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May 11, 2015 6:36 PM ET

Krave Sweets: an organic line of skin care products

iCrowdNewswire - May 11, 2015

Krave Sweets

by Ebony

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Krave Sweets, is an organic line of skin care products. Everything homemade with all natural ingredients!


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About this project

Krave Sweets prides ourselves in standing apart from the rest, and we are all about loving yourself and making woman feel go…od inside and out! Krave Sweets, is an organic line of skin care products. Everything homemade with all natural ingredients! We have no unnatural fillers, dyes or colors, and no artificial additives, just a line of revitalizing, calming, and beautifying products to help you look and feel your best! We’ve got a sweet spot for healthy glowing skin, only at Krave Sweets!

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This business was my destiny, and helped me become the best woman I could be inside and out! Feeling good inside and out was a lesson well learned for myself, and that is the message I chose spread to other women like myself; and thus Krave Sweets was born. When starting this business, I took 9 months to research and do trials of tests to create and perfect my products. I spent the next year creating and launching a website, designing marketing material, manufacturing all products, doing vendor events, marketing the business, generating sales wholesale and retail, constantly creating new marketing avenues, and trying to bring awareness to the brand. While I am still working hard and 110% committed, and determined to take the next steps in this business I am at a standstill due to lack of capital. With the $15,000 requested, I will start with the revamping of my website, to create a more polished look which in turn will attract more traffic there. I currently sell my products on my website, and wholesale and in a retail store. So my next priority would be to purchase supplies, to fulfill and current and future purchase orders. Considering I am my own manufacturer, I would love to use some of the money to purchase better equipment to help me make my products. As well one of my goals is to bring my cost of production down, and by buying my supply in a higher bulk I will be able to do that. After production is done, I would very much like to take focus to expanding my product line with all of my new and innovative ideas in all natural skin care. Next in my line of priorities would be to create polished and professional marketing materials, for mass distribution to generate sales. I would also like to use a portion of the money to participate in trade shows, so I can get my amazing line of products in front of some distributors and to bring the brand to larger crowds of people. Lastly I would like to use the money for some paid advertisements, to help get the business get out there. What is left of the money, I would love to have as capital on hand to keep the company healthy. I thank you for your consideration, and for hearing my story. I am simply an ambitious young woman, who is determined to make her mark in this world. Thank you again, and God Bless!


Risks and challenges

This company like myself is definitely a work in progress, there is something new to learn everyday. As I work hard on the growth of my company, my number one goal is to strive for nothing less than success. As in any new endeavor, there are always obstacles that may occur. Some of which could occur with my own company, would be a fast track of growth. I am confident in my work and the products I have created, and I know that once I get them to the masses and in the right hands it is only a matter of time before things take off. At which point considering I am a one woman show, I may indeed run into issues with taking care of the needs of the business all by myself. At which point I will look into bringing someone on the team, to help keep things running smoothly. I am completely responsible for this, and started this company ground up so I have too much riding on it to give up when the going gets tough; where there is a will there is a way! I am humbly an intelligent and business minded young woman, who knows fully about a hard day of work. I know well that hard work pays off! So while some prepare for the worst and hope for the best I am prepared for the best, keeping the faith, and praying all the way through! Thank you!

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