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May 12, 2015 2:44 PM ET

TRIVO – Gps Tracker – Designed & Made in Italy: Never lose what you care! Perfect for everyday life and for who you love

iCrowdNewswire - May 12, 2015

TRIVO – Gps Tracker – Designed & Made in Italy

Never lose what you care! Perfect for everyday life and for who you love
Luca Carabetta

Out of the supermarket, heavy bags in my hand, watching carefully the horizon… Where is my car???

Luca Carabetta, CEO

Solving a daily and simple issue as finding the car in the parking: Trivo was born here.  Starting from this we rapidly found out that an application like this could really change people’s life in better thanks to its infinite applications: thanks to Trivo you will receive a notification when you are leaving your keys behind on the table and you will be always capable to find your wallet in your home in few seconds!

Trivo also helps you keeping who you love close to you: you can set limits on a map so that you can be alerted if your child is getting too far from home and you will always find your pet, even if he escapes far away!



100% Made in Italy

Trivo is realized completely in Italy, from the design to the in-house manufacturing process, thanks to Italian partners with tens of years of experience; what is great in an Italian company? Attention to the details and full costumer support!

The beautiful Turin, Trivo is here!

GPS and Bluetooth

Many devices uses non-effective technologies to track your objects, especially in long-range distance. Have you have heard about CrowdGPS or Cell-ID localization? The first technology needs a very diffuse network to work correctly so – by now – it cannot really satisfy you; Cell-ID technology tells you instead the location of the GSM cell which provides the service to the SIM installed on your tracking device with an error up to 2km (6500ft) and this is really bad! You will not find what you are looking for!

Trivo implements pure GPS modules to give you the best service: if you lose something, Trivo will tell you the coordinates of it, showing on a map the location. When you are getting close to the object, Trivo activates its Bluetooth module – which works within a radius of 30m (100ft), showing if you are getting closer or further from what you have lost: 0% chance to lose your object!

Bluetooth allows another great feature: if you are leaving behind your keys or wallet, the Smartphone will emit a notification at a very high volume to alert you! 100% keeping your objects close to you!

Trivo is available in two versions: a complete version which includes GPS and Bluetooth module and an only Bluetooth version. Bluetooth version is only 3cm (1inch) diameter and 1cm high (0.4inch), complete version has a slightly bigger diameter: 4.5cm (1.8inch).


Machine-to-Machine SIM

Trivo has a very little Machine-to-Machine (M2M) SIM inside to communicate with the Smartphone. We guarantee the service all over the world thanks to a partnership with an international provider. The service has a very low cost, by now we have an agreement to give you Trivo at less than 1€/1$ per month with the possibility to save 10% with a 6 month subscription and to save 20% with 1 year subscription

Just for the Indiegogo campaign we will give a 6 month free subscription to all our costumers!

Wireless charging

We designed Trivo using the most advanced technologies and we chose the Qi Wireless charging system, used in more than 700 devices all over the world and you can recharge them of theese with our Wireless charger!

We also include a micro-USB port to charge traditionally Trivo.

We also designed a special support, a portable Wireless charger with a solar panel and an extra-battery integrated so you can leave forever Trivo on your car, bike, motorcycles or drone thanks to the renewable energy power supply.


Considering our first prototypes we can estimate a battery life up to three months for our Bluetooth-only device and up to a week for Trivo in its complete version.

The Smartphone application will alert you when Trivo’s battery is lower than 20% so you can charge it on time.

The main reason why we are on Indiegogo is to raise funds to improve electronics, we really want to give you the best product you could find! That’s why our first task will be to develop a solution to maximize the efficiency of the device with a very engaging goal: to double battery life for every device.

3D Printed

Trivo is a 100% Made in Italy product, its casing is printed in an in-house process which involves SLA 3D printers. It is a very fascinating process: the casing is sectioned in different layers, on top of one another, then some acrylic resin is poured in a box. The acrylic resin is a photosensitive material: exposed to an ultraviolet light, it solidifies. Layer after layer, the casing emerges. The manufacturing process is only at its beginning, infact we are going to smooth, color and finish the casing. A very long and accurate process to give you the best product, 100% Made in Italy!


Never lose what you care!

In an app!

Trivo app is already available on Android and Windows app market for free. It’s a matter of days before we have the authorization to publish iOS app too. You can download this app already now, it will notify you on our updates, today in the Indiegogo campaign, tomorrow to follow step by step our work.
The final product will have a free app to manage all your Trivo devices.


Our Indiegogo offers

For Indiegogo only, we planned many special packages to share with you our very first products. We are happy to give you for free special perks as colored devices or the possibility to write your name or 3D-print a logo directly on Trivo for the first devices and discounts for ditributors’ packages.



We have a clear idea on what to do in the future: we scheduled every single point of our activity to maximize the efficiency and to give you the best product and service.


About us

We are a group of seven young and skilled people with the will to do something innovative and change people’s life in better, this common passion led to Trivo through months of very hard work.

Luca Carabetta, CEO

Energy and ICT engineer, consultant at the Italian Parliament for policies on startups, innovation, business and energy
@lucacarabetta on Twitter

Elisa Epifani, CFO and Marketing

Master Degree in Business Management, Marketing and Strategy at the University of Turin.
@epifely on Twitter

Michele Cocca, CTO

Information Technology engineer, shortly graduated at the Polytechnic University of Turin
@michele__lt on Twitter

Mirko Salvia, CIO

Senior Software Developer, years of experience in programming, head of software
@mirkosalvia on Twitter

Alessandro Capizzi, CDO

Electronic and mechanical designer, working on products’ development and injection molds’ design
@alecapizzi1 on Twitter

Silvia Tortorella, Designer

Student at the Art Academy of Turin, passion for fashion and art
@silviato315 on Twitter

Gianluca Blua, Social Responsible

Sport science student at the University of Turin, soccer team coach, educator. Event organizer and promoter of the most important discos in Turin.
@gianlucablua on Twitter



We developed our products using advanced technologies thanks to a solid partnership with highly qualified companies such as Genesi Elettronica and  PWM Semiconductors located in Rome. With Genesi and PWM we defined all the specifications for our project and we already have a little prototype of the tracking device, so we are ready to start! Indiegogo campaign will help us making all our ideas come true, with funds we will be able to start the design process with PWM and Genesi, finding easier and more efficient solutions and improving the electronics, sure to obtain an even better product than the one in our minds.


  • Can I use Trivo all over the world? Sure! Thanks to our partnerships we can guarantee a service working everywhere!
  • Is Trivo secure? Privacy? Trivo guarantees full privacy. Only registred users as the owner can control the device and if someone will find your Trivo, he will not be able to know who you are.
  • Can I find my Smartphone with Trivo? Yes! Pressing a button on your Trivo, your Smartphone will ring at high volume.
  • How can I charge Trivo? Trivo is a Wireless chargeable device but it also has a Micro-USB so you can charge it with a simple USB cable.
  • Is Trivo waterproof? Yes! 3D-printing technology makes easier this task.


Our priority is to give you not only the best product but also the best service you could have. That is the reason why we have a complete customer support in many languages: English, Spanish, Italian and French.

For any question please contact us at:

[email protected]


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Luca Carabetta
Elisa Epifani
Michele Cocca
Mirko Salvia
Alessandro Capizzi
Silvia Tortorella
Gianluca Blua

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