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May 12, 2015 8:27 AM ET

Archived: wūka: a silent, educational toy that consists of individual squares held together by a binding called a “link”

iCrowdNewswire - May 12, 2015


by Matt Hein

Your wūka is a silent, educational toy that consists of individual squares held together by a binding called a “link.”

Matt Hein

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About this project

What is a wūka?

A wūka is a silent, educational toy that is designed to quietly entertain children while teaching essential skills such as buttoning, matching and tying.

With the wūka you can give your children the opportunity to learn, build and apply valuable life skills while quietly engaging their imagination.

How does a wūka work?

​Each wūka consists of individual squares. After you choose the squares that match your child’s interests, we link them together to create their unique wūka using silicon links.

Why we’ve come to Kickstarter:

We’ve come to Kickstarter to introduce three new wūka Squares to the world.

The Beachy Keen Square

The Left Foot Right Foot Square

 The Buzzy Bee Square

What we want to do for you:

We want to give you the opportunity to help bring these three new wūka squares into the world.

​By supporting our project, you will receive your very own wūka to give to those who matter to you most.

We’re excited to see these three new wūka squares help engage and teach your children valuable life skills in a meaningful way.

Thank you for your time.

-The wūka Team

Risks and challenges

Making children’s products is pretty much second nature for me and I love it! I’m a father of four kids, 6 and under, and I have been in manufacturing for almost a decade. When wūka launched in November of 2013 we entered the market with our ten original squares after overcoming all of the challenges that are associated with bringing a brand new product to market. Creating these three new squares has been so much fun and they are 100% ready to go! The material is ordered. The samples are approved. All we need now is your help!

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