGYM can do for them,
we are sure they will love it! 

Score 3 months of fully supported, fully featured RxGYMsoftware.
This is a 25% discount from the regular price!
Plus you’ll get our super cool t-shirt and a pair of compression socks.

Receive 1 year of fully supported, fully featured RxGYMsoftware for your gym.
That’s a 37% discount over the regular price and as a huge bonus we will throw in a pair of compression socks for you and 5 shirts for your staff or other gym members!

You have just earned our fully supported, fully featured RxGYMsoftware for life!
If you change your gym name, move or start a new gym, this will follow you.
This pledge amount pays for itself in just over 2 years!
Plus, we will throw in 20 t-shirts for you and staff or other gym members, along with
10 pairs of compression socks!

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