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May 13, 2015 8:21 AM ET

Archived: #charliesballs need a new home: We need to STOP dieting, STOP following fads and START educating ourselves

iCrowdNewswire - May 13, 2015

#charliesballs need a new home

By Charlie de Haas

The story of the project

Have you heard about my #balls? The most popular #balls are…#charliesballs,
Why? Because they are real, not fake.
Gluten, dairy, refined sugar, preservative & guilt free…these healthy, happy balls are the perfect addition to your day.  
{Also Vegan & some Paleo}

If only more people knew about how good #charliesballs are…
Think about it, that 3pm chocolate craving = Chocolate Nut Love Ball (only 111 clean calories & NO GUILT)
Your child plays sports and needs an after school snack, something you know will give them Clean energy = Cranberrry Coconut Love Ball (only 95 calories and high in fibre).

Following Ayurvedic tradition my #balls are made with love. I infuse my #balls with the blissful sounds of India Arie; ‘you are beautiful like a flower’, ‘more valuable than a diamond’ (although my sound isnt so blissful, lucky for me its the energy that counts). I truly believe that every time you #eatmyballs you are making a healthier choice.
You can be healthy & happy & enjoy the good things in life i.e #charliesballs.

Lets make some magic…get my #balls in your mouth. No first date required.

I have a product thats proven people want (& need & enjoy). This is true.
Its now time to stop playing in the small league and be a player in the big league, and create a brand and product you know and trust. To do this I need to increase their shelf life and stability to take the whole brand to the next level. Then, I can look at national distribution channels to create accessibility. 

Because I truly believe that if we eat REAL, not FAKE, it will make a difference in the world. And you know this is true, think about how you feel after a gorgeous rainbow salad, or after that nutrient dense green smoothie. 
We need to STOP dieting, STOP following fads and START educating ourselves.

I have also launched {with great success} Caramel Slice, Snickers Slice, Energy Slice. #PRO muffins {yes, high protein, calorie efficient muffins!}, Love Bites {healthy heart shaped chocolate/a little bite of love}, Raw cakes and I have so much more to go… including Lust #balls {the ones you perhaps shouldnt have every day}, cookies and some other secret pieces of love I am working on. 

Clean Treats is about making eating healthy easy. When your too busy to have a moment to DIY your own #balls for you and your family, Clean Treats has your back. #roll with me. 

Healthy IS Happy. 

Lets make a change in the world. #eatmyballs {I would love you to}.

How the funds will be used

The funds will go to:
$12,400 GOAL 

$7,000 New Packaging {a new home for my #balls!!!}:

*$2,500 new/re design (not just me and attempting indesign)
*$2,000 New packaging.
*$500 Food Tech to approve all current recipes and information/ingredient labelling and product warnings. 
*$2,000 Packaging machine, sealer {no preservatives will be used} to make Clean Treats available in some of the larger retailers nationwide.
*$1,000 delivery & gift boxes {so you can give someone you love something that truly says you care}

*$1,400 marketing. Have to get my #balls in peoples hands!

*$4,000 Pozible gifts… you get to #eatmyballs for your support!

Some of my other work

I have been involved in the Health & Wellness industry for over ten years, particularly skin care. 
I believe that every part of my life has lead me to where I am today.
The universe has given me an avenue to reach my true potential.
I offer Health Coaching to assist people in finding their true passion & to cultivate self love.
I speak at Corporate offices, fitness centres, yoga studios about creating a healthy lifestyle & loving the life you live.

I believe in Mind, Body and Soul happiness…the best thing, I talk about #balls all day and there is nothing greater then hearing people laugh or seeing people smile when talking about or #eatingmyballs. We forget to be silly in this world that is social media and status driven. It makes my heart happy when I can share a little love and laughter.
To be kind to one another. To take time out to breathe.


I have had experience with dealing with overseas suppliers and I know this can be a challenge. The lesson I have learnt is to be 200% clear on absolutely everything and if possible create a prototype so theres no room for era. 

Its imperative I portray the essence of my brand into the packaging and dont become just another product on the shelves. 

Project Team

Charlie de Haas

Sydney, Australia

Contact Information:

Charlie de Haas

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