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May 12, 2015 6:01 PM ET

Archived: A Desert Sonata: An imaginative, emotional, and inspired short film by Greek African-American Krystal White

iCrowdNewswire - May 12, 2015
Photo original
“Love is worth dying for.” An imaginative, emotional, and inspired short film by Greek African-American Krystal White.
Krystal White

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About this project

Logline: She was his soulmate. But she belonged to another man. And he would kill to keep her.

“Very recently, I had a dream about a dancer and a man in love. A love so powerful they would risk their lives for it. In the dream, I saw a bright desert landscape juxtaposed with a dark magical theater. A DESERT SONATA was born….”

Written, produced, and directed by Greek African-American Krystal White, A Desert Sonata will be an intense visual art piece about love. Its story will be told through beautiful cinematography and through emotions that need no words. (There will be no dialogue in this film).


Krystal is driven by a burning desire to keep creating. Her mission is art that moves hearts.

Krystal also hopes that she is helping carve a path for young mixed-race women in a limitless industry.


Krystal is incredibly excited to have over two-thirds of the total $16,000 budget already funded by two awesome people: Established Hollywood screenwriter Evan Spiliotopoulos and actor/director Louis Mandylor (My Big Fat Greek Wedding).  

Evan Spiliotopoulos:Short films must convey emotion and storytelling in an economical and powerful way. Krystal did that and more. In a few pages, she created a world, compelling characters and a visual story. This film deserves to be made.” Evan wrote the blockbuster film Hercules, starring Dwayne Johnson, as well as the star-studded Beauty & the Beast (Disney) and The Huntsman (Universal) currently in production.

Screenwriter/Producer Evan Spiliotopoulos
Screenwriter/Producer Evan Spiliotopoulos

 Louis Mandylor:“A beautiful woman, a talented artist, a kind soul – I’d work with Krystal any day, and I can’t wait to she what she does with A Desert Sonata.”

Actor/Director Louis Mandylor
Actor/Director Louis Mandylor

We’ve cast our LEAD!!!!

Introducing CONRAD K. PRATT! 

Conrad K. Pratt
Conrad K. Pratt

A talented Hawaiian-born actor & passionate artist – we are SUPER excited to have Conrad Keola’ikaika Pratt on board!! Conrad’s recent credits include Hawaii Five-O and Glee!


The minimum to produce this short film at the level and quality it deserves, is $16,000.  A detailed breakdown of this budget is below. It includes shooting in three different amazing locations in two days, a super talented crew, and the best HD camera in the industry… The Red Epic. To make this a visually stunning, on top of heart-moving, short film!  


With two-thirds already invested, that leaves Krystal with just $5000 to complete her funds needed to make this inspired film! 

“I’m excited to be crowdfunding this final portion, and to get like-minded, creative, supporters of the arts involved!


Krystal White”

Please enjoy the opening to A Desert Sonata:

A Desert Sonata - Page 1
A Desert Sonata – Page 1


More about Krystal White’s Other Projects:

In late 2013, Krystal starred with Louis Mandylor and Lainie Kazan (both alumni of My Big Fat Greek Wedding) in Persephone – a crowd-funded short film about an undying love, inspired by Greek mythology. The film ended up airing nationally on The Short Movie Channel.

Very recently, Krystal started writing screenplays as a vehicle for her creativity. This past Fall, Krystal wrote her first short film, The Interrogation, in which she stars with Michael B. Silver (Leo Cohen in NYPD Blue) who also directed. The Interrogation is currently being submitted to festivals.

Less than a month ago, Krystal wrote, starred in and produced A Most Suitable Applicant. Her first comedy and her first time as a director. The film is on FunnyOrDie (please vote “FUNNY” if it makes you laugh!): http://www.funnyordie.com/videos/c1ab104707


Minimum costs from start to finish, to make A Desert Sonata the best it can be:

 I’m almost 70% there!!!! 🙂

Risks and challenges

No mountain is too high. No matter what, A Desert Sonata will be given wings. Crowdfunding will simply help Krystal make A Desert Sonata fly as high as it possibly can, not only by helping her complete the funds needed, but by adding everyone’s awesome vibes and positive energy into the mix! An ingredient not to be taken for granted!

Krystal has attracted an ambitious talented filmmaking team and she puts all her efforts into making her work the highest quality it can be. She can’t wait to make A Desert Sonata and thanks all her supporters, fellow filmmakers, artists, creators and friends.

“Cherish your visions and your dreams,
as they are the blueprints of your ultimate achievements.” – Napoleon Hill

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