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Archived: The Real Boat – a magical interactive adventure book: A magical interactive story for all ages about courage, tenacity and the wonders of the sea for phones, tablets, and computers

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The Real Boat – a magical interactive adventure book

by Cucumber ink

A magical interactive story for all ages about courage, tenacity and the wonders of the sea for phones, tablets, and computers.

Cucumber ink

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About this project

The little paper boat dreamt of reaching the ocean, even if he didn’t know what it looked like. In a fantastic journey, the paper boat meets many friends and not so friendly creatures along the way, but he never gives up! Will he make it out to sea? Join along to find out!

The sea is a dream. We grew up on books about the sea; about  courageous seafarers, and the thrill of discovery. It is very rare that new books like that are written now. Maybe because everybody flies in a tin can anywhere in the world within a few hours nowadays – there’s no adventure in it. We want to bring back the excitement.

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A good story CAN bring it back. And we actually love technology and new possibilities it brings. We are going to tell this story in a way only modern phones and computers will allow. This medium allows a perfect fusion of  old and new. Gorgeous artwork, meticulously crafted by hand on paper, is brought into the digital realm and transformed with sound, animation, and playful interaction. A whole world which parents and kids can step into and experience together.

Well, it is really exciting! The storyboard, graphics and animations concept are done. The core elements of the programming side are mostly thought through. The team is in the midst of working on animation, turning the book into an interactive and fun App. 

We’ve gone as far as we could up to the point where we see the project is definitely on the right track. We did it without funding. We still have approximately 60% of the development to go before the App is ready to sail out. We’ve contacted investors, but we got the response, that what we do is too beautiful, too “handmade” and that Apps users don’t need anything like this anymore.

Nevertheless, we believe that in the digital world there is even more place for magic and beauty, for the newly revealed good old hand painting, for reading and for a real sense of sharing an adventure.

Now is the time to ask for some help. That is why we call out to you via Kickstarter.

We work hard, with full dedication and much love. We’d appreciate your support of our project – we truly believe it is unique, entertaining and significant as a kid-parent experience. 

Your help will make it possible for us to complete our work and bring The Real Boat story to the big wide world and of course to you and your kids.

We are an international team of artists sharing the love of art of storytelling and illustrating. We came to the idea of this interactive book fascinated by the opportunity opened up by technology: to introduce what we are passionate about in innovative ways.

Special Thanks to: Denis Paduchev, Jonathan and Pamela Lubell, Mich’ael Zupraner, Roni Levin, Eli Pitcovski and Dula Yavne.

It will be used to create the most beautiful and inspiring interactive story. The funds will cover animation, sound effects and programming production. They will also cover  the creation of rewards and some of the inevitable taxes along the way.

Your support will allow us to complete the Real Boat app within six months.

The name of every backer will be permanently enshrined in The Real Boat hall of fame in the app credits!

These are some of the rewards you will get with the app, based on the amount you decide to pledge (see the reward tiers chart further down the page):
  • Print and make a gorgeous Captain paper doll yourself! Just print the PDF, cut along the dotted lines, and fold the tabs over. There are six sheets, containing a number of outfits and props, for all occasions in the life of the old sea wolf – everyday and formal wear, beach pants, a diver outfit, a Neptune day suit, beards etc. We recommend printing it on heavy paper, 200 gsm minimum. Both A4 or US Letter paper sizes available.
  • Themed tote bag:
  • Themed T-shirt (sizes Small, Medium, Large, X-large): 
  •  A personal message in a bottle from the captain marooned on the uninhabited island:
  • Hand-painted exclusive matryoshka dolls set featuring The Captain and his family:
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Find us on Twitter!

Risks and challenges

Every member of our team has much of hands-on experience in their field and what is not less important, has true passion for what they do in the team.
We work with an honest straight-forward approach, just doing our best, arts and technology-wise, and strive to reach the goal we set for ourselves – The Real Boat App book.

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