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May 13, 2015 7:50 AM ET

Archived: AMBER SKYE: RIVERS EP – I’m Releasing a New EP- Mystical, Catchy, Alt-Pop/Rock Music & Lyrics Await You…

iCrowdNewswire - May 13, 2015


by Amber Skye

I’m Releasing a New EP- But I Need YOUR Help To Bring It To Life! Mystical, Catchy, Alt-Pop/Rock Music & Lyrics Await You…

Amber Skye

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About this project

Hello! I’m so glad you’re here, because I’ve got something to tell you:

I’m very excited to announce that in a few months I’ll be releasing a new EP, which will have 6 New Songs that I cannot wait for you to hear!! 

I’ve had to overcome so much just to get here- including a scary vocal surgery and months of writing, experimenting with colors of new sounds and finding a great production team to truly discover who I am as an artist.

I feel better than ever about the music I’ve written, the confidence I have in my voice, and being back in the studio recording new material for you.

BUT! I Need YOUR Help! You see, I’m an independent artist, so I’ve teamed up withKickstarter.com to gain additional financial support to complete this Album! Normally a record label would front the costs of recording, mixing, mastering, packaging, photography, promotion, etc….  but I’m on my own, and that’s where YOU come in to help this music come to life!!!

Performing Live in NYC
Performing Live in NYC

Some Essentials About The EP Project:

There Will Be 6 New Songs On The EP! Track listing and more to be announced soon!). (Many of you have asked, so FYI, “EP” stands for Extended Play, as opposed to an “LP,” or full length album)

The Genre of My Music Is Alt-Pop/Rock. If you’re into Florence and the Machine, Lorde, Phantogram, James Blake, Ellie Goulding, and/or Stevie Nicks, you’ll be into my music! 

-I have one song + music video I released from 2013 called “Howlin” you might be familiar with. But you can Expect my new music to be darker, bolder, edgier, and more intricate than ever before. 

What Are The Songs About? Mostly relationships: The good, the bad, the dark and unexplored parts of Love. I often use mystical themes to explore common struggles we all face in love. Get ready for some BIG songs and also a few intricate ballads too. *The instrumentals in the video above are a sneak peak of one of the tracks from the EP!, Produced by the talented Dave Schoenwetter!*

Kickstarter is ALL OR NOTHING funding, meaning I either raise my FULL goal amount, or nothing at all! So I REALLY need your support as the clock is ticking! You won’t be charged until/if the project is fully funded.

-The Funding Will Go Towards:

Recording, Mixing, and Mastering the Album in the Studio here in NYC

-Album Photography, Artwork and Design 

-Packaging & Hiring a Fantastic PR team to promote this music and get it out there for the world to hear!!!! This is actually a very crucial element, next to creating the music itself.

…I’ve already put in a lot of my own dollars for this EP to happen, I just need some extra support to complete it. And, Hey, and If we can raise more than the 18 K goal? I’ll use that to make a music video or go on tour! but more on that later, lets raise 18K for now! 

What’s In It For You?

Well, besides helping me create the music itself, (which you’ll have access to before anyone else!) you can score some AWESOME rewards for pledging different amounts.One of my favorites is a one of a kind, quartz Crystal Pendant Necklace I created just for my Kickstarter pledgers!:

I also made these limited edition lyric temporary tattoos that have lyrics from one of my new songs:

It’s Been a Journey, Just to Get Here…

 I’ve had to overcome a lot in the past few years— Just after meeting my production team a little while back, I had to have vocal surgery. It was really scary but I had to take action. It was a tough recovery–I wasn’t even allowed to talk for 2 weeks after surgery– but over the months that followed the surgery, the experience ended up being an incredible gift, because I was able to explore all of these new colors of my voice as I re-trained myself how to sing properly again. I’m fully recovered now, feel better than ever, and the best part is, I learned how to truly have fun with my voice. That sense of “play” allowed me to create some awesome music for this album that I know you’ll love! 

Where I am in the Creation Process Now:

In between filming for One Life to Live, Beauty and the Beast and other fun shows like The Blacklist, I’ve been writing and I have already begun the recording process in the studio here in NYC with an incredible team of producers. They are called EMW Group and consist of: Ben Lindell, Doug Larsen, Rob Grimaldi, and also David Schoenwetter who is based in Europe. Together we have mapped out a sonic landscape of mystical synths, epic sounding drums, and edgy waning guitars. 

I cannot wait to share my new music with you! Pledges of ANY size mean I’m one step closer to living this dream. Together WE CAN DO THIS!! SHARE this campaign to friends, lovers, friends, and music lovers far and wide!




(Special thanks to Evgeniy Yavtushenko and Anita Anti for Videography and Editing, David Schoenwetter for video music production, and EMW music group)

Risks and challenges

I don’t anticipate any musical production delays, as I am finished writing and I have already begun recording. I’ve allotted several months for the recording, mixing, mastering, packaging and so forth to be completed so It should be in your hands by September, granted the printing production of the physical copies goes smoothly.

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