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May 13, 2015 3:56 PM ET

Archived: Project 365 – A Year Behind the Macro Lens: capturing and sharing the often unnoticed beauty all around — through one photo every day.

iCrowdNewswire - May 13, 2015

Project 365 – A Year Behind the Macro Lens

The Man Behind the Lens

My name is Joshua and my love for photography stems from a dark room course I took in back in grade school. Over the past few years my hobby has morphed into an obsession … here’s why and how I plan on feeding that obsession in 2016.

Nearly five years ago I was diagnosed with a two rare diseases (Pulmonary Arterial Hypertension and Hereditary Hemorrhagic Telangiectasia) and given roughly six months to live. I’m still alive, intent on enjoying life and seeing (and sharing) the unrelenting beauty of the world all around us.

On January 1st  of this year I started my first structured photographic journey called Project 365. If you’re not familiar with the fad, it’s basically a resolution to take and share one photo every day for one year. While we’re not even half of the way through the year, I am incredibly excited to do this again next year … but with a twist.

Project 365; A Year Behind the Macro Lens will be my introduction to the world of photomacrography. For 365 days I will take and share photos with a reproduction ratio of at least 1:1 – my goal in doing this will be to share with the world the unimaginable beauty of the microscopic, mundane and seemingly disgusting. After the project is completed, I will produce a hardcover, full color photo book to share with my supporters and the general public. 

The Funding

Tier One (If campaign is funded at $1,000.00)

  • Canon MP-E 65mm f/2.8 1-5X Macro Lens
    My current camera is a Sony point-and-shoot. I will be purchasing a nice DSLR camera with my own money before the project begins. I will, however, need a high-quality macro lens for this project.

Tier Two (If campaign is funded at $2,500.00)

  • Everything in Tier One plus:
  • Canon Macro Twin Lite MT-24EX
  • Novoflex CASTEL-CROSS-Q Macro focusing rails

Tier Three (If campaign is funded at $5,000.00)

  • Everything in Tiers One and Two plus:
  • Printing and distribution of the first order of Project 365: A Year Behind the Macro Lens photo book (500 copies)

What You Get

In addition to helping me with this project, your contribution will qualify you for a variety of amazing perks (see ‘Perk’ section for details)

Risks & Challenges

As with all things in life, unforeseeable obstacles may get in the way of the project’s timely completion, however, I am fully committed to seeing this thing through. If any delays are necessary, you will be informed immediately.

Other Ways You Can Help

I completely understand that not everyone has the means to financially support this campaign. If you want to help, but can’t make a financial contribution, please consider spreading the word!

  • Tell your friends and family about Project 365; A Year Behind the Macro Lens – and tell them why they should support it.
  • Share this page on Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Pinterest and anywhere else you can think of. (Indiegogo has handy-dandy ‘share tools’ to make this easy!)
  • Save a few bucks each month so you can get a copy of the book after the project is over.
Contact Information:

Joshuam Griffis

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